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Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible hardware and software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland) and Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of leading PDF and PDF/A solutions from callas software GmbH.

callas software - Logo

Solutions to preflight, correct and repurpose PDF files for
prepress, print production, and electronic publishing

callas software pdfToolbox - Logo
The all-round, and most powerful, tool in the field of
preflighting, correcting and repurposing of PDF files for
prepress, print production, packaging and electronic publishing.

    callas pdfToolbox - Tools to convert documents to PDF Standards.
    callas pdfToolbox automates and standardizes the process of file delivery and reception.

    callas pdfToolbox provides dynamic preflight, correction, color management and
    optimization of PDF files for prepress, print production, packaging, digital publishing,
    advertising, design, and document management.

    In automated workflows, callas pdfToolbox has become indispensable
    to provide PDF quality control and correction, conversion of PostScript,
    image and office formats to PDF, impositioning, splitting and
    merging of PDF files and much more.

    Out-of-the-box automation with hot folders and easy integration through
    the command-line version into any production workflow, MIS system or
    web-to-print environment has made callas pdfToolbox the tool of choice
    for such environments.

    callas pdfToolbox technology is a highly recognized and respected technology.
    It is used by small companies, large publishers and print providers as well as global
    OEM customers that integrate the technology in their own products; among them are:
    Adobe, Foxit, HP, Kodak, Mitsubishi, Quark Software Inc., Tucanna Software, Xerox, ...

    When buying callas pdfToolbox from NewFormat AB you get the original
    callas pdfToolbox technology directly from callas softare GmbH,
    as production ready tools or for integration into own solutions,
    and for a lower price.

    What callas pdfToolbox can do
    callas pdfToolbox checks and corrects documents according to industry standards,
    including all ISO PDF Standards - PDF/X-1, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4, PDF/X-5, PDF/A and PDF/VT -

    callas pdfToolbox converts native documents created with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel,
    Publisher, Visio and Project, OpenOffice, Pages (Mac OS X only), PostScript and EPS, PNG,
    JPG and TIFF images into print-/publish-ready PDFs.

    callas pdfToolbox is used for workflow automation, command-line processing,
    and dynamic preflighting to avoid production errors, identify and fix problems,
    spot differences in PDF files, imposition tasks (such as making booklets),
    step-and-repeat, split spreads into single pages, and much more...

    With callas pdfToolbox one can be confident that files are ready for even the most stringent
    of output requirements through software which is simplicity itself to setup and use.

    callas pdfToolbox product family
    The callas pdfToolbox product family is the easiest yet most powerful
    PDF preflight and correction application on the market:

    • callas pdfToolbox Desktop for individual and interactive use on desktops.
      Fix one file at a time or, in batch mode, a whole bunch of PDF documents.
      The Switchboard allows you to run any action on a whole folder of PDF files;
      the files are automatically moved to success or error folders
      based on the result of processing.
      Of course this is not a substitute for watched folders in pdfToolbox Server & CLI,
      but it can save you loads of time if you need to process multiple documents.

    • callas pdfToolbox Server & CLI are fully customizable server solutions that
      allow for automation of workflows through watched folders or ready for
      integration into existing systems through a command line interface.

    • callas pdfToolbox SDK is a programming library/software development kit for
      developers with a need for PDF optimization, validation and correction.

    All callas software solutions share a common aim whenever PDF files
    need to be prepared on a large scale to:
    • automate and standardize output processes
    • care for quality, safety, speed and efficiency
    • provide fully PDF compliant files
    • increase productivity
    • reduce errors

    Guide to callas software solutions, typical use cases, hands-on exercises and tutorials:
    • checking and correcting PDF Documents / Prelight
    • preparing documents for archival
    • dynamic workflows dynamic using variables

    callas pdfToolbox is compatible with Adobe® Acrobat® DC
    (in fact it uses the same rock-solid PDF preflighting technology),
    but in addition allows you to automate and batch process PDF files.

    Solutions for Publishers
      Print publishing is a fast-paced and competitive business with
      tight deadlines and high customer expectations. PDFs can come from
      many different sources - advertisers, agencies, design departments, etc.

      How do one guarantee the highest quality print standards for publications under such conditions?
      With callas pdfToolbox the long chain of production involved in print publishing
      need no longer hamper the reliability of results.

    Solutions for Printers
      Printers are under pressure to handle more and more PDF files in ever shorter turnaround periods.
      And with PDFs being produced in such a variety of ways, output mistakes seem almost inevitable.

      callas pdfToolbox is used to avoid such output errors, to save time and money,
      and to maintain healthy customer relations.

      callas pdfToolbox provides interactive visual inspection and automatic correction
      and allows to quickly prepare files for any intended output.

      For transparency and color management issues, it will correct files so they output
      as expected through almost any RIP, meaning you don’t have to make expensive
      equipment replacements as PDF technology develops.

PDF validation with callas pdfToolbox

Common question: What is a PDF validator exactly validating ?

The rule of thumb is:
A PDF validator (callas pdfToolbox) checks the aspects
that are specifically governed by the PDF standard.

Use of callas pdfToolbox in practice:
Use cases: Preflight, validation, correction and conversion

callas software pdfToolbox - Logo
callas pdfToolbox - PDF Technology Solutions for Prepress, Print Production and Publishing

Click Here for Free Trial of callas pdfToolbox Desktop, Server, CLI and SDK
(You will be asked to fill in a trial request form.
To help us identify your software download and support you,
please enter the code NewFormat in the form field named Preferred Reseller).


callas pdfToolbox Desktop Swichboard

callas software pdfToolbox Switchboard - Picture

    callas pdfToolbox Desktop - PDF Production Toolkit

    callas pdfToolbox is the easiest yet most powerful PDF preflight
    and correction application on the market.

    callas pdfToolbox Desktop installs standalone or as a plugin inside Adobe® Acrobat®:
    • When installed as a standalone application,
      pdfToolbox completely replaces the inbuilt preflight capability of Adobe Acrobat;
      in such cases there is no need to also buy / install Adobe Acrobat.

    • When installed as a plugin into Adobe Acrobat,
      pdfToolbox vastly extends and enhances the basic,
      inbuilt preflight capability of Adobe Acrobat.

    Problem files can be fixed during preflight or with a click of a button
    in the callas pdfToolbox Switchboard (user dashboard).
    • flatten transparency,
    • convert fonts to outlines,
    • insert trim and bleed boxes to match printer marks,
    • convert office documents or even PostScript files directly into PDF,
    • compare versions of PDF files,
    • visualize ink coverage,…

      • callas software pdfToolbox Preflight Certificate - Picture

    No task is too difficult for callas pdfToolbox.

    New features in callas pdfToolbox 9.2:

    The main new feature in pdfToolbox 9.2 is the ability to
    search for fix-ups, checks, profiles … across multiple libraries,
    but a host of smaller features can be found throughout the product.

    • Cross-library search
    • Libraries have transformed the way people work with
      Checks, Fixups, Profiles and Process Plans:
      the ability to store those by product or client for example is a great time-saver.

      However, sometimes you just want to find an item you know you worked on,
      but you don’t remember where it was.
      In pdfToolbox 9.2, there is the ability to see all Checks, Fixups and so on
      with the Library they are in next to it, and there is a separate
      'Search Libraries' window to enable very detailed searches.

    • Using an external text editor for Javascript variables
    • The power of Variables in pdfToolbox is unlimited as of
      the introduction of Javascript variables in version 9.
      Up to now, you have no choice as to edit Variables inside the Variable window in pdfToolbox,
      but version 9.2 offers the ability to open a Variable in your standard text editor,
      so you can edit it in your preferred script editing environment.
      This gives you easier access to syntax coloring, code completion and tools,
      such as Javascript, checking (with lint for example) inside that editor.

    • Other additions to pdfToolbox 9.2
    • The new update release introduces the following smaller features:

      • Some Switchboard Actions now feature a help button at the bottom.
        This button leads to the callas software documentation website at:
        Not all Switchboard Actions have this yet, more will be added as time goes by.

      • The 'Ask at runtime' and 'Variable editor' windows
        feature better keyboard shortcut support.

      • More information is provided in the XML report
        for the output intent in a document, and there is a new
        Fixup (“Embed output intent with specified parameters”)
        that lets you embed an output intent without first having to
        create it in the pdfToolbox preferences.

      • The 'Place text' and 'Place page number' Fixups
        allow adding a white background behind the added text.

      • The 'Outline page geometry boxes' Fixup
        has the possibility to select which sides of the page box
        should be outlined (instead of always outline all of them).

      • The 'Rotate page' and 'Set page geometry boxes' Fixup
        supports using a check to define which pages should be changed.
        This makes it possible for example to only rotate pages 3, 7 and 10
        by using a proper preflight Check that uses the sequential page number.

      • The 'Enlarge page' Fixup can be performed on specific pages as well,
        and it has new options to select which side of the page should be enlarged.

    New features in callas pdfToolbox 9.1:

    pdfToolbox 9.1 focuses on improving usability and reliability even further.
    pdfToolbox 9.1 adds support for the Processing Steps standard,
    includes a new version of the Adobe PDF library and
    extends several main pdfToolbox features.

    • Improved shape technology
    • pdfToolbox 9.1 extends the shape technology to enable some of these use cases,
      such as better support for spreading or choking while adding irregular shapes.

    • Processing Steps
    • Processing Steps is a specification originally developed by the Ghent Workgroup
      to associate information about printing and finishing processes
      (such as cutting, embossing, varnish …) with a PDF document.
      This is done by grouping page objects in layers (technically: optional content groups),
      and adding metadata to those layers to identify them as processing steps.
      The specification is going through a standardization process at
      the ISO organization to become an official international standard.
      pdfToolbox 9.1 implements wide support for this specification:
      it is possible to view or add processing steps information,
      check for its availability or correctness during preflight and
      fix common problems with it.

    • Place content supports SVG
    • The place content functionality in pdfToolbox is a very flexible way
      to add content to PDF documents, from simple text or page numbers,
      over barcodes with the built-in barcode library,
      to more challenging tasks with place content templates.
      In pdfToolbox 9.1, it is now also possible to simply add
      a complete SVG file to a PDF document.

    • Process plan debugging
    • Process plans are a convenient and powerful way to run complete fixup sequences
      on PDF documents, optionally with conditional (if … then …) processing.
      Building complex process plans can be challenging and pdfToolbox 9.1
      helps by providing process plan debugging functionality.
      In debug mode, all information about processing
      (including intermediary PDF files and reports) of a process plan is stored.
      This allows running a process plan and then analyzing in detail what the
      result of each step was to further optimize what happens in the process plan.

    • New version of the Adobe PDF library
    • pdfToolbox internally uses the Adobe PDF library for transparency flattening or
      rendering of PDF documents. This library has been updated in this release,
      to be on par with Adobe’s flagship Acrobat DC product.
      This change improves reliability and quality of
      the transparency flattening process specifically.

    New features in callas pdfToolbox 9:

    callas pdfToolbox now extends its functionality towards the different finishing
    operations that are necessary to prepare a PDF before it heads off to the RIP.
    Many of the new features dramatically enhance the possibilities of pdfToolbox
    for the large format printing, label and packaging markets for example.

    • Extends the use of variables into PDF preflight and correction

      • callas software pdfToolbox - Variables Everywhere in Checks and Fixups - Picture

      • Extending this feature to cover wider areas and to allow for
        dynamically changing variable values during processing.
        This makes it possible to create extremely flexible and powerful
        profiles and process plans without sacrificing usability.
        Customers can build a profile that has the viewing distance
        of a job as input and then calculates all necessary limits for
        text sizes and resolution minima automatically.

    • Large Format Printing - New section with dedicated features:

      • callas software pdfToolbox Switchboard - Large Print - Picture

      • Add varnish, white, foil, stamp
      • New bleed creation capabilities (stack, repeat last pixel, mirror)
      • Add grommets marks (eyelets)
      • Tiling for very large jobs (creation of a number of smaller, printable, pieces)
      • Create shapes (enabling varnish, white, foil creation to specific objects).
        Allows detection of vector or bitmap elements to turn them into separate "shapes".
      • Advanced variables

    • Prepress innovations

      • callas software pdfToolbox Switchboard - Colors - Picture

      • Automatically creating background objects e.g. for printing on transparent material.
      • Better support for spot colors in PDF with CxF based workflows.
        While PDF files contain enough information about spot colors to show a good
        screen preview, more complex operations such as correct color proofing
        or accurately converting spot colors to CMYK are more challenging.
        By storing CxF (color exchange format, ISO 17972-4) data in the PDF file,
        much better results can be obtained for more accurate color visualization and output.

    • New Features in callas pdfToolbox Desktop / Viewer Improvements

      • Zoom functionality

      • callas software pdfToolbox - Object Inspector - Zoom - Picture

      • Object Inspector / Wireframe visualization

      • callas software pdfToolbox - Object Inspector - Wireframe - Picture

        Object inspector allows hovering over objects in the file.
        All relevant properties of those objects are shown instantly together with
        a preview of the object and the objects above and beneath it.
        Filtering out different object types is built in;
        the object inspector has the ability to hide certain types of objects
        (imagine turning off all images to see what they are covering)
        and to switch to a wireframe viewing mode.
        In that mode all objects are shown using outlined rectangles
        in different colors to give an X-Ray view of the document.

    New features in callas pdfToolbox 8:

    • Full support for multi-channel workflows and PDF/X-5n,
      and soft proofing of color / PDF/X-5n
      • callas software pdfToolbox - pdf/X5n Soft Proofing n-Channel Rendering - Picture
      • pdfToolbox 8 makes it possible to convert any PDF document
        to a multi-channel color space using an appropriate ICC Profile.
        This means RGB or CMYK content can easily be converted into
        hexachrome, CMYK + Red or any other multi-channel scenario;
        this is of critical importance for packaging and - increasingly - all digital workflows.

        Also included is support for the creation and validation of PDF/X-5n files, an ISO standard
        that is designed to support such color spaces in prepress data exchange.

      • pdfToolbox 8.1 can also do PDF/X-5n soft proofing.
        Soft proofing of PDF/X-5n files enables color-accurate display of
        documents that use multi-channel ICC profiles.
        Multi-channel color is becoming increasingly important because more and
        more often printers use more than 4 colors on their digital presses.

        Another area where they are frequently used is packaging.
        Soft proofing capabilities let users control color in different environments,
        which until now was only possible with highly specialized products.

        The new feature is available in the standalone version of pdfToolbox 8.1 Desktop and
        in pdfToolbox 8.1 CLI, Server and SDK where soft proof images can be created.

    • pdfToolbox libraries
      • callas software pdfToolbox Manage Libraries - Picture
      • If custom preflight or correction profiles are created, pdfToolbox 8.1 can make
        one’s life much easier with pdfToolbox libraries.
        In pdfToolbox 8.1 different profile libraries can be managed; each library can contain
        a different set of profiles, checks, fixups and all other supporting settings
        (such as HTML templates, color conversion settings etc…).
        Libraries can be imported and exported to be shared between users, and it’s easy
        to switch between libraries in pdfToolbox to quickly work on different projects.

    • Integrated barcode library
      • In many workflows barcodes need to be added to documents at some point in the workflow.
        To enable this pdfToolbox 8 now includes a full, professional barcode library that can add
        over a hundred different types of barcodes to PDF documents.
        From 1D to 2D barcodes or QR codes, pdfToolbox 8 covers it all.

    • Adding dynamic text
      • Adding page numbers to a PDF document is a recurring request and with
        the new “Add dynamic text” fixup, pdfToolbox 8 makes this possible.
        The fixup allows adding a wealth of information, either static text or dynamic text on
        a PDF document using a number of different fonts, colors and placement options.

    • The power of callas pdfChip integrated
      • callas pdfChip is a very powerful HTML to high-quality PDF converter.
        pdfToolbox 8 now integrates the power of pdfChip to support scenarios where the content
        to be added to a PDF document is more complex than a barcode or dynamic text.
        With some knowledge of HTML, CSS and optionally JavaScript it is possible to
        decorate PDF files in any way necessary in a workflow.

    • Object Inspector – detailed examination of PDF documents

      • callas software pdfToolbox Object Inspector - Picture

      • Using preflight, pdfToolbox has always been capable of quickly detecting
        problems or potential problems. Using the visualizer many preflight problems
        (such as bleed errors or ink overruns) can quickly be diagnosed visually.

        The new Object Inspector adds to that the ability to see a comprehensive list
        of properties for all objects in your PDF documents.
        Users can click on a document to see which objects are used in that location,
        and examine all properties (font, color, transparency, resolution, …) of those objects.
        A great tool to pinpoint pesky problems detected by preflight or simply to pick
        apart a troublesome PDF document.

    • Quicker processing of big PDF documents and TIFF export with result files of any dimension.
      • In some workflows customers have to process very big documents;
        documents that are very complex or – while relatively simple – contain a huge amount of pages.
        pdfToolbox 8 is optimized to deal with such documents without delays or problems.

        pdfToolbox has been capable of saving each page of a PDF document as PNG, JPEG or TIFF image,
        but that output so far was limited to 32.000 pixels in any dimension.
        In pdfToolbox 8 that limit has been completely removed for TIFF files
        (with the exception of the 2GB file size limit imposed by the TIFF format itself).
        This makes it possible to generate high-resolution TIFFs of even the biggest files.

    New features in callas pdfToolbox 7:

    • Fully customizable preflight reports

      • New highly customizable preflight report providing attractive overview and flexible adoption.

        The preflight report listing errors and warnings is often the only contact your clients have with
        your production workflow; that makes such reports essential in conveying the proper information.

        callas pdfToolbox comes with a new preflight report layout that is much more visually attractive,
        provides the information in a more clear and concise way and is fully customizable
        so that you can add your company logo or brand colors when needed.

        callas software pdfToolbox Preflight Report - Picture

    • Operator intervention in an automated workflow
      • Even in fully automated workflows human intervention is sometimes required.
        With callas pdfToolbox, this manual intervention step is built right into
        both the Server and Desktop applications.
        The new checkpoint feature of callas pdfToolbox Server allows you to define
        workflow steps that submit files to callas pdfToolbox Desktop instances over the network.
        Operators can then easily verify whether certain automatic corrections were made
        as intended or jump in to make manual changes.

        Problem files can be kept in a “waiting room” within callas pdfToolbox Server
        instead of moving them immediately to the error folder.
        Operators using callas pdfToolbox Desktop see that list of problem files
        right inside their callas pdfToolbox interface; they can open those files on their
        desktop machine, inspect or modify them using the callas pdfToolbox tools and
        decide to reject them, overrule potential errors or approve a corrected version.

        callas pdfToolbox Server keeps track of who checked the PDF file out to avoid
        multiple operators losing time by looking at the same file, and moves the files
        to the success or error output folder based on the operator’s decision.

        callas software pdfToolbox Preflight Report - Picture

    • Radically improved transparency and font engines
      • Transparency is still an issue in many of today’s prepress workflows.
        callas pdfToolbox now has smoother results and better performance.

      • There are similar problems with overprinting objects.
        Some workflows have problems with rather complex objects.
        callas pdfToolbox can flatten overprinting objects in the same way
        as transparent objects.

      • One of the most error prone fields is with regards to fonts.
        callas pdfToolbox is based on a completely new font engine with enhanced
        conversion capabilities, better stability and higher performance.

    • Clean up of PDF files for print and mobile production workflows
      • Cropping pages to to what is visible on the page,
        disregarding invisible objects or objects that are partially masked out.
        This provides much better performance as only the actual visible page content is being used.

      • Hard cropping of images.
        The non-visible parts of images are removed to make the overall file smaller
        (and avoid problems with content that is not visible but could be
        retrieved using PDF editing software).
        Images can be cropped to their mask and additionally to one of the page boxes.

      • Removal of arbitrary page objects.
        This for example allows easily removing a die line or all elements using
        a particular spot color; e.g. that should not show up on a printing plate.

      • Removing all metadata from PDF documents.
        The new fix up even allows removing object level metadata,
        which can bloat PDF files considerably.

    • Other new features
      • Calculate the total area coverage of each separation in a PDF file
        (for cost calculation for example).

      • Compare two PDF documents or a specific number of separations from two PDF documents,
        so that it is possible to only compare the non-black channels (non textual objects) or
        only the black channel (only the text) without modifying the PDF beforehand.

      • Count the number of separations generated by a PDF file.

      • Determine the x-height of text.
        This is based on the new EU regulation for text size on packaging material
        that requires this particular check. As the required text size is defined as x-height,
        which is different from the regular text size (point size), this new preflight check
        can accurately check the x-height of text.

        For regular production workflows callas pdfToolbox also supports
        Ghent Workgroup specifications (GWG 2012) for ads and commercial print.

    Key features in callas pdfToolbox:

    • Process plans
      • Building logic into profile
      • Execution of processing steps in response to results of previous sequences
      • Combining profiles with actions

    • Color remapping improvements
      • Extensions to the conversion of color channels,
        so that any process color channels can be converted to spot colors and vice versa
      • Spot colors can be put anywhere on PDF layers

    • callas pdfToolbox supports
      • Networked-enabled setup and management
        • callas pdfToolbox Desktop connect directly to local callas pdfToolbox Server
          running on a different machine
        • Profiles and hot folder configurations done at callas pdfToolbox Desktop
          while actual processing runs on different server
      • Load-balancing
        • Via Dispatcher Mode

    • Numerous other enhancements
      • Many checks, fixes and profiles have been extended and the process stability is further increased
    callas pdfToolbox can:
    • Check and correct according to industry standards,
      including PDF/X-1, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4, PDF/X-5, PDF/A and PDF/VT
    • Perform a quick visual inspection of the files that have not passed quality control
    • Convert native documents into print-ready PDFs
      • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Visio and Project
      • OpenOffice
      • Pages (Mac OS X only)
      • PostScript and EPS
      • PNG, JPG and TIFF images
    • Perfectly convert color with smooth color, pure black text and
      enhanced gray balance for consistent print output
    • Fix PDFs that have correct printer marks but without a correct trim or bleed box set
    • Visually compare PDFs to accurately see what changes have been done or
      make sure no unintended changes were introduced
    • Execute a single fix or a profile full of fixes on a complete folder of
      a large amount of files using the batch processing feature
    For prepress professionals, there’s an updated PDF engine which supports:
    • The latest ISO standards
    • Advanced color management
    • Imposition of everything from business cards to full N-up impositions
      (N-up printing allows you to print two or four or more pages on single sheets of paper)
    • Splitting or joining of PDF content
    • controls to resize and reposition PDF content
    • the ability to embed, subset, replace and convert fonts to outlines
    • 64-bit systems

callas pdfToolbox comes in several flavours
for specific needs and automation requirements

callas software pdfToolbox Desktop - Logo callas software pdfToolbox Server - Logo callas software pdfToolbox CLI - Logo callas software pdfToolbox SDK - Logo
    callas pdfToolbox - PDF Technology Solutions for Prepress, Publishing, Print Production.

      callas pdfToolbox Desktop
    • Aimed at providing preflight, correct and repurpose of PDF files for
      prepress, print production and electronic publishing.
    • Gives all aspects of working with PDFs a massive boost with a greatly
      extended feature set for a diversity of user's needs.
    • Runs as independent application or as plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat®.

      callas pdfToolbox Server
    • callas pdfToolbox Server is used to automate callas pdfToolbox or
      when integrating callas pdfToolbox into an existing workflow.
    • Hotfolder-based automation for efficient preflight/checking,
      correction and perfect color conversion of PDF files.
    • Includes one license of callas pdfToolbox Desktop (MacOS X or Windows)
      for configuration and testing purposes.
    • Integrates into any web-portal or automation workflow.
    • Direct integration with Enfocus FullSwitch and PowerSwitch
      by means of the provided application configurations.

      callas pdfToolbox CLI
    • The callas pdfToolbox CLI (command line interface) is the fastest way for
      developers to leverage callas PDF technologies into custom solutions
    • Fast, robust integration of PDF preflighting and processing in any environment
    • Fully-featured PDF preflighting, correction, color-management
      and imposition functionality into custom workflows and solutions.

      callas pdfToolbox SDK
    • callas pdfToolbox SDK (Software Development Kit) facilitates
      the development of any kind of application that must edit PDF files.
    • Enables development of state-of-the-art products to check and correct PDF files.
    • Includes one license for the callas pdfToolbox Desktop (MacOS X or Windows)
      for configuration and testing purposes.


    Process Plans
    • callas pdfToolbox comes with full support for process plans.
    • Process Plans take automation flexibility to the next level;
      • They allow defining a number of steps a PDF file should be processed through.
      • Each step can be a preflight profile, a single preflight check or fix, or an action
        (such as creating images, creating a booklet, exporting as PostScript file…).
      • Process plans allow generating preflight reports based on the result of each step,
        or can jump between different steps based on the processing result of a previous step.
callas software pdfToolbox Automation - Edit Process Plan - Picture

    Easy, Automated Impositioning
    Impositioning is the action of placement of the pages on a press sheet so that the sheet
    after printing and folding carries the pages in the correct sequence in the finished printed product.
    • callas pdfToolbox scales, fits, moves, extends, rotates and flips pages and page content easily.
    • It also imposes anything from simple booklets to fully-fledged brochures and books,
      as well as doing N-up and step and repeat impositions for digital printing.
callas software pdfToolbox Easy Advanced Automated Impositioning - Picture

    Adobe Compliant Transparency Flattening
    • Handling PDF documents with live transparency when your workflow
      or output devices don’t directly support them can be really hard.
      • callas pdfToolbox effortlessly flattens those transparencies
        while preserving text, images and line-art as much as possible and
        without changing the intent of the document.
      • And you can rely on that result as it uses proven Adobe flattening technology.

    Remote Configuration and Monitoring
    • Every callas pdfToolbox Server comes with a copy callas pdfToolbox Desktop.
      • callas pdfToolbox Desktop allows connecting to your pdfToolbox servers;
        all configuration and monitoring of callas pdfToolbox Servers on your network
        can be done over the network from the comfort of your own desktop computer.

    Straightforward integration into any Web2Print or MIS environment
    • Of course callas pdfToolbox Server supports hot folders.
    • It also allows integration using the command-line (CLI) or
      an extensive SDK ideal for embedding the latest PDF technology
      straight in your Web2Print or order administration system.

    callas pdfToolbox Multi-Server Productivity via Dispatcher
    • callas pdfToolbox doesn't even limit itself to one system.
      By using automatic load balancing, callas pdfToolbox allows for
      configuring a dispatcher that then distributes work across the network
      to satellites running on different systems.
    • High performance coupled with easy setup and maintenance.

    callas software callas pdfToolbox Dispatcher - Picture

      • Allows for load balancing as well as for fail over configuration.
      • Processing of files according to "dispatcher-satellite" concept.
      • Dispatcher - a server that doesn’t process files itself, but instead receives
        files in its job folders and sends them to satellites to have them processed.
      • Satellite - a satellite is basically a regular server that will process files.
      • As many "satellites" as required can connect to callas pdfToolbox Dispatcher
      • so that processing does not stop even if one of the satellites is switched off.
      • Fail over - processing does not stop even if one of the satellites is switched off.

    Automation of workflows
    • callas pdfToolbox integrates seamlessly with FileTrain for automation of work flows.

callas software pdfToolbox - Logo
callas software pdfToolbox DeviceLink Add-on Server | CLI | SDK - Text Logo

callas pdfToolbox DeviceLink Add-on
for callas pdfToolbox Desktop and callas pdfToolbox Server | CLI | SDK

Enables conversions via supplied DeviceLink profiles

callas pdfToolbox Desktop, Server, Dispatcher, CLI and SDK - Details
callas software pdfToolbox Desktop - Logo callas software pdfToolbox Server - Logo callas software pdfToolbox CLI - Logo callas software pdfToolbox SDK - Logo
callas pdfToolbox Desktop, Server, Dispatcher, CLI and SDK - Popup-window with details

callas pdfToolbox Desktop vs Server - Feature Comparison Chart
Main features that are supported by pdfToolbox Desktop and pdfToolbox Server.
When purchasing pdfToolbox Server, a license for pdfToolbox Desktop is always included.

Click on chart for details.
callas software pdfToolbox Desktop vs Server - Feature Comparison Table - Picture

callas pdfToolbox Desktop, Server, Dispatcher, CLI and SDK - Datasheets

callas pdfToolbox Desktop, Server, Dispatcher, CLI and SDK
Reference Cases/Customer Use Cases

  • Global OEM Customers
    OEMs that integrate callas pdfToolbox technology in their own products; among them are:
    Adobe, Foxit, HP, Kodak, Mitsubishi, Quark Software Inc., Tucanna Software, Xerox, ...

  • 2015: Forsman & Bodenfors Inhouse AB, Göteborg, Sweden

  • 2015: CS Labels, Willenhall/Wolverhampton, UK
    Feeding two Xeikon Cheetah (30 metres per minute presses)
    Other supporting technologies:
    callas pdfChip,
    Laidback Solution FileTrain,
    ColorLogic ZePrA Colour Management Server,
    ColorLogic ReProfiler Digital Colour Engine.

  • 2015: Kodak integrates callas pdfToolbox software technology
    into its workflow product KODAK PRINERGY Workflow 7:

    KODAK PRINERGY Workflow provides intelligent pre-printing management tools
    for job and package printing.
    The software lets users set up and monitor PDF print data processes and workflows.
    The pdfToolbox profiles expand the software’s existing validation and correction
    features to allow improved quality control and less manual work for the user.
    The software automates associated print production processes, thereby
    increasing efficiency and reducing both manual work and financial costs.
    The new version of the software further automates all essential printing functions,
    with pdfToolbox providing a reliable PDF foundation:
    an essential component during quality control and preparation.

  • 2015: QuarkXPress 2015 to use callas pdfToolbox to certify PDF/X-4 files (English, .png)
    QuarkXPress 2015, expected to be released at the end of March 2015,
    will allow better, faster, cutting-edge PDF output with the help of callas software.
    This is because QuarkXPress 2015 will support document output in PDF/X-4 format,
    verified by callas software’s pdfToolbox.
    This means that PDF/X-4 files exported from QuarkXPress 2015 will be
    certified with the same technology used in Adobe Acrobat

  • 2014: Pim Print, The Netherlands:
    Self-service solution and automation and preflight of prepress checking processes
    - complete and integrated automation solution for certifying PDFs;
    Builds on callas pdfToolbox Server to validate and correct incoming PDFs - Datasheet (English, pdf)

  • 2013: National Library of Finland, Centre for Preservation and Digitisation, Mikkelä, Finland:
    Grey-scale conversion of PDF files with callas pdfToolbox CLI

  • 2013: Meganews Magazines, Sweden:
    Validation and correction of PDF-based periodicals with
    callas pdfToolbox Server as part of on-demand printing

  • 2013: Penthion Media Technologies, The Netherlands:
    Self-service solution for entire publishing process
    - complete and integrated automation solution for certifying PDFs;
    Builds on callas pdfToolbox Server to validate and correct incoming PDFs - Datasheet (English, pdf)

  • 2013: Showpad, Belgium:
    Sales and presentation tool for tablets running on cloud-based online platform;
    Builds on callas pdfToolbox CLI to support PDF - Datasheet (English, pdf)

  • 2011: SOAR Printing, New Zealand:
    Web-to-Print Portal based on callas pdfToolbox for prepress and printing services;
    Automated quality control system - Datasheet (English, pdf)

  • 2009: F.E. Burman, London, England:
    Web-to-Print Portal based on callas pdfToolbox for prepress and printing services;
    Automated quality control system - Datasheet (English, pdf)

callas pdfToolbox Webinar/Video Recordings and Demonstrations

Webinars / Video Recordings - Icon
Video Demonstrations of callas pdfToolbox - Popup-window

Reserve online-demonstration of callas pdfToolbox

Product Ordering Numbers / Price information
callas pdfToolbox software can be obtained via license acquisition or renting.
License is per desktop/laptop and unlimited number of documents, or
per server and unlimited number of users and unlimited number of documents.

Note! Attractive prices when crossgrading from Enfocus PitStop to callas pdfToolbox.

For Product Descriptions and Product Ordering Numbers - Click here.

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