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Actino DPS - Document Processing Services
Cloud- / Web-based Services for Validation and Conversion of Documents to PDF

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible hardware and software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Exclusive Solution Partner and Reseller in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland) and Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
for solutions from Actino software, Germany.

Actino software - Actino DPS - Icon

Actino DPS
Cloud- / Web-based Services for Validation and Conversion of Documents to PDF


Actino software - Actino DPS - Icon
Free Trial of Actino DPS
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Actino Document Processing Services

    Cloud- / Web-based Services for Validation and Conversion of Documents to PDF
    Actino DPS allow professional PDF documents editing on own server resources or in a private cloud.  
    Actino DPS is aimed at companies and organisations wishing to standardize and ensure the quality
    of PDF validation and conversion within their entire business.

    The Advantages are Obvious
    • Convert, review, edit, validate and protect documents via centralized services.

    • No need to purchase/install client application on each workstation to edit PDF files.

    • The administration and supervision is completely centralized.

    • Fully automated services that can be integrated with
      other business systems as desired.

    • Central processing allows standards compliance for all enterprise documents;
      validation and conversion of documents to preferred PDF standards
      according to own business policies.

    • Platform independent usage; can be controlled from PC and mobile devices.

    • Complements the use of the free Adobe Reader for editing of PDF documents.

Actino DPS Dashboard / Feature Matrix

Actino software - Actino DPS Dashboard - Picture
    "Drag and Drop" User Interface
    • The usage is very simple and performant.

    • The users simply drop their documents on a "Function-button"
      to which a particular function is attached.
      It may be the conversion of an Office file to PDF, PDF/X or PDF/A,
      or validating PDF/X and PDF/A files.
      PDF/UA validation (for universal accessibility) also represents a possible use case.

    • The document is passed to the server and the result is sent back as a download link;
      (the actual processing on the server is executed by
      approved technology like callas pdfaPilot Server).

    • The function matrix (above) lists examples of some possible processor features;
      in principle any kind of request offered as a centralized and standardized
      processing service can be implemented.

    Actino DPS Features

    Actino DPS is a cloud- / web-based service to validate and convert documents to PDF.

    All services can be tailored to customer needs:

    • Validate against PDF/A (examples):
      • PDF/A-1
        • PDF/A-1a
        • PDF/A-1b
      • PDF/A-2
        • PDF/A-2a
        • PDF/A-2b
      • PDF/A-3
        • PDF/A-3a
        • PDF/A-3b
        • PDF/A-3u

    • Validate against PDF/X (examples):
      • PDF/X-1
        • PDF/X-1a
      • PDF/X-3
      • PDF/X-4
        • PDF/X-4p
      • PDF/X-5
        • PDF/X-5g
        • PDF/X-5n
        • PDF/X-5pg

    • Validate against PDF/UA (examples):
      • PDF/UA-1

    • Repair PDF
      • Repair XREF bug

    • Convert PDF to PDF/X (examples):
      • PDF/X-1a
      • PDF/X-3
      • PDF/X-4
      • PDF/X-5

    • Convert PDF to PDF/A (examples):
      • PDF/A-1
        • PDF/A-1a
        • PDF/A-1b
      • PDF/A-2
        • PDF/A-2a
        • PDF/A-2b
      • PDF/A-3
        • PDF/A-3a
        • PDF/A-3b
        • PDF/A-3u

    • Add Watermark

    • Normalize PDF

    • Redact PDF

    • Normalize / Redact PDF

    • Redact (LDI)

    • Convert E-mail to PDF

    • View PDF with PDF Viewer

    • DRM Protect / Expire Date
      • Rights management for controlled distribution and time bombing:
      • To save intellectual property and to control distribution.
        Only an eligible individual can open the PDF document or
        the document expires after a specified period.

    • Combine PDF

    • Split PDF

    • Document Approval

    • Transmission Check

    • Daily Mail Merged Files

    • Daily Mail Single File

    • Convert PDF to HTML5

    • FDF Import / SOAP API

    • Convert MS Word to PDF

    • Convert MS Excel to PDF

    • Convert MS PowerPoint to PDF

    Job status notification by e-mail:
    The user will get a notification by e-mail as soon as the job is completed.

    Learn more about all ISO Standards based on PDF technology here

Validation Reports

Test of "accessible PDF" - PDF/UA validation by software

Note! Important to always consider for conformance validation
against the ISO Standard PDF/UA:
PDF/UA conformance requires
validation of both syntax and semantic.
The Matterhorn Protocol specifies a common set of
31 "Checkpoints" with 136 failure conditions, whereof
- 89 failure conditions can be checked by software, and
- 47 failure conditions usually require human judgment.

Two results - Success or Failure:

PDF/UA validation successful
Actino software - Actino DPS Validation Report - Successful - Picture
The PDF document did pass the software check.
It remains to also make a human judgement
before it can be declared as an "accessible PDF"

PDF/UA validation failure
Actino software - Actino DPS Validation Report - Unsuccessful/Failure - Picture
The PDF document did not pass the software check.
Thus the PDF document is not PDF/UA conformant
and is not an "accessible PDF"

System Requirements:
  • Windows® XP / Vista / Windows 7, 8, 10 or
    Windows Server 2003 / Server 2008 / Server 2012
  • RAM: 4GB minimum

  • Note: Windows .Net 4.0 required.

    Actino DPS user interface is available in
    English, German, Polish and Swedish.

For more information contact NewFormat

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tel:+46 (0)70 631 53 01

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