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Creative Edge Software - Logo

Solutions for 3D Real-Time Packaging Development,
Design, Prototyping, Modeling and Simulation.

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of iC3D from Creative Edge Software.

Creative Edge Software iC3D - Logo

iC3D Mockups at the Speed of Imagination - Picture

iC3D Suite is the all-in-one tool for 3D real-time visualisation, from early ideas and
design drafts to complete design of the packaging, labels and packaging illustrations.

Create, share, review any type of 3D packaging mockups within seconds

iC3D Any Type of 3D Packaging Mockups - Picture

      Why Digital 3D Packaging Prototyping vs Classic Prototyping and Photographing?

      • It is cheaper
      • It is faster
      • It provides consistent good quality pack-shots
      • It-allows for early in-store shelving preview

      Who benefits?

      • Brand owners
      • Retailers
      • Packaging Designers
      • Packaging Engineers and Converters
      • Customers

iC3D Reduces Time to Market, .... and Time to Customer
iC3D - The Creative Lifecycle - Reduces Time To Market - Picture
    iC3D lets you generate live 3D digital mockups and prototypes on-the-fly and
    significantly reduces the time and money spent to create 3D packaging visualisations.

    iC3D is the perfect tool for faster prototyping of packaging designs,
    and to shorten reviewing and proofing/approval processing.
    iC3D Suite - Summary on the go (pdf)

Where iC3D focuses on 3D packaging visualization,
treeDiM Picador is a specialized CAD software tool for
structural design of cardboard packaging and POS products.
In addition to its 2D and 3D solution, Picador can also control cutting tables.
Picador also manages logistic optimization, palletizing, packing and truck loading.
As such, iC3D and Picador are a perfect match!

iC3D Suite V5.5.5 - New Features Overview (3:29)
Key features that can easily be used to
ideate, design and produce all types of packaging.
3D mockups and prototypes on-the-fly!

iC3D Suite V5.5 - New Features Overview (5:29)
Key features that can easily be used to
ideate, design and produce all types of packaging.
3D mockups and prototypes on-the-fly!

iC3D - "All-in-One" 3D tool for
ideation/design, development, prototyping, modeling and simulation
in the packaging, labelling & imaging markets.

iC3D 'All-in-one' Functionality vs Competition - Bild
iC3D Suite is the worlds first 3D real-time packaging simulation and design application
to combine multiple packaging disciplines in one single design application - "All-in-One" -
for cartons, labels, flexibles, bottles, POS/POP, shrink wraps and store visualisation.

3D packaging objects bring enhanced experiences to e-commerce buyers.
Samples of 3D packaging objects created in iC3D with the speed of imagination.

(Click on any mockup to view and interact with it in your in favorite browser)

iC3D Opsis Model - Cosmetics - Daisy by Marc Jacobs - Bottle - Picture         iC3D Opsis Model - Cosmetics - Daisy by Marc Jacobs - Bottle with Box - Picture

iC3D Opsis Model - Cosmetics - Covergirl All - Picture         iC3D Opsis Model - Cosmetics - Syoss Eau Coiffante Oléo Spray - Full bottle - Picture

iC3D Opsis Model - Food - McDonalds McCafé Ice Coffee Cup - Picture         iC3D Opsis Model - Food - McDonalds French Fries - Picture

iC3D Opsis Model - Food - Plastic Cup - No Brand - Picture                   iC3D Opsis Model - Food - Plastic Cup - Kroger Greek Blended Strawberry Yogurt - Picture

iC3D - Tuc Biscuits Single Pack - Picture     iC3D - Carton Fold - Curved Carton Folding - Lindt Lindor Chocolate Box - Picture

iC3D Opsis Model - Food - Tetra Pack Mana - Shake and Drink - Picture             iC3D Opsis Model - Sun Detergent in Plastic Packaging - Picture

iC3D Opsis Model - Food - Moet & Chandon Champagne Carton Box - Picture         iC3D Opsis Model - Food - Gin Bottle, Carton Box and Crystal Glass - Picture         iC3D Opsis Model - Carton Box - Bump Displacement - Picture

iC3D Opsis Model - Food - Gin Queen Bottle - Picture             iC3D Opsis Model - Food - Bulleit Borbon Bottle - Picture

iC3D Spritzing - Food - Coke Spritzed Bottle - Picture               iC3D Opsis Model - Food - Grolsch Premium Lager Beer Bottle - Picture

iC3D Opsis Model - Beer Bottles - Coor Light - 4-Pack - Picture         iC3D Opsis Model - Harry Brompton Ice Tea - 4-Pack - Animation: Bottles move into carton box

iC3D Opsis Model - Food - Bagels in Plastic Bag - Picture         iC3D Opsis Model - Food - Cool Tree Cucumber Tonic Water - POS with 4-Packs - Picture

iC3D Opsis Model - Food - M&M Maxi - Pillow Bag - Picture         iC3D Opsis Model - Food - Sunbites Crispy Snacks - Pillow Bag - Picture             iC3D Opsis Model - Food - Thunderbolt Fitness Drink - Pillow Bag/Bar Package - Picture

iC3D Opsis Model - Sandwich Box - Egg, Mayo and Cress - Picture

iC3D Opsis Model - Visa Credit Card - Picture

2D samples

iC3D Spritzing - Food - Starbucks Black Cherry Limeade Can - Picture       iC3D - Cans - Liberty Craft Ale Beer - Picture

iC3D - Food - Ridge Bottle - Picture       iC3D - Jura Whiskey Glass and Bottle - Picture

iC3D Opsis Model - Gin Bottles & Carton Box - Bump Displacement - Picture

iC3D Carton Fold  - Milk Package Box with Cap - Picture iC3D Opsis Model - Food- Hefty Everyday Plates in Plastic Bag - Picture

iC3D - Crinkle, Crumple, Dent, Bash  - Food - Ferrero Rocher Cake - Picture

iC3D Virtual Workflow
iC3D Virtual Workflow - Structure - Materials - Artwork - PictureiC3D Virtual Workflow - Finishing - Presentation - Picture

    iC3D - Bridges the Gap - From Concept to Shelves
    Create shareable real-time 3D digital packaging design mockups with iC3D.
    Get faster, more powerful ideation tools and all-in-one collaborative sharing
    in one powerful software solution:
    • Purpose-built for all types of packaging design.
    • Create stand-alone or on-shelf visualisations.
    • Render lifelike packaging and display settings in real-time.
    • Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Suite.
    • Shrink correct and shrink render in real-time.
    • Share 3D content using any browser, OS or graphics card.

    iC3D - THE Challenger in Packaging Design
    iC3D Suite and iC3D Carton Edition - for packaging designers and engineers
    looking for a feature rich and affordable alternative and complement to
    ArtiosCAD, Esko Designer, Esko Toolkit, Esko Visualiser, and Esko Store Visualiser.

    iC3D - Interacts with other design applications
    iC3D Suite offers a wide variety of templates and tools for creating own models.
    The graphic design is applied to existing packaging from the model library or
    an imported model created in a third-party application.

iC3D Integration Workflow
iC3D Integration Workflow - Picture

    iC3D Suite supports native PDF artwork import and also comes with
    a direct link into Adobe Illustrator allowing 2D Illustrator artwork to be
    directly, in real time, mapped onto 3D models as base artwork or as labels.

    Output hi-resolution images, PDF proofs for mark-up or share designs with
    colleagues and customers using the iC3D Movie exporter, which creates portable
    compressed movie files that can be shared or put on compliant websites.

    iC3D imports and export models from all major 3D applications,
    for instance ArtiosCad, using the common cross application formats such as:
    Collada (DAE or ZAE), Modo (LXO), 3DS Max (3DS and ASE),
    Wavefront Object (OBJ), Lightwave (LWO and LWS),
    Milkshape 3D (MS3D), STL (Stereo Lithography 3D Printer files).

    iC3D Suite complements other 2D/3D software applications such as:
    3ds Max, Cinema4D, Maya, Softimage XSI, Lightwave 3D, Photoshop,
    trueSpace, Blender, Rhino 3D, gmax, Modo (Luxology), Mudbox, MotionBuilder,
    Octane Renderer, Maxwell Renderer, Vray, KeyShot, Strata CX, Deep Paint,
    Adobe Acrobat 3D Toolkit, Bunkspeed, Electric Image.


iC3D receives Comité Pack Experts Innovation Awards 2016 at All4Pack 2016
Comité Pack Experts Innovation Awards 2016 to iC3D from Creative Edge Software - Award Logo

iC3D receives InterTech™ Technology Award 2014 for Technology
InterTech Technology Award 2014 to iC3D from Creative Edge Software - Award Logo

iC3D Suite@School
iC3D Suite for Educational Institutions

Classroom - Picture
iC3D Suite
All-in-One Packaging Design Solution for
Student Classroom Training

Breaking News!
Eye tracking to measure the impact of new packaging design.

Need Insights - Stop Guessing Start Eye Tracking - Logo & Banner
Market leading eye tracking services from Need Insights.
Measures the impact of innovative packaging design and consumer behavior.

iC3D Webinars/Video recordings, demonstrations and tutorials

Webinars / Video recordings - Icon

iC3D Suite Webinars / Demonstrations - Popup-window

iC3D Suite Tutorials / Practical Use Cases - Popup-window

Request online demonstration of iC3D


Creative Edge Software iC3D - Logo

Download - Icon
Click Here for trial of iC3D Suite

iC3D Overview

iC3D Shelf Appearance - Picture

    Benefits to go with iC3D Suite for fast and accurate 3D visualisation:

      ...Real-Time 3D Packaging Ideation; from first idea to a finished package solution.
      ...Cartons, Flexibles, Labels, Bottles, Shrink Wraps, and Store Visualisation.
      ...3D Prototypes Minimize Potential Packaging Problems.
      ...One Complete Solution - "All-in-One" - for Packaging Design, Modeling and Simulation.
      ...Image Based Lighting for 3D-rendering.
      ...Packaging 3D photorealism.
      ..."Smart Wrap" / Auto-Mesh-Mapping.
      ...Manages Unlimited Packaging Models and Materials.
      ...Rich Selection of Packaging Models and Templates Included for Faster Model Generation.
      ...Import and Export of Models.
      ...Accurate, Web-based 3D Content Sharing.

      iC3D Suite - Inspiring 3D creativity for packaging designers - 7 Steps

iC3D comes in various flavors for specific needs and requirements

    - iC3D Suite
    The main standalone application, provides functions for creating models of cartons, POS,
    bottles, flexibles, tubes, sachets, etc., and applying graphics onto the packaging in real time.

    - iC3D Carton Edition
    Separate entry-level standalone version that focuses on the visualisation of folded cartons.

    - iC3D Opsis
    The on-line 3D model sharing service integrated into iC3D Suite and iC3D Carton Edition.

    - iC3D Automate
    Separate standalone command-line-interface (CLI) / Hotfolder server solution for
    automatic creation of modell variants by replacing the graphics on existing models
    and generating all kinds of outputs such as images, 3D PDFs and more.

    - iC3D Viewer
    The free application for opening native iC3D virtual prototypes on any computer, Mac or PC.

Creative Edge Software - iC3D Packaging Designer in Front of Computer Screens - Picture

    iC3D Suite is the first 3D real-time packaging design and visualisation application
    that combines multiple packaging disciplines in one product.
    Other software applications frustratingly separate design applications
    into cartons or flexibles or bottles or store visualisation.
    iC3D Suite encompasses these and more, allowing all these elements to be
    seamlessly combined in the same 3D scene and visualised with colour accurate
    materials using image based lighting (IBL) in simulated virtual retail environments.

    iC3D Suite is also the first 3D packaging design and visualisation software to offer the patented
    “Smart Wrap Mapping" technology which allows labels and artwork to be placed accurately
    onto complex models without the need for tedious UVW mapping of texture coordinates.
    This makes it extremely fast and easy to learn and manage in iC3D Suite.

    iC3D Suite comes with a direct link into Adobe Illustrator allowing 2D Illustrator
    artwork to be directly mapped onto your 3D models as base artwork or as labels.

    Output hi-resolution images or PDF proofs for mark-up or share your designs with
    colleagues and customers using the iC3D Movie exporter, which creates portable
    compressed movie files that can be shared or put on compliant websites.

Creative Edge Software - iC3D Storefront Juice Packages - Picture

    iC3D Carton Edition takes all the carton, dieline, lighting, template and
    animation functions from iC3D Suite, but in an affordable package
    specifically tailored for carton designers and packaging professionals.
    New features include import of DXF and CFF2 dielines from Adobe Illustrator and leading CAD
    packages including ArtiosCAD, whilst maintaining previously specified cut and fold information.

    Best of all, iC3D Carton Edition can be simply upgraded to iC3D Suite
    with the same familiar “look and feel” interface.

Creative Edge Software - iC3D Carton Fold - Picture

    iC3D Opsis - Safe and Secure Remote Sharing of 3D Digital Mock-Ups.
    The world’s first realistic 3D packaging design sharing environment.

    Global sharing of 3D packaging designs & digital mock-ups on any web browser - interactively!
    Secure, accurate, web based 3D content sharing solution free to iC3D users via the cloud.

    iC3D Opsis allows iC3D users to securely upload their 3D digital packaging designs to the cloud,
    while accurately maintaining all special effects, environments, shadows, lighting, transparency
    and backgrounds, environment effects, including holographic and lenticular 3D-effects.
    (Currently, and due to technical limitations in the 3D PDF format, 3D PDF files
    will not display as accurate compared to sharing display via iC3D Opsis.)
iC3D Opsis Models - Matrix - Picture
    Users can generate and export real-time, high-resolution 3D digital images and mockups,
    and create and export portable, compressed animation files for sharing or to put on
    compliant websites:
    • Quickly communicate dynamic design content.
    • Easily manipulate and revise designs on-the-fly.
    • Uses secure high-bandwidth servers.
    • 100% guaranteed network uptime.
    • Store up to 100 iC3D models to the cloud.
    • Delivers greater speed to market for your designs.
    iC3D Opsis is ideal to shorten reviewing and proofing/approval processing.
    A unique url is generated on each upload which can be emailed to clients for them
    to interactively view, zoom, rotate and spin 3D content on any web browser.

    This url can also be embedded into web sites to provide stunning interactive
    3D content with accurate colours, lighting and effects which allow brands to
    showcase their products in the best way.

Demonstration of iC3D Opsis
Click on the packaging sample below to view
a virtual animation of the 3D packaging mockup in your browser

iC3D Opsis Model - Toothpaste Tube and Carton Animation - Picture

    iC3D Automate - Automation of 3D Packaging Design & Mock-ups

    In many packaging workflows a range of product “flavors” has to be developed.
    Whether crisps, jam, tins/cans or baby food, the process starts with the creation of a
    3D model with applied textures, artwork and subsequent iterative replacement of
    those textures and artwork to develop the many different flavors of the original design.

    Iteration costs a lot of time and money and iC3D Automate does away with it, completely.

    iC3D automate offers industrialized production capabilities direct from your desktop
    - connect seamlessly to the entire workflow to produce visuals faster,
    error-free and hands free!

    iC3D Automate is a companion command-line (CLI) based product to iC3D Suite
    that easily can be integrated in any common workflow production workflow,
    DAM/MIS solution or automation tool (such as FileTrain, Switch, ...)
    with total flexibility and can be configured to perform exactly
    the type of automation one requires.

iC3D - Automate in a Switch Workflow - Picture

    iC3D Automate increases product development speed, reduces human errors
    during the visual development of product variations and can help to reduce
    time-to-shelf during product development.

    iC3D Automate will open an iC3D Suite design file “hands free” and run
    automated “actions” on it, ranging from replacing textures or artwork,
    outputting high resolution images at specific camera angles,
    generating 3D PDF files and Collada files, and much more.

(Point your cursor to the picture above to control the animation)

    iC3D Viewer - Free viewer application to visualise iC3D projects on
    any Mac and Windows computer (no need for installation of iC3D Suite).
    Allows exchange of native iC3D project files with clients for review,
    proofing and approval.

Creative Edge Software - iC3D Viewer - Chocs Box - Packaging Model for Review By Client - Picture

Product Features and Comparison Overview

Article in packagePRINTING (Nov. 17, 2017) on 3D Prototyping:
'Predicting the Future' with Software

iC3D Suite and IC3D Carton Edition
(for Mac/OS X and Windows)
Esko Studio Range
Esko Designer, Esko Toolkit, Esko Visualiser, Esko Store Visualiser

Creative Edge Software - Comparison Guide - iC3D Suite & iC3D Carton Edition vs Esko Tools - Picture
(Click on picture for details)

    3D Model Creation

    Model import:
    Import models from all major 3D applications,
    using the common cross application formats such as:
    • Collada (DAE or ZAE)
    • Modo (LXO)
    • 3DS Max (3DS and ASE)
    • Wavefront Object (OBJ)
    • Lightwave (LWO and LWS)
    • Milkshape 3D (MS3D)
    • STL (Stereo Lithography 3D Printer files)
Creative Edge Software - iC3D 3D Model Creation - Bottle - Picture
    Most models are imported with their materials (where applicable).
    Where a model is not available you can take advantage of
    iC3D’s Model Generation Service to create the model you desire from your designs.

    Drag and Drop Model Library:
    iC3D is delivered with an ever expanding model library of common packaging models.
    Your own packaging models can be added to the model library for quick and easy access
    when creating your packaging designs. To use a library model it’s as simple as dragging
    a model from the library and dropping it within the scene.
Creative Edge Software - iC3D Drag and Drop Model Library - Demo Models and Artwork - Picture

    Model creation using Model Templates:
    One of the slowest parts of packaging design can be creation of models.
    Especially if you need to keep changing the model as your concept develops.
    Model templates in iC3D makes the creation/recreation process faster for common models.
    iC3D ships with a range of model templates ranging from bottles, bags, magazines,
    and many common flexibles types, like Gusseted Bags, Pillow Bags, Sachets,
    Pouches, shrink wraps, and many more.
    This collection of auto generated template models is continually growing so if you
    don’t find the template you are looking for we may be able to create it for you.
Creative Edge Software - iC3D Template Library - Picture

    Model Object Editor:
    The model editor allows you to manage the multiple models and model components
    that are often used to build up a scene.
    The editor allows the user to interactively control objects, meshes and materials within the scene,
    including the ability to rename the scene components for better controls.
    All relevant properties of materials (such as shininess, transparency, colors, roughness,...)
    can be edited in real time.


    Material Import:
    If you are creating 3D models in your favourite 3D application and it supports
    the exporting of materials, then the likelihood is that those materials and
    the associated bitmaps can be loaded into iC3D.

    Material Creation:
    Where you need to easily create sophisticated materials like refracting glass or metallic
    effects like gold foil, holographic or even lenticular 3D-effects, the iC3D material editor is
    designed to simplify this process for you.
    Once you have created the surface materials for your model they can be easily applied to
    using drag and drop to the correct parts of your model or by using the Object Editor.
Creative Edge Software - iC3D Materials - Frozen Bottle - Picture

    Real Time 3D Environments

    Real Time 3D Rendering:
    The 3D environment generates the required 3D shaders on the fly in order to correctly
    render all changes to models, materials and environments on the fly.
    No need to wait while your display updates, changes are applied in real time,
    meaning you can instantly tweak them to create the effect you are looking for.

    IBL Lighting Model:
    The 3D rendering model is based around Image Based Lighting (IBL)
    which provides real time reflection of an environment onto a 3D model.
    IBL uses HDRI or EXR environments to calculate accurate and realistic lighting.
    Like a ray tracer it calculates the correct amount of lighting to apply and
    the environmental lighting influences on a per pixel basis for every rendered frame,
    however, unlike a ray tracer it is able to do this in real time.
Creative Edge Software - iC3D Real-Time 3D Accurate Lighting - Picture

    Real Time Material Editing:
    Open an objects material in the materials editor, make changes and see those
    changes instantly updated at full rendering resolution to the model.

    HDR and EXR support:
    Import HDRI and EXR format environments directly into iC3D
    so your models are shown in the environment of you choices.
    In addition use the environment as a 3D background for your scene.

    Packaging Types Supported

    iC3D prides itself on supporting a large number of packaging type
    or discipline under one application.

    These include:
    • Bottles
    • Flexibles
    • Magazines
    • Packets
    • Cartons/POS
    • Bags
    • Plastic Containers
    • Tins/Cans
    • Plus many more

    All of these can have labels and or base artwork applied to them
    - directly imported from within Adobe Illustrator.
Creative Edge Software - iC3D Model Library - Picture

    Visualisation of Packages on Stacked Shelving Displays

    It is possible in iC3D to display a shelf or display tray containing
    different products so they can be compared together.
    This is useful for the comparison of Competitive Analysis,
    Version Comparison and Variant Comparison or for just
    checking how many with fit in the tray.
iC3D Stacked Shelving Display Bottles - Picture

    This is simple process whereby several SKUs can be selected,
    the number of items specified and they will then be organised
    on the shelf automatically.
    Once placed on the shelf it is possible to interactive edit them,
    for example changing the colour of the label.
Creative Edge Software - iC3D Suite - Pallet with Stacked Cartons - Picture

    Point of Purchase (POP) / Point of Sales (POS) Display & Animation
    iC3D Suite can create amazing folding carton Point of Purchase (POP) displays
    comprising many separate parts which can all be animated to show how the final
    display is made up and equally importantly how it will look when finished.
    Items created previously within iC3D Suite can be placed on the Point of Purchase
    display unit shelves and then accurately visualised using the retail environments supplied.
Creative Edge Software - iC3D Carton Fold Medium - Picture

Creative Edge Software - iC3D Suite - POP/POS - Picture

    Adobe Illustrator Plugin

    Real Time Editing of AI Art:
    iC3D comes with a plugin for Adobe Illustrator.
    This plugin allows you to connect iC3D to your copy of Adobe Illustrator.
    When you create labels or base artwork within iC3D these are automatically
    created in Adobe Illustrator, where you can add artwork to the Adobe Illustrator document
    and it will appear on your label or model within iC3D.

    Open in AI:
    The process also works in reverse,
    where you can select within iC3D to open your already designed label artwork
    (.ai and .pdf files formats supported ) and it will open this artwork for you with
    Adobe Illustrator and create an iC3D label linked to it automatically.
    Once opened the artwork will appear on you label which can
    then be interactively positioned on your model.
iC3D Integrate with Adobe Illustrator - Picture

    Carton Folding/Animation

    Import of Dielines
    iC3D comes with the capability to import DXF and CFF2 dielines from a variety of
    CAD programmes, such as ArtiosCAD as well as from Adobe Illustrator.
    These dielines can be split, joined, cut and broken apart as required directly within iC3D.
iC3D - Dielines - Picture

    It is then a simple matter to create the required cuts and folds, choose
    the substrate from our library and generate the 3D model.
    Artwork can then be added using the link with Adobe Illustrator and either a
    freehand recording or an animation timeline movie (also called keyframe animation)
    can be created for export and comment.
iC3D Opsis Model -


    Add labels to Models:
    iC3D’s Auto Mesh Mapping (Smart Wrap) software allows sliding labels to be placed accurately
    onto complex models without the need for tedious UVW mapping of texture coordinates.
    As UVW mapping of a model takes often as much time as modelling the model
    in the first place this can be a considerable time saving.
iC3D - Smart Wrap Labelling - Picture

    2D and 3D Labelling View:
    Labels can be seen both in 3D on a model or in 2D using the separate 2D views.
    These 3D and 2D Views can be exported to PDF to allow for accurate mark-up.

    Gap Jumping:
    iC3D’s Auto Mesh Mapping software can also be adjusted to jump gaps allowing
    labels to flow smoothly over gaps like ridges in tins/cans or plastic water bottles.

    Print Effects

    iC3D labels and base artwork can have many effects applied to them.
    In the Adobe Illustrator artwork,
    specify a spot colour to represent where the effect should be placed,
    then select which effect to associate with the spot colour.
    The rest is done automatically for you.
iC3D - Print Effects Holographic Material - Picture

    iC3D has many predefined effects but allows you to also design your own.
    Predefined effects include:
    • Hot and Cold Foils
    • Emboss and Deboss
    • Holographic
    • Lenticular/3D
    • Opaque White
    • Metallic Inks
    • Plus many more
Creative Edge Software - iC3D Print Effects - Material Library - Picture

    SFX - Special Effects

    Flexible Packet Filling:
    All the flexible templates allow the packets to be animated from empty to full.
    So you can see the effect on your artwork in different states of fullness.
    In addition if you have a model that has two versions,
    a full model and an empty version of the model,
    you can create your own flexible models using the iC3D Flexible Model Editor.
Creative Edge Software - iC3D Suite Special Effects Flexible Packet Filling - Picture

Adobe Illustrator 2D artwork wrapped to flexible 3D objects
Creative Edge Software - iC3D Suite Special Effects - Import Adobe Illustrator Artwork to 3D Flexible Foiled Bag - Picture     Creative Edge Software - iC3D Suite Special Effects - Attach Adobe Illustrator Artwork to 3D Flexible Foiled Bag - Picture

    Filling Objects with Liquid:
    Models that should contain liquids can also be filled with liquid
    in order to see the effect the liquid has on the design.
    The opacity and colour of the liquid can be individually controlled.
iC3D - Special Effects Bottle Filled with Liquid - Picture
    Real Time Shadows:
    iC3D has the ability to cast real time 3D Shadows, on other meshes within the model,
    creating an even more realistic rendered environment.

    Reflections in the Floor:
    Reflections of models can be projected in the floor plane to give
    the impression they are sitting on a shiny surface.
iC3D - Special Effects Photo Realism - Reflections in Floor - Picture

    Complex Scene Staging

    All of the above comes together to allow the staging of complex and
    dynamic scenes using cross discipline packaging type.

    An example might be an accurate model of scotch could be created and labelled
    then placed to an equally accurate model of the box the scotch goes in.
    Then a glass of scotch with its ices is added to the scene and
    the materials for the glass and ice are applied.
    Then liquid if fifed in the bottle and glass to represent the scotch and
    the background is changed to grouse moorland.
    The result is a complex scene which can be saved and exported
    as a high resolution render or as a 3D model for others to view.
    The labels and artwork used in the generation of the scene can also be output with
    screen shots of the scene automatically to a PDF for collaborative review and mark-up.

    Export Features
iC3D Opsis Model - Cool Tree Cucumber Tonic Water - Standalone POS with 4Packs - Picture iC3D Opsis Model - Cool Tree Cucumber Tonic Water - POS with 4Packs - in Opsis Environment - Picture

    Hi Res Export:
    High resolution renders can be exported to be further adjusted in Photoshop.
    The exported images can be specified to contain an alpha channel so the models
    can be divorced from their backgrounds so they can be placed in other scenes.

    PDF, 3D PDF and U3D Files Export:
    An auto generated PDF containing several screen shots of the 3D scene as well as
    2D renders all the labels and base artwork in the scene, can be easily exported to
    allow for easier collaborative review or mark-up.

    U3D files created in iC3D can be inserted into PDF documents to allow users to interact
    with Adobe Acrobat 3D content and to spin and view 3D object from all angles.
    In addition, complete 3D PDFs can be created directly within iC3D and published
    or emailed to clients for them to comment in Adobe Acrobat.

    iC3D Opsis Export
    Models created in iC3D can be uploaded for viewing and sharing to iC3D Opsis
    thats is integrated into iC3D Suite and iC3D Carton Edition.

    Collada and STL Files Export:
    Models created or edited in iC3D can be exported with their materials in Collada and
    STL (Stereo Lithography) format to most leading 3D printers.
    This takes “Rapid Prototyping” to new levels as you now have the ability to
    deliver virtual 3D via email and follow up with printed 3D samples in the post.

    Models created or edited in iC3D can be exported with their materials in Collada and
    STL (Stereo Lithography) format for editing in other third party 3D applications.
    They can then be reimported as Collada and STL files back into iC3D if required.

    Augment Export - Augmented Reality (AR)
    Models are easily exported from iC3D to Augment
    - the augmented reality environment - for an enhanced 3D experience.
    An Augment export button is integrated in iC3D,
    making it very simple to upload 3D models to Augment (as Collada files).
iC3D Opsis Model - Cool Tree Cucumber Tonic Water - POS with 4Packs - Augment Environment - Picture

    Movie Export:
    A Quick Time Movie (MOV) file where all model movements are can be exported to allow
    the 3D content to be viewed on other devices and platforms, such as the Apple iPhone or iPad.
    The Movie exporter uses high quality video compression to create
    iPhone and iPad compatible movies.
    The user can also manually animate the object during the recording,
    to zoom in on a certain section or spin the objects so they can be viewed from all sides.

Dynamic Backgrounds
Real-time merging of 2D photo images with 3D designs
iC3D Dynamic Backgrounds - Shelf-Ready Biscuits Bag Box - Sliding into Retail Shelf - Picture

    System Requirements for iC3D:

    Apple Mac
      Apple software:
      • OS: Mac OS X 10.9 (Maverick) or higher.

      Apple hardware - Minimum:
      • CPU: Dual core processor (quad core preferred).
      • Memory: 4GB+ RAM, 500GB HDD
      • Graphics - Minimum: NVidia or ATI Graphics card
        with 1 GB VRAM (2 GB or higher recommended).

      3rd Party Software:
      • Adobe Illustrator Version 16 is required (i.e. CS6 or higher).
      • Note: Will not work with older versions of Illustrator i.e. CS5

      PC software:
      • OS: Windows® 7 or Windows® 8, Windows® 10, 64 bit version only.

      PC hardware - Minimum:
      • CPU: Dual core processor (quad core preferred).
      • Memory: 4GB+ RAM, 500GB HDD
      • Graphics - Minimum: NVidia or ATI Graphics card
        with 1 GB VRAM (2 GB or higher recommended).

      3rd Party Software:
      • Adobe Illustrator version CS6, CC or higher; 64 bit version only

    User License:

    Floating license, for 1 concurrent user.

    User Interface/Languages:

    English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese.

Actual Use Case on 3D Virtual Design

Typical use case where iC3D Suite makes a difference and solves your critical challenge.

"The Crunch for U.S. Food Companies":
Changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP).

The new U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) packaging rules (May 20, 2016)
will undoubtedly kick off a worldwide overhaul,
as consumer advocacy groups outside the U.S. lobby governments
for more standardized, consumer-friendly nutritional labeling.
This will lead to a rise in compliance-related costs throughout the supply chain,
including brand owners, package designers, printers, and converters.

Like the older version, the new NFP may not be re-sized, legally.
This means that years of package design optimization will have to be
discarded and new designs created for millions of packages.
Nutritional claims made outside the NFP will also have to be changed.

New label / What's the difference?
iC3D Suite - US FDA Compliance - New Food Nutrition Facts Panels - What is the Difference - Picture

iC3D Suite - US FDA Compliance - New Food Nutrition Facts Panels - Dual Columns Format - Picture

Fortunately, with iC3D,
the design and ideation part of those costs can be controlled.
Only iC3D provides immediate visual feedback on
these design challenges and possible solutions.
In iC3D, PDFs of both old and new Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP)
can easily be applied to virtual package models in real time.

iC3D Suite - US FDA Compliance Demands Changes to Food Nutrition Facts Panels - Bags - Picture

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