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Laidback Solutions

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Solutions for automating any type of workflow.

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of FileTrain from Laidback Solutions, Sweden.

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The Automation Highway
    FileTrain let your work flow and serves you with all
    the files you need for your daily work – automatically!

    FileTrain helps you reduce the boring, repetitive tasks in your daily production.
    It is a powerful tool for automating any type of workflow.
    Get files from FTP´s, hot folder, e-mail accounts
    - process them and save them where you want them.

    Besides copy, move, delete, FTP upload/download and email functions
    you will enjoy features like image processing,
    XMP-routing and database communication.

    FileTrain opens up for very advanced workflows that saves days of manual labour.

    FileTrain is a multi-sector, production-oriented workflow application for:
    • newspaper publishers,
    • magazine publishers,
    • catalogue publishers,
    • ad sales organizations,
    • traditional prepress houses,
    • Print houses,
    • industry organizations,
    • police districts (forensic dept),
    • hospitals,
    • accounting firms,
    • and chains of stores and
    • other enterprises in publishing.

Reference Cases/Customer Use Cases

  • 2015: CS Labels, Willenhall/Wolverhampton, UK
    Feeding two Xeikon Cheetah (30 metres per minute presses)
    Other supporting technologies:
    callas pdfToolbox,
    callas pdfChip,
    ColorLogic ZePrA Colour Management Server,
    ColorLogic ReProfiler Digital Colour Engine.


FileTrain - Logo with Text

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Click Here for Free Trial of Laidback Solutions FileTrain

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To help us identify your software download and support you,
please enter the code string Preferred Reseller NewFormat, Sweden
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    FileTrain Workflow Overview

    FileTrain - Workflow Overview - Picture

  • move, copy, delete and send files
  • connect to databases, MIS and ERP
  • process and manipulate images
  • XMP routing and manipulation
  • process files in 3rd party applications
  • XML handling
  • PDF split & merge functions

    FileTrain Features in v6.7

    • Automation:

      FileTrain - Main Dashboard - Picture

      FileTrain is all about automation, it doesn’t really matter
      what type of automation you are looking for.
      FileTrain can be configured to handle most tasks!

    • Input Sources/Receiving Files:

      FileTrain - Receiving/Collecting Files from Various Sources - Picture

      Automatically get files from FTP servers,
      email addresses or file servers.
      Once downloaded, FileTrain can sort them
      based upon literally any criteria,
      even on metadata inside files.

    • Sending Files:

      FileTrain - Customer Feedback by E-mail - Picture

      Distribute files automatically to several
      external occations at once via FTP or email.
      FileTrain will of course also let you copy or
      move files to other destinations.

    • Metadata:

      FileTrain - Metadata Capture via IPTC and/or XMP - Picture

      FileTrain can read and write metadata such as XMP and IPTC data.
      This can be used to monitor an e-mail address,
      download all e-mails with attachments and
      insert message/sender information into
      the actual file for further processing.

    • PDF Split & Merge:

      FileTrain - Split and Merge PDF Files - Picture

      FileTrain can split multipage PDF files into single page files,
      as well as merge single page PDF files into multipage files.

    • Image Conversion and Manipulation:

      FileTrain - Image Conversion and Manipulation - Picture

      Change size, resolution, colorspace or crop images.
      FileTrain even lets you change resolution of images without
      using resampling, great for standardizing and
      optimizing your image workflow.

    • Advanced Database Module:

      FileTrain - Advanced Database Module - Picture

      Bi-directional communication with 3rd party databases such as
      Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and FileMaker.

    • Filters/Routing:

      FileTrain - Filer and Route Files - Picture

      Different files goes through different workflows,
      PDF files should be preflighted,
      images needs to be checked whether they comply to
      your standards (color space, resolution etc).

    • Actions:

      Within the actions menu,
      you decide on what will happen to these files:
      delete, move, copy, e-mail, FTP, modify,
      insert/extract metadata, update a database
      - the possibilites are endless.

    • Scheduling:

      FileTrain - Scheduling/Timer - Picture

      Certain processes needs to run all day long,
      but some only needs to run once a day,
      or maybe at 2 AM every Sunday morning.
      These type of advanced scheduling is available in FileTrain.

    • Dynamic Values:

      FileTrain - Dynamic Values / Macros - Picture

      FileTrain uses macros to handle dynamic values.
      With the help of these advanced macros files can for
      example be renamed following complex rules,
      databases can be updated, e-mails can be sent etc.

    • Easy Integration with 3:rd Party Solutions:

      FileTrain - Integration with 3:rd Party Solutions - callas pdftoolbox  - Picture

      FileTrain is designed to be easily integrated into existing
      processes and with 3:rd party solutions, such as:

      Bundle offers!
      We offer bundles of FileTrain with above applications.

      For more information contact NewFormat

      System Requirements:
      • Java 1.6 or newer
      • Mac OS X 10.6 or newer
      • Windows® XP / Vista / Windows 7, or
        Windows Server 2003 / Server 2008 / Server 2012
      • Ubuntu Linux
      • RAM: 4GB minimum

For more information contact NewFormat

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