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NewFormat AB

Standards make the world work

Industry Applications and Services

Welcome to our selection of industry applications and services for
all businesses that appreciate Open Standards for Business Benefits.

    NewFormat makes digital information permanently accessible, searchable,
    readable and reusable for the future and for as many people as possible.

    For all businesses that appreciate Open Standards for Business Benefits.

    NewFormat provides applications and services for document management,
    accessible web and accessible PDF, digital print, prepress, publishing,
    e-archiving, workflow automation, packaging design and construction,
    and eye tracking.

    Our industry-leading plugins enhance and improve the basic functionality
    in your favorite layout, design and illustration software tools such as
    Adobe® InDesign®, Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® InCopy® and QuarkXPress®
    - for more efficient, standardized and time-saving production workflows.

Industry Applications

Webinars and Product Demonstrations

Webinars / Product Demonstrations / Video recordings  - Icon

Presentations (video recordings) of our solutions and
demonstrations of practical use cases - Popup-window.

Industry Applications and Services

Twixl media - Logo

Twixl Publisher - Banner

for mobile devices and web
for richer experiences

Canvasflow Ltd - Logo

Stunning Responsive Content
Easily create rich responsive content for all devices

Canvasflow Ltd - Logo

HTML5 authoring tool
making digital content production
made simple

Creative Edge Software - Logo

Packaging Design Software - 3D Prototyping

Creative Edge Software IC3D - Logo

3D Real-Time Packaging Design Software
creates live 3D digital mockups on-the-fly

treeDiM - Company Logo

treeDiM Picador - 2D/3D structural design of cardboard packaging and POS - Logo

2D/3D structural design of
cardboard packaging and POS

treeDiM PLMPack - Logo

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
for optimization and eco-design of
packaging systems

Need Insights - Make the Right Decisions - Logo & Banner

Need Insights - Stop Guessing Start Eye Tracking - Logo & Banner

Measure impact of
packaging design
on consumer behavior

AbleDocs - Company Logo

AbleDocs ADReader - Icon

AbleDocs ADReader

Free Mobile PDF Accessibility Reader

ADReader is "PDF/UA-Ready" and available at no cost.

View, read and navigate PDF/UA-compliant PDF-files
on mobile devices with small screens

Inclusive and barrier-free application for
Android and iOS devices

PDF/UA Foundation - PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC 2021) - Banner

PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC 2021)
(at no cost)

from The PDF/UA Foundation

Check for PDF/UA and WCAG Compliance

(Note! PAC 2021 replaces PAC 3)

PAC2021 s "PDF/UA-Ready" and available at no cost.

axaio software - Logo

Editorial Workflow Technology

Plugins to
Adobe® InDesign®, Illustrator®, InCopy® and QuarkXPress®)

Automates correct PDF creation, export and printing
for the publishing, printing and e-archiving markets and
for generation of accessible PDF documents

axaio software MadeToPrint - Logo

Output management

Optimization and standardization
of output/export of PDF files
from within
Adobe® InDesign®, Illustrator®,
InCopy® and QuarkXPress®

axaio software MadeForLayers - Logo

Layer organization

in documents created with
Adobe InDesign and Illustrator

axaio software MadeToTag - Logo

Accessible PDF

Creates accessible PDF
from within Adobe InDesign
according to
the ISO Standard PDF/UA

axes4 Company Logo

Accessible PDF Simply Done

axesWord - Logo with text

1-Click creation of accessible
PDF documents
out of Word documents

axesPDF- Logo with text

Checking and remediation tool
for accessible PDF documents

axesCheck - Logo with text

Web-based checking tool
for compliance with PDF/UA and WCAG

(Web-based service for free)

callas software - Logo

PDF Workflow Technology

Automates generation of correct PDF files for workflows in
prepress, publishing, graphic industry and e-archiving

Plug-in to Adobe® Acrobat®
(at no cost)

callas software pdfGoHTML- Logo

First fast check of
PDF/UA Compliance

callas software pdfChip- Logo

High-Volume Dynamic HTML to PDF
including PDF/A and PDF/X for
print, publishing and e-archiving

callas software pdfaPilot - Logo

correction and conversion
of documents and e-mail
to PDF/A for e-Archiving

callas software pdfToolbox- Logo

Preflight/validation, correction,
color management
and optimization
of PDF files for
Prepress, Print and Publishing

callas software License Server - Logo

Dynamic deployment of
callas software products and
technology on cloud-based

Plug-in to Adobe® Acrobat®
(at no cost)

callas software pdfDPartner - Logo

First fast view of
Document Part Metadata (DPart)

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Products and Service - Logo

Solutions for PDF Accessibility

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook PDF Validator - Logo

PDF Accessibility Checker
(at no cost)

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Office - Logo

Creates Accessible PDF
from within
Microsoft Word & PowerPoint

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook PDF - Logo

Accessibility / Remediation
Create Accessible PDF
from within Adobe Acrobat

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Clarity - Logo

PDF Accessibility
Monitor and Tracker

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Dynamic - Logo

Accessible PDF Generator

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Training - Logo

Hands-on Training

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Service - Logo

PDF Remediation Service

NetCentric Technologies - CommonLook Campus 101 - Logo

Document Accessibility Solution
for Higher Education

Monsido - Company Logo

Web Problem Solved

Web Governance

Accessible Web

Actino software Logo
Cloud- / Web-based Solutions for PDF and HTML5 Processing

Actino software - Actino HTML5 Publisher - Icon

Actino HTML5 Publisher

Actino software - Actino DPS - Icon

Actino DPS
Document Processing Services

Actino software - Actino DRM - Icon

Actino DRM
Document Rights Management

Adobe - Logo


Adobe Creative Cloud - Logo

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Document Cloud - Logo

Adobe Document Cloud

Foxit Software Company - Logo

PDF solutions for all your needs

Foxit/LuraTech PDF Compressor - Logo

Foxit/LuraTech PDF Compressor

Conversion and compression
of documents and e-mail
to PDF/A for e-Archiving

Foxit/LuraTech Rendition Server - Ikon

Foxit/LuraTech Rendition Server

Centralized, enterprise-wide,
Web Services Platform
for documents and e-mail
to PDF/A for e-Archiving

Foxit/LuraTech Mobile PDF - Logo

Foxit/LuraTech Mobile PDF

Mobil/smartphone scanning,
conversion and compression
to PDF/A for e-Archiving

Aleyant Logo

Web-To-Print Automation Workflows

Aleyant eDocBuilder - Icon

Web-to-Print Online Design & VDP

Aleyant Pressero - Icon

Storefronts & eCommerce

Aleyant PrintJobManager - Icon

MIS/ERP Simplified

Aleyant tFlow - Icon

Prepress Automation Workflow

Global Vision Inc. - Automated Proofreading Solutions - Logo

Brand Packaging Inspection Solutions

Global Vision Proofware - Logo

Automatic Proofreading of
Text, Pixel/Graphics/Print, Braille

InSoft Automation - Logo

Automate & Optimize

InSoft Imp - Logo

One-click Solution for
Automated Layout Planning

Laidback Solutions - Logo

The Automation Highway

FileTrain - Logo med text

Workflow Automation

NDS Partner Logo

Solutions for automation of document management and processes

NDS ScannerVision - logo

Capture - Process - Store

Document Management
Process Automation

Aivika Search - Logo

Document Search,
Retrieval and Routing

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