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Solutions for automation of document management and processes

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible hardware och software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of ScannerVision™ Document Management Solutions
from New Dynamic Solutions BVBA.

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ScannerVision™ - Document Management and Process Automation

ScannerVision™- Capture-Process-Store Logo med text

ScannerVision™ is a flexible document capture solution to
implement streamlined document workflow and business process management;
including making the captured information searchable.

ScannerVision™ captures information from paper documents and existing electronic files.

ScannerVision™ is truly vendor and platform independent and adaptable to the needs of
existing scanning systems and storage systems regardless of brand.

ScannerVision™ is a document capture "middleware" designed to sit between
multifunctional devices/printers (MFD/MFP) and document management systems (DMS, CRM, ECM, ERP,…)
or other type of document storage or e-archives.

It's job is to scan data, attach metadata, perform transformations and deliver to a
document management system or defined file storage.

For web-based document search, retrieval and routing capabilities
we recommend the use of Aivika Search with ScannerVision™.

converts increasing quantities of data
into searchable digital information when it is needed:

3 Simple Steps

Capture - Process - Store
ScannerVision™ Capture, Process, Store - Picture

Capture - Process - Store
Automation of Document and Information Workflows

ScannerVision™ Datasheet - Quick Overview (Swedish, pdf)

ScannerVision™ Overview

    ScannerVision™ is an easy to use tool to
automate, deploy and manage valuable enterprise document assets.

ScannerVision™ Scan to Multiple Destinations with a Single Touch - Banner Picture

Click for details

ScannerVision® makes your information permanently accessible, searchable, readable and reusable for the future.

ScannerVision® is a complete capture system that
allows you to capture documents and data from various sources
such as multifunctional devices, e-mail servers, FTP servers, or file system folders.
Once the document is captured, ScannerVision® processes the document
using OCR, barcode recognition or writing and image processing features;
all fully automated using predefined templates.
ScannerVision® then stores these documents and data into your
document management systems with the option to send to multiple destinations.

    ScannerVision™ - Overview of Key Features
  • Simplicity, deploy complex document workflows which require no training at all

  • Manages all type of documents - paper-based as well as digital - and makes the information searchable and editable:
    • Examples: Business contracts, protocols, manuscripts, notes/comment, forms,
      quotes, purchase order, invoices, documents, applictions, CVs,…

  • Brand and platform independent - Works in heterogenous environment with any multifunctional device/product (MFD/MFP)
    (printers, copiers, scanners, faxes) or TWAIN-driven scanner

  • Very powerful tool for management of the complete document workflow i 3 simple steps:
    • Capture - Process - Store
  • As standard delivered with many connectors to integrate with popular applications,
    document management systems, and business systems
  • Can out of the box connect to 90 % of the 3rd party applications via the SQL
  • Create customized document connectors with SDK to link to customer specific document systems
  • Powerfull optional desktop client - user manages the document workflow from a PC
  • ScannerVision FAX Solutions (soon to be released feature) - Popup-window

  • Attractive price level - one-time cost - much value for invested money
  • Perpetual license for unlimited users and scan volumes

  • Stable, proven solution: Customer in public sector uses 900 instances of ScannerVision™ software on MFP systems!

  • We are open and flexible to implement specific wishes and requirements:
    • ScannerVision™ can be integrated with our partners' solutions resulting in a truly unique value-added proposition
    • ScannerVision™ can be rebranded and configured (subject to approval) to create a truly unique document capture solution
    • ScannerVision™ partners can change the logo, name, skin; everything can be rebranded for exclusive use

ScannerVision™ integrates with existing
multifunctional (MFDs) or TWAIN-driven office devices

MFD - Picture
ScannerVision™ connects and integrates with existing
multifunctional (MFDs) or TWAIN-driven office devices
from all leading brands for copy, print and scan.

Supported Devices
ScannerVision™ supports a wide range of multifunctional devices and strive to bring you more.
Click one of the brands below to reveal all supported MFD models
within the selected brand supported by ScannerVision™:
NDS Supported Devices Button - Kyocera Logo NDS Supported Devices Button - Ricoh Logo NDS Supported Devices Button - Canon Logo NDS Supported Devices Button - Xerox Logo
NDS Supported Devices Button - HP Logo NDS Supported Devices Button - Sharp Logo NDS Supported Devices Button - Lexmark Logo

Don’t have any of the above mentioned MFD brands or models?
Then use ScannerVision™ Desktop Client.
(Lite version included with all purchases of server licenses for ScannerVision™ Processing Engine).
This great application, allows you to use Windows to connect to any scanning device,
ensuring a smooth and simple workflow.
See more below about ScannerVision™ Desktop Client Lite.

ScannerVision™ is managed from the MFD operator panel or from an existing PC client

ScannerVision™ Desktop Client Part of Panel - Picture

With the touch of a button even inexperienced users can master and utilize
document workflows, formating and metadata tagging of enterprise critical information
and securely distribute the informationen, in appropriate document format,
and when needed to correct receiver.

ScannerVision™ Introduction and Concept

ScannerVision™ is truly vendor and platform independent.
Adaptable to the needs of existing scanning systems and storage systems regardless of brand.

The technology and functionality in ScannerVision™ is utilised by organisations
to facilitate policy-driven data capture and storage.
It is designed around the belief that operators should be insulated
from the complexities of document processes and policies,
in order to increase efficiency, minimise errors and reduce training requirements.

    The ScannerVision™ functionality can be categorised into three groups:
  • CAPTURE: File capture via multifunctional, desktop client or existing electronic media (such as PDF/A or TIFF file archive).
  • PROCESS: Image enhancement; form, character and barcode recognition, transformations.
  • STORE: Transfer to document storage system or distribution via corporate address book to file server.

Document workflow templates are created centrally (by a system administrator) and
automatically distributed to each scanning client connected to the ScannerVision™ Processing Engine,
ensuring all users have the correct settings and policies at all times.

    ScannerVision™ Components
    ScannerVision™ is made up of several components which can be categorised into four sections:
  • Clients: Input functions such as desktop, multifunctional embedded devices and web.
  • Modules: Throughput processes such as character, barcode and marks recognition.
  • Connectors: Facilitates output to a variety of platforms and document systems.
  • Processing Engine: Application which hosts modules and connectors and communicates with clients.

A document workflow usually starts with a client (if the documents are in hardcopy format).
NDS ScannerVision™ Processor Engine - Banner Picture

ScannerVision™ Processing Engine
At the core of ScannerVision™ lies the Processing Engine
which hosts all of the document workflow templates and enables the client connections.

Built on an internationally renown character recognition engine,
the ScannerVision™ Processing Engine provides the bridge from
office multifunctional devices and desktop scanners,
to file servers and document management systems (DMS, CRM, ECM, ERP,…)
or other type of document storage or e-archives.

The ScannerVision™ Processing Engine is where all the functionality is centrally configured,
enabling users to connect with a client and capture a document to a complex workflow,
without having to understand the complexities of the template.

ScannerVision™ Processing Engine - Functionality
Comes in two flavours: Express and Office - Popup-window

    Key Features
  • Data capture from MFD/Desktop Client, hot-folders, email and FTP
  • Barcode recognition (1D/2D)
  • Full-page and zone-based text recognition (OCR)
  • OCR support for many languages, among them:
    Afrikaans, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French,
    German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish
  • Support for scripting (JScript and VBScript)
  • Document annotation functions including Barcode 1D/2D
  • File conversion to dozens of formats, including searchable PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, MS Excel, MS Word and many more
NDS ScannerVision™ Processor Engine Security - Banner Picture
  • Security/User authentication - option:
    • Windows - authentication retrieves user account information from the operating system
    • LDAP and Active Directory - authentication methods use existing corporate address books to authorize users
    • Equitrac - authentication queries an Equitrac server's user account information
    • ScannerVision™ - authentication utilizes the ScannerVision™ Server/Processing Engine´s own user account list

  • Encryption of Communication / Network Traffic - option:
    • Network traffic can be automatically encrypted between ScannerVision® Clients and the Server/Processing Engine,
      using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128)
NDS ScannerVision™ Processor Engine Store - Banner Picture
  • Direct interfaces via connectors with ERP/DMS/Archiving systems and local/net-based storage services:
    • AFAS
    • Amazon S3
    • d.velop
    • DocuWare
    • Dropbox
    • Evernote
    • Exact
    • Google® Docs
    • Hyarchis.Net
    • iManage (Autonomy)
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Laserfiche
    • Objective
    • Oracle och andra SQL-databaser
    • Salesforce
    • SharePoint360
    • SuperOffice
    • UNIT4
    • WebDAV
    • windream
    • Scripts (JScript och VBScript)
    • E-mail
    • FTP Systems
    • Windows File System
    • Etc.

  • PDF and TIFF Appending - ScannerVision™ supports appending of files to existing files of PDF and TIFF format:
    • The incoming document is appended to the end of the existing document
    • If the destination document doesnt exist, the file is just copied to the destination folder
    • The Appending PDF feature is an add-on that is available on V3.3.0.42 of ScannerVision™ and later editions
ScannerVision™ Append PDFs to Existing PDF - Picture

Metadata Capture and Management

ScannerVision™ Metadata - Picture

The process of automation requires in-depth information to make decisions in the filing and routing of documents.
During the capture process, ScannerVision™ prompts the user for important information, meta-data,
which is used during the filing process to ensure that one never loses business critical information.
This metadata can be captured from a variety of sources.
    ScannerVision™ applies metadata from:
  • Date and time of processing and document name
  • Name of authorized user from desktop/PC or multifunctional client
  • 1D or 2D barcodes on the document
  • Lookups from databases and results of scripts
  • The result of zone or document OCR text, OMR, ICR, and MICR
  • Answers to user-promted questions
  • Forms recognition
  • Etc.
ScannerVision™ Metadata List - Picture

NDS ScannerVision™ Clients - Banner Picture

ScannerVision™ Scan Clients
Scan Clients are clients used to index and/or send documents to the ScannerVision Processing Engine for processing.
These clients are typically used when manual indexing and classification of documents are required.
Templates must be assigned to every scan client which is required to use the said template.

Scan Clients can include both
ScannerVision™ Desktop Clients or Multi Functional Device (MFD) Embedded Scan Clients.
Both offer a similar interface for users to facilitate document capture and data tagging.

ScannerVision™ Desktop Client

Scannervision Desktop Client Metadata Capture - Picture

ScannerVision™ Desktop Client is a Windows application which
connects to any scanning device and the ScannerVision™ Process Engine
and guides the operator through the document capture process.

Documents may be acquired by scanning with an installed TWAIN driver
(including thousands of office multifunctionals (MFD) and desktop scanners)
or by importing existing electronic files (e.g. files from a PDF/A or TIFF archive)
and submit these to the available workflows for processing and filing,
ensuring that existing digital documents can be captured and processed,
as if they were paper.

Users select their image data from the application and
select which document template to process with.
Depending on the template,
the user will be prompted for important document data (meta-data)
which is used to dynamically and accurately categorize and file the document.
Depending on the template configuration,
users cannot store the data until all required information is entered from the document
- ensuring that the information can be retrieved easily at a later date.

The ScannerVision Desktop Client is also build to operate in terminal and Citrix environments
by simply making it available to the users as you would do with any other terminal application.
Each user will have their instance under their user profile.

ScannerVision™ Desktop Client - Details
Comes in four flavours - Lite, Boost, Automate and Expert - Popup-window

ScannerVision™ MFD Embedded Scan Clients

NDS ScannerVision™ Embedded Clients - Banner Picture

ScannerVision™ MFD Embedded Client
is a Java-based application that is executed by the built-in
Java Virtual Machine in existing multi-/flerfunktionssystem (MFD/MFP).
Brings the power and simplicity of the user interface of ScannerVision™
to the panel of your favourite office multifunctional device (MFD).

MFD Panel Embedded Clients - Picture

Compatible with many popular brands of office multifunctional devices (MFD),
ScannerVision™ Embedded converts the panel into a document capture and processing system,
providing a slick, easy-to-use, push button interface to the published document workflows
from ScannerVision™ Processing Engine.

ScannerVision™ Embedded Client enables the MFD-user to interact with the scanning process,
capturing information that the user enters in response to questions stored in the workflow template
and assisting with the automatic filing of the document after processing by ScannerVision™ Process Engine.

Supported Devices
Click one of the brands below to reveal all supported MFD models within the selected brand
supported by ScannerVision™ Embedded Client:
NDS Supported Devices Button - Kyocera Logo NDS Supported Devices Button - Ricoh Logo

ScannerVision™ Advanced Modules
NDS ScannerVision™ Advanced Modules - Banner Picture

Datasheet: ScannerVision™ Advanced Modules for Increased Functionality (pdf)

NDS ScannerVision™ Advanced Modules - ABC Banner Picture
ScannerVision’s ABC module implements an advanced, loss-less compression algorithm
to achieve superior compression ratios versus the most popular current methods.

ABC technology enables users to achieve file sizes which are 4 to 5 times smaller
than the files sizes generated by standard 1-bit compression types, such as CCITT Group 4.
The proprietary compression format is automatically detected and decompressed by ScannerVision™,
so your digital archive can be reconverted to another format at any time.

The ABC module can be utilised when there is a requirement to
archive large amounts of data as efficiently as possible.
Storage requirements are lessened by the superior compression ratios achieved.
The module can also be deployed to increase the transmission speed
of documents to their final destination,
useful when files have to travel large distances over wide area networks.

ABC technology is also available from
the ScannerVision™ Office Desktop Client Boost,
drastically reducing transfer times of captured data from the client to the server.

NDS ScannerVision™ Advanced Modules - Barcode Annotation Banner Picture
ScannerVision’s Barcode Annotation module enables users to place
one of nearly 40 different types of barcode on the documents they scan.

The Barcode Annotation module is often used to write barcodes onto
documents for the purposes of tracking and automated identification.
Multiple barcodes can be written to the same document and
the contents of any metadata library tag can be used as the value.

Customer details, product information, departmental codes;
anything can be encoded onto a scanned document
ensuring it can be processed automatically.

NDS ScannerVision™ Advanced Modules - Optical Mark Recognition Banner Picture
ScannerVision’s OMR module makes light work
of capturing and processing forms-based data.

Able to read marks inside user defined zones,
this module can help build automated workflows for directing
examination papers, voting forms, surveys, and much, much more.

The OMR module is typically used where
the automatic analysis and routed of forms is required.
Documents may be routed to different destinations or even
other workflows for further processing.
The module can also be used to validate documents leaving an organisation,
for example to check that contract and letters have been signed,
or forms have been fully completed.

From the workflow template,
areas (or zones) of a document are specified for ScannerVision™ to analyse.
If a specific zone contains a mark,
the value in the metadata library will reflect this,
enabling the user to direct the document through
a specific workflow or to the correct destination.

NDS ScannerVision™ Advanced Modules - Zone Recognition Banner Picture
ScannerVision’s ZOCR module enables automatic capture of data
from specific zones on the document.

Invoice numbers, customer codes, addresses;
all can be defined and captured independently
and used to file the document or route to a special workflow.

Full-page Optical Character Recognition
with a large number of documents can be a time-intensive process.
The Zone OCR module provides the technology to analyse and extract data
from just specific areas of a document, increasing performance and throughput
whilst ensuring programmatic access to just the information you require.

From the workflow template, areas (or zones) of a document
are specified for ScannerVision™ to analyse.
During the capture process data in the defined zones
is converted to text and made available via the metadata library
for distribution, notification and filing purposes.

Zone OCR technology is also available from
the ScannerVision™ Office Desktop Client Automate,
to assist in high-speed document indexing.

ScannerVision™ Connectors
NDS ScannerVision™ Connectors - Banner Picture

Connectors link ScannerVision™ servers directly to an organisation's
document management or business system.
By utilizing a server connector, the power of ScannerVision™ can now be
directed to the right location inside a DMS or ERP, with little user intervention.

ScannerVision™ servers also support the standards-based WebDAV protocol,
enabling connections to an ever wider range of business and document systems.

Click any of the icons below to get more detail pertaining to those specific connectors.

Standard Included Connectors:
NDS Supported Connector Button - Aivika Surf Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - WebDAV Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - Google Docs Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - Objective Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - Equitrac Logo
NDS Supported Connector Button - Microsoft SQL Server Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010 Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - Evernote Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - Dropbox Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - Evernote Logo

Additional Connectors:
NDS Supported Connector Button - Amazon Web Services Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - SuperOffice Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - Exact e-Synergy Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - DocuWare Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - Laserfiche Logo
NDS Supported Connector Button - windream Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - Exact Globe  Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - UNIT4 Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - AFAS Logo NDS Supported Connector Button - SharePoint360 Logo
NDS Supported Connector Button - Hyarchis.Net Logo

Connectors Coming Soon:
NDS Supported Connector Button - Salesforce Logo

Synapsis - The ScannerVision™ Connector Development Program
The ScannerVision™ Connector Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for developers
to create native connectors for just about anything.

Synapsis offers developers the possibility to access the necessary code
to be able to create connectors for being used with ScannerVision Server Engine.
The Synapsis program includes example codes, direct contact with developers, development guide, etc..
Once the connector is uploaded to the ScannerVision™ licensing portal it will be available for
all ScannerVision™ clients around the world and the the developer will of course
take benefit from an important margin of connector(s) sales.

For more information about the ScannerVision™ Connector Development Program, Synapsis,
please contact NewFormat.

ScannerVision™ Demonstrations

Webinars / Video recordings - Icon

ScannerVision™ Demonstrations - Popup-window

Reserve online-demonstration of ScannerVision™

ScannerVision™ Case Studies / References - Samples

ScannerVision™ Datasheets/Brochures/Manuals

Product Ordering Numbers / Price information
ScannerVision™ software can be obtained via both license acquisition and through leasing.
For Product Descriptions and Product Ordering Numbers - Click here.

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Request Download of Free ScannerVision™ 30-Day Trial

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