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iC3D New Features - Overview

    New Key Features in iC3D v5.5

    Key Features Include:
    • Interactive Lighting Editor;
      use this feature with your Raze Render Preview screen to work
      interactively with your lights in real time and see the results instantly.
iC3D - Ray Tracing - Interactive Lighting Editor - Pinot variants - Picture

    • Additional Light edit enhancements:
      • Further Dynamic Range
      • Individual light power control

    • Hue, Saturation, Brightness and Contrast controls for:
      • Rendered Images, allowing global model colour correction
      • Specific Labels, allowing individual artwork colour correction

    • New material library with Ray Traced visual,
      create materials for Ray Tracing in real time
iC3D - Ray Tracing Materials Library - Cow - Picture

    • Curved Folding;
      the ability to add and fold curve fold lines and faces on your carton die-lines
iC3D Carton Fold - Curved Carton Folding - Picture

    • All Adobe Illustrator Layers are now rendered on
      to your models print surfaces in iC3D

    • Output presets;
      save your favourite Hi Res Image output sizes and
      reuse them from a drop down menu to avoid typing
      the same details every time

    • Camera preset list options;
      export a single camera preset,
      or multiple angles with a single click export

    • Swapping option of OpenGL window and Raze Render Preview windows,
      switch seamlessly between these 2 formats

    • IC3D Opsis; High Res export option, improved resolution and
      magnification of your 3D models shared via the cloud

    New Key Features in iC3D v5

    iC3D version 5 is all about ‘crinkle, crumple, dent and bash’!

    iC3D version 5.0 allow design professionals to achieve an unprecedented
    level of control over the shape and form of their packaging design.

    The new features allow creatives to interpret and manipulate their designs,
    whether that is to improve naturalism, for example, or to emphasize a
    specific aspect of the product or even a particular brand value.

    “The ability to create any shape, simulate the physical behavior of packages
    and visually enhance their aesthetics is the fine-tuning that might be
    the difference between success and failure of a brand proposal.”

    The five key features of the new iC3D version 5.0 are:

    • Point Editor – advanced shape editing tool providing
      enhanced photorealism through the ability to add curves,
      creases, crumples and dents to models selectively.

    • UVW Editor – enables selective manipulation of artwork placed
      on 3D models to correct artwork distortion, improve naturalism
      and allow artistic interpretation.

    • Using features such as Point Editor and UVW Editor,
      iC3D v5.0 provides the ability to select points on a 3D model,
      edit shapes, distortions and surface effects,
      visually adjusting artwork to improve the real-life appearance
      of a label or package design.
      This could involve adding aspects of randomization or imperfection,
      such as creases, crinkles and indentations.

    iC3D Crinkle Crumple Dent Bash - Create Dashboard - Picture
    iC3D - Crinkle, Crumple, Dent, Bash  - Food - Ferrero Rocher Cake - Picture

    • Physics Simulator – automatically calculates appropriate curves, creases and distortions
      to create photorealistic 3D flexible packages, such as bags and pouches, at a mouse-click.
      Physics Simulator is similar to technology used in the gaming and film industries.
      In iC3D v5.0 it automatically recreates the behavior of a flexible package in
      different situations, such as sag, bulge and drape dynamics.

    • Sealed Shrink – for visualizing shrink-filled packages using completely sealed bags.
      Complements the existing iC3D Shrink Sleeve feature.
      Sealed Shrink has been developed to mock-up shrink-filled bags
      such as those commonly used for pre-packed perishables
      – for example, cheese, fish and meat portions.

    • Advanced Shape Modeller – additional tools for the creation of highly complex
      3D shapes and combinations of shapes.

    • Spritzing – allows users to create realistic condensation and water droplet effects
      on any object, such as cans, bottles, shrink film, etc.
    iC3D Spritzing - Picture

    New Key Features in iC3D v4

    New features specifically addressing packaging 3D photorealism replacing
    the need for professional photography for marketing or promotional materials:
iC3D Ray Trace - Cosmetics - Daisy Perfume by Marc Jacobs - Picture
    • “Bump Displacement” (or Displacement Mapping) expands the potential for
      designers to create unique shapes and surfaces providing a greater
      sense of depth, detail and photographic accuracy.
iC3D Opsis Model - Gin Bottles & Carton Box - Bump Displacement - Picture
      Packaging creatives can now quickly create and visualize emboss or deboss
      design features to a photorealistic standard in a matter of minutes.
      This has particular relevance to the luxury and security packaging sectors
      where unique and complex shapes in glass, plastic and carton are used to
      distinguish premium products and ensure that they are more difficult to copy.

    • Ray Tracing – accurately simulates effects of light on virtual objects
      for photorealistic, ultra-high-resolution, accurate photo studio effects.

    • 3D Model Interiors – enables realistic liquid filling, at any angle.

    • Light Map Editor – re-creates studio lighting, editable highlights and shadows.

    • Dynamic Backgrounds – real-time merging of 2D photo images with 3D designs.
iC3D Dynamic Backgrounds - Shelf-Ready Biscuits Bag Box - Sliding into Retail Shelf - Picture

    • Perspective Control – matches 3D model perspective to 2D photo backgrounds.
iC3D Ray Trace - Harry Bromptons Glace 4Pack - Picture
    These new features allow accurate simulation of a wide range of optical and visual effects.
    Using Ray Tracing technology, glass and liquids in particular look 100 percent realistic
    for transparency, translucence, color, refractive index, reflections and shadows.
iC3D Ray Trace - Real Bottled Water - Shrink Wrapped Water Package - Picture
    With packaging 3D photorealism, designs can be created from scratch and then
    immediately printed as true photographic image content on boxes, advertisements,
    posters, web sites and proofed or printed on leading 3D printers.

    New Key Features in iC3D v3.6

    • iC3D Opsis - Safe and Secure Remote Sharing of 3D Digital Mock-Ups.
    • The world’s first realistic 3D packaging design sharing environment.

      Global sharing of 3D packaging designs & digital mock-ups on any web browser - interactively!
      Secure, accurate, web based 3D content sharing solution
      - free to iC3D users via the cloud.

      iC3D Opsis allows iC3D users to securely upload their 3D digital packaging designs to the cloud,
      while accurately maintaining all special effects, environments, shadows, lighting, transparency
      and backgrounds, environment effects, including holographic and lenticular 3D-effects.
      (Currently, and due to technical limitations in the 3D PDF format, 3D PDF files
      will not display as accurate compared to sharing display via iC3D Opsis.)
iC3D Opsis Models - Matrix - Picture
      Users can generate and export real-time, high-resolution 3D digital images and mockups,
      and create and export portable, compressed animation files for sharing or to put on
      compliant websites:
      • Quickly communicate dynamic design content.
      • Easily manipulate and revise designs on-the-fly.
      • Uses secure high-bandwidth servers.
      • 100% guaranteed network uptime.
      • Store up to 100 iC3D models to the cloud.
      • Delivers greater speed to market for your designs.

      iC3D Opsis brings unique viewing capabilities which end-users will experience when looking
      and interacting with 3D packaging content using any web browser on any platform,
      any O/S and any graphics card, including smartphones tablets and computers.

    iC3D Opsis - Model Upload - Picture

      iC3D users simply create a free account and upload their 3D packaging designs
      directly from within the iC3D application. Each iC3D account allows up to
      100 iC3D models to be uploaded and stored for free on the Opsis cloud
      with 100% guaranteed network uptime on secure hi-bandwidth servers.

    iC3D Opsis - Export of Model - Picture

      iC3D Opsis is ideal to shorten reviewing and proofing/approval processing.
      A unique url is generated on each upload which can be emailed to clients for them
      to interactively view, zoom, rotate and spin 3D content on any web browser.

      This url can also be embedded into web sites to provide stunning interactive
      3D content with accurate colours, lighting and effects which allow brands to
      showcase their products in the best way.

    New Key Features in iC3D v3.5

    • New Renderer.
    • Supporting ultra hi-resolution,
      photographic quality HDRI backgrounds and environments.

iC3D - Wine Bootles on Shelf - HDRI backgrounds and Environments - Picture

    • Ambient Occlusion.
    • Creates soft shadows/shading effects and enhances
      fine surface details to improve photo realism.

iC3D - Ambient Occlusion Flat Tin - Picture

    • Shadows.
    • Allows additional studio lights and shadows/shadow maps to be created.
      Minimises the need for Photographic Studios.

iC3D - Shadows/Shading - Picture
    • Tube Template.
    • Allows easy creation of cosmetic,
      pharma and toothpaste tubes with full edit controls.

iC3D - Tube Template - Picture

    • Shaped Bag Template.
    • Create Pillow & Gusseted bags based on irregular contents shape.
      Replicate rice bags, drink sachets, irregular biscuits & contents “slump”.
iC3D Opsis Model - Sunbites Crispy Snacks - Pillow Bag - Bild

    • Shape Modeller Enhancements.
    • New tilt and parallel arc functions allow easy creation of 3D models,
      and components like spheres, hoops handles.

iC3D - Shape Modeller Tilt and Parallel Arcs - Picture

    • Shelf Visualiser Template.
    • Templates to create Multiple Shelving, Gondola Displays,
      Refrigeration display units & Chiller cabinets.
      Enables full product comparisons instantly.

iC3D - Chiller Cabinet - Picture iC3D - Shelf Visualiser - Picture

    New Key Features in iC3D v3

    • Support for Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.

    • iC3D Automate - Automation of 3D packaging visualisation.

    • 3D Shape Modeller.
      For creation of asymmetric 3D packages (bottles, bags, containers,...).
      A powerful tool, based on 3D extraction, allowing users to quickly and
      easily create advanced, asymmetrical 3D models using 2D shapes.
      With the 3D Shape Modeller packaging engineers and designers can now create
      any type of packaging such as molded containers and more complex models
      like perfume bottles and trigger sprays in a matter of minutes.

      The 3D Shape Modeller extends the broad set of iC3D Suite pre-built models,
      complimented by a series of editable model templates.
      Templates allow adjusting the size and tweaking the appearance of
      different types of bags, bottles, cartons and more.

    iC3D - 3D Shape Modeller for Packages (Bottles, Bags, Containers,...) - Picture

    • Smart Shrink
      - Visualising shrinkwrap film wrapped to bottles or objects.
      - Fast visualisation of shrink film artwork.

    iC3D - Smart Shrinking - Shrink Wrapped Plastic Bottles and Cans - Picture

    • Shrink Undistort Artwork
      - Correct and undistorted artwork after shrink.

    iC3D - Smart Shrinking - Shrink Wrapped Cans - Distorted Can Labels - Picture   iC3D - Smart Shrinking - Shrink Wrapped Cans - Undistorted Can Labels - Picture
    Before   After

    • PDF Editor: Import of Native PDF Artwork.
      iC3D Suite interacts since long with Adobe Illustrator to apply and edit artwork.
      This makes it very easy to immediately visualise in 3D the edits made in Illustrator.

      You can now place PDF artwork directly on the 3D model without having
      to go through an external application (like Adobe Illustrator).

    iC3D PDF Editor - PDF Artwork for Tea Bag - Picture iC3D PDF Editor - PDF Artwork Applied on Tea Bag - Picture
    PDF artwork applied on 3D model (tea bag)

      You can position the artwork and hide specific PDF layers to create the desired result.
      For production companies receiving or storing a lot of the artwork in PDF,
      this represents a significant gain in productivity as they can do everything
      from model creation to artwork placement in the same application.
iC3D PDF Editor - Tea Bag Box Die and Fold Lines - Picture

iC3D PDF Editor - Tea Bag Box - Picture     iC3D PDF Editor - Tea Bag Box with Tea Bags- Picture

    • Free iC3D Viewer.
      - Viewer application to visualise iC3D projects on any Mac and Windows computer
          (no need for installation of iC3D Suite).
      - Allows exchange of native iC3D project files with clients
          for review, proofing and approval.

    • Enhanced Photo-Realism.
      - Completely variable depth, opacity and floor offsets using simple sliders.

    • Professional demo/training materials.
      - Wide range of complete models and artwork
      allows for quick learning of key features in iC3D.

    • German and French user interfaces are now supported (besides English)

    • STL Import
      - 3D Printer files (STL - Stereo Lithography 3D),
      can be imported, visualised & checked before final 3D printing.

    • Improved High Res Rendering of Illustrator artwork
      - Improved quality in all settings, (Preview, Render, Hi-Res).

    • Added U3D Export Capability
      - U3D files can be placed in PDFs to interact with Acrobat 3D content.

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