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OpenFormat is part of the NewFormat AB portal.

We have your solutions for print, publishing, packaging design, and e-archiving.

NewFormat provides software tools, solutions and services for document and data conversion;
for preflight, correction and repurposing of PDF files for prepress and print production;
for long-term document preservation and archiving/e-archiving;
for publishing of content for rich user experiences on
tablets, modern browsers and smartphones;
and for packaging design and packaging construction.

We make information permanently accessible, searchable, readable and reusable
for the future and for as many people as possible.

For enterprises and organizations that appreciates Open Standards for Business Benefits.

Call NewFormat - We make your information accessible and readable for the future.

  • Do your enterprise systems support open document formats ?
  • Do you in your enterprise save the information in vendor,
    platform and application neutral document formats ?
  • Can you in your enterprise read/edit/save all enterprise office documents
    with any optional office productivity software ?
  • Can you in your enterprise transparently exchange office documents with other enterprises
    not running the same office productivity software suite as your enterprise ?
  • Does your enterprise store its information in document formats
    suited for long-term archiving and preservation ?

  • In case you responded with NO to any of these questions your organization
    will make a difference securing its valuable information resources by deploying
    ISO standardized and open document formats:
    OpenDocument Format (ODF) and Portable Document Format (PDF).

    Call NewFormat

    We help your venture to be independent of proprietary/vendor-owned document formats.
    By that we help you to heavily cut your direct license costs for office software,
    business systems, document management systems, archiving and preservation systems,
    library systems, publishing systems and central IT systems
    - to maximize your return on your ICT investments!

    Find out more benefits of migrating to open standards and open document formats.

NewFormat services for your information's future

Standards make the world work

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Open Standards and ISO Standards
OpenDocument Format (ODF) and Portable Document Format (PDF)

makes digital information accessible for all

Training in PDF Standards

Classroom - Picture

We provide
Training in PDF Standards
for individuals focusing on Graphics, Digital Print, Prepress,
Publishing, Document Processing/e-Archiving, and
Packaging Design; with hands-on training on
leading software tools, solutions and workflows.

Services on Accessible PDF in
Support of ISO 14289 (PDF/UA)

PDF/UA - Icon
Services making Accessible PDF
Compliant with the ISO Standard PDF/UA

For NewFormat software tools and solutions, please visit:

Recommended software tools and solutions

For more information contact NewFormat.

NewFormat AB
Smörblommegränd 14, SE-165 72 Hässelby (Stockholm), Sweden
tel:+46 (0)70 631 53 01

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