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Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible hardware and software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland) and Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of leading PDF and PDF/A solutions from callas software GmbH.

callas software - Logo

Solutions for document archiving/e-archiving and long-term preservation

callas software pdfaPilot - Logo
The all-round tool in the field of archiving and
validation of accessible PDF according the ISO Standard PDF/UA

Note! callas pdfaPilot v7 is fully compatible with the veraPDF project
currently being promoted by the European Union.

callas pdfaPilot is now also available in the cloud or as a web services
See Actino Document Processing Services for automated PDF editing.

callas pdfaPilot

    Long-term preservation challenges for archives
    Electronic archives must prove electronic documents are authentic,
    reliable, complete, unaltered, and usable across time.

    PDF/A - The recommended document format for long-term preservation
    PDF/A is the recommended document file format of choice for long-term document archiving and
    preservation that can be trusted to guarantee how documents will display over a long period of time.

    PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 are all ISO Standards (ISO 19005-1, 19005-2 and 19005-3)
    and complementing formats used for long-term archiving of digital documents.

    callas pdfaPilot - Tools converting documents to PDF/A
    callas pdfaPilot are solutions for conversion of PDF documents or
    native (born digital) documents and emails with attachments into
    robust, searchable PDF/A files for long-term archiving.

    callas pdfaPilot provides dynamic technical preflight/validation and correction, and
    optimization of PDF files for document management, document archiving/e-archiving
    and long-term preservation.

    callas pdfaPilot facilitates long-term e-archiving for enterprises, public authorities and
    agencies, organizations and others regardless of size and business.

    What callas pdfaPilot can do
    callas pdfaPilot converts native digital office documents created with Microsoft Word,
    PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Visio, Project, OpenOffice, Pages (Mac OS X only),
    PostScript and EPS, PNG, JPG and TIFF images into archive-ready PDF/A files.
    Non-compliant PDF files can easily be saved as valid PDF/A documents.

    Whenever PDF files need to be prepared on a large scale callas pdfaPilot
    takes care of quality, safety, speed and efficiency.

    callas pdfaPilot product family
    The callas pdfaPilot product family provides fully PDF/A compliant archiving solutions and is
    the easiest yet most powerful PDF/A preflight and correction application on the market:

    • callas pdfaPilot Desktop for individual and interactive use on desktops.

    • callas pdfaPilot Server & CLI are fully customizable server solutions that
      allow for automation of workflows through watched folders or ready for
      integration into existing systems through a command line interface.

    • callas pdfaPilot SDK is a programming library/software development kit for
      developers with a need for PDF/A optimization, validation and correction.

    All callas software solutions share a common aim whenever PDF files
    need to be prepared on a large scale to:
    • automate and standardize output processes
    • care for quality, safety, speed and efficiency
    • provide fully PDF compliant files
    • increase productivity
    • reduce errors

    Guide to callas software solutions, typical use cases, hands-on exercises and tutorials:
    • checking and correcting PDF Documents / Prelight
    • preparing documents for archival
    • dynamic workflows dynamic using variables

    callas pdfaPilot is compatible with Adobe® Acrobat® DC
    (in fact it uses the same rock-solid PDF/A technology),
    but in addition allows you to automate and batch process PDF files.

    Make documents and emails last a lifetime
    In many environments, there are regulatory requirements that all communication
    regarding specific topics has to be archived for a certain period of time.
    How long that is can differ widely - from a few years to multiple tens of years,
    or even for all eternity.

    The format of choice for archiving is defined in the ISO standard PDF/A ("PDF for Archiving").
    This ISO standard defines three different PDF/A versions and callas pdfaPilot can automatically
    convert all of documents and emails into the PDF/A flavor required for your purposes.
    Additional job information (metadata) is fully supported and the solution is configurable
    enough to let it adapt to your workflow; instead of the other way around.

    Archiving documents is a critical operation of modern workflows;
    for that reason callas pdfaPilot has been extensively tested and complies
    with the ISO standards as verified with for example the Isartor test suite.
    The fact that the very same technology is used in the de facto standard,
    Adobe Acrobat, is testament to its quality.

    Archiving typical office documents
    The best way to have good PDF/A files is to properly create them to begin with.
    For this, callas pdfaPilot can automatically convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
    Project, Publisher and Visio files into quality PDF files for you.
    Simply drag them on the document window of callas pdfaPilot Desktop and
    the conversion takes place in the best possible way.
    Apache OpenOffice documents are fully supported too and on
    Mac OS X Pages and Keynote of course work as well.

    Using the integrated Adobe engine, callas pdfaPilot even does quality conversion of
    EPS and PostScript files for you, without requiring Adobe Acrobat Distiller to be installed.

    Email archiving
    These days, emails are an essential part of business communication in most organizations.
    Many countries have laws and regulations around the archival of such communication,
    either to be used in potential future litigation or as part of sound accounting practices.

    Because emails are usually handled by email servers with limited storage capacities,
    there are no guarantees that an email you receive today will still be on the server ten years from now.
    When you download the email from your server it is possibly converted into the proprietary format
    of the email client, and there is no guarantee that you will have such a client in the future.

    In addition, there are attachments to the emails that require a proper viewer
    for all file formats that may occur here.

    Luckily callas pdfaPilot lets you store these emails including all attachments in a
    PDF/A format that will be available and readable many years from now.

    But even in environments where such regulatory guidelines don’t apply,
    there are good reasons to archive emails.
    In our modern society an amazing amount of business intelligence is captured in emails.
    Being able to maintain that information in a structured way and in the same format that
    is used for other documents and being able to efficiently search all of those documents
    including emails and their attachments efficiently will only become more important.

    Handle EPUB and PDF/UA ("Accessible PDF")
    Thanks to its unique checking feature for tagging structure in a PDF file callas pdfaPilot
    also offers optimized exporting to PDF/UA, the standard for accessibility.

    More and more legislation requires documents to be universally accessible for everyone,
    including people with physical disabilities.
    As a result, checking against the PDF/UA standard has gained importance for
    service providers, governments and enterprise customers alike.

    But pdfaPilot lets you take advantage of PDF tagging in a very different area as well:
    The tagging structure can be used in order to automatically create EPUB files from PDF.
    This PDF to EPUB feature converts PDFs into eBook files that can immediately be used
    on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

    Related Products:
    - callas pdfaPilot Desktop
    - callas pdfaPilot Server
    - callas pdfaPilot CLI
    - callas pdfaPilot SDK

PDF/A validation with callas pdfaPilot

Common question: What is a PDF/A validator exactly validating ?

The rule of thumb is:
A PDF/A validator (callas pdfaPilot) checks the aspects
that are specifically governed by the PDF/A standard.

Preflight example:
Validation against the PDF/A-2a Standard with callas pdfaPilot.
Report: PDF/A-2a - Summary of Checks Carried Out (pdf)

Use of callas pdfaPilot in practice:
Use cases: Preflight, validation, correction and conversion

callas software pdfaPilot - Logo
callas pdfaPilot - PDF/A Technology Solutions for Document Archiving and Preservation

Click Here for Free Trial of callas pdfaPilot Desktop, Server, CLI and SDK
(You will be asked to fill in a trial request form.
To help us identify your software download and support you,
please enter the code NewFormat in the form field named Preferred Reseller).


callas pdfaPilot Desktop Switchboard

callas software pdfaPilot Switchboard - Picture

    callas pdfaPilot the professional tool to create
    ISO standard compliant PDF/A files for long-term archiving

    callas pdfaPilot is an easy-to-use, quick and reliable tool.
    Easy to use for PDF/A support, as a fast standalone application or as a plug-in inside Adobe® Acrobat®.
    callas pdfaPilot is compatible with Adobe® Acrobat® DC.

    callas pdfaPilot Desktop installs standalone or as a plugin inside Adobe® Acrobat®:
    • When installed as a standalone application,
      pdfaPilot completely replaces the inbuilt preflight capability of Adobe Acrobat;
      in such cases there is no need to also buy / install Adobe Acrobat.

    • When installed as a plugin into Adobe Acrobat,
      pdfaPilot vastly extends and enhances the basic,
      inbuilt preflight capability of Adobe Acrobat.

    For businesses and government agencies, archives and libraries,
    that store, preserve and long-term maintain documents,
    callas pdfaPilot is the professional tool to validate and/or create PDF/A-files.

    callas pdfaPilot turns all kinds of PDFs into PDF/A files according to
    ISO Standards PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3
    (ISO 19005-1, 19005-2 and 19005-3):

    • PDFs created in Office applications
    • e-mails with attachments
    • interactive forms
    • invoices
    • construction drawings
    • technical documentation
    • presentations
    • newspapers
    • books

    callas pdfaPilot – Features overview

    callas pdfaPilot is easy to learn and use while bringing numerous features
    to create ISO standard compliant PDF/A files.
    Whether you are looking for a specific color feature, some document initial view setup,
    a font repair feature or just a check to find all red text larger than 12 pt
    - the feature lists shown below will make finding what you are looking for a breeze:

    • "Switchboard actions"
      - frequently needed features, as easy to use as a phone dial.

    • "Testable properties"
      - can be used to analyze a PDF or find objects in a PDF.

    • "Configurable operations"
      - can be used to create your own corrections and adjustments for PDFs.

    • "Configured profiles"
      - are combined checks and fixups suitable for many use cases and industries.

    • "Configured checks"
      - can be used for a quick analysis of PDFs, or for finding that specific object in your multi-page PDF.

    • "Configured fixups"
      - allow you to fix or adjust a certain aspect in a PDF by just running the fixup.

PDF/A in One Click

callas pdfaPilot saves
non-compliant PDF files as valid PDF/A documents
for archiving with the touch of a button.

callas software pdfaPilot Switchboard PDF/A in One Click, illustrated with an invoice - Picture

callas pdfaPilot converts
Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents
directly for archiving in PDF/A.

callas software pdfaPilot Switchboard - Conversion of Office Documents to PDF/A - Picture

callas pdfaPilot converts
e-mails with attachments for archiving in PDF/A.

callas software pdfaPilot Switchboard - E-mail to PDF/A - Picture

callas pdfaPilot converts
documents to PDF/A and PDF/X at the same time.
Useful for organisations that archive (PDF/A) and also need to print (PDF/X).

callas software pdfaPilot Switchboard - Conversion to both PDF/A and PDF/X - Picture

    New features in callas pdfaPilot 7:

    • callas pdfaPilot v7 is now compatible with veraPDF.

    • callas software underscores the importance of standards as
      pdfaPilot v7 is fully compatible with the veraPDF project
      currently being promoted by the European Union.

      veraPDF involves the creation of a new test data set for all standard PDF/A components,
      as well as an open source PDF/A validator, covering all areas and compliance
      levels of PDF/A, the ISO format for long-term archiving.

      veraPDF is an initiative led by the PDF Association and the Open Preservation Foundation.
      Over the course of around two years, the project first created a test corpus which was
      significantly more extensive than the previously used Isartor test suite.

      The project also provides an open-source PDF/A validator with which businesses
      can check whether files comply with the PDF/A standard,
      keeping them reproducible and readable for decades to come.

      callas pdfaPilot v7 being compatible with veraPDF means
      users achieve the same level of quality by using
      the PDF/A validator embedded in callas pdfaPilot.

      Users can thus use a single tool, callas pdfaPilot, for PDF/A validation,
      and also for PDF/A correction and PDF/A conversion!

    • Placement of any type pop content.
callas software pdfaPilot - Switchboard - Decorate - Picture
      callas pdfaPilot v7 enables automated, flexible placement of any type of content
      - including barcodes, images, logos and stamps - through the switchboard,
      without requiring any programming knowledge.
      This gives users additional options for automating their PDF-related processes.

      Typical applications include consecutive numbering of multi-page documents (Bates numbering),
      stamping documents on receipt, watermarking test prints,
      adding barcodes for print management and for document classification
      for storage within an enterprise content management system (CMS).
      The solution also allows users to insert new pages thanks to
      support for cover and separator sheets templates.

    New features in callas pdfaPilot 6:

    • Object Inspector that allows looking at the properties
      of the different objects used in the PDF document.
callas software pdfaPilot - Object Inspector - Picture

    • Conversion of documents to PDF/A and PDF/X at the same time.

    • Useful for organisations that archive (PDF/A) and also need to print (PDF/X).

callas software pdfaPilot - Conversion to both PDF/A and PDF/X - Picture

    • Preservation of all spreadsheet data (no data-loss) during conversion from MS Excel to PDF/A.

    • New pdfaPilot Server / CLI parameters:
      • "Show hidden columns"
      • "Shrink cell content to fit"
Input: MS Excel Spreadsheet
callas software pdfaPilot - Input: MS Excel Spreadsheet - Picture

Output: PDF/A file - No data-loss
callas software pdfaPilot - Output: PDF/A file - Picture

    • callas pdfaPilot warns when font substitution is made by MS Word for missing fonts.

      Missing fonts are automatically replaced by MS Word (without warning) when converting to PDF/A.
      This often leads to changing layout, different page breaks, etc...
      pdfaPilot will now warn when such font substitutions (caused by MS Word) takes place.

callas software pdfaPilot - Warning Message: Missing fonts have been substituted by MS Word - Picture

    • Template-based creation of PDF/A-3 index pages.

callas software pdfaPilot - 1: Template-based Creation of PDF/A-3 Index Page - Picture

callas software pdfaPilot - 2: Template-based Creation of PDF/A-3 Index Page - Picture

    • Support for "Accessible PDF" / the ISO Standard (ISO 14289-1) for Universal Accessibility.

    • To allow for people with disabilities to access PDF information callas pdfaPilot
      now integrates callas pdfGoHTML technology.

      pdfGoHTML displays document structure, reading order and alternative texts
      for images in a color-coded way: ideal to rapidly diagnose possible problems.
pdfGoHTML displays the structure of a tagged PDF file
callas software pdfaPilot - PDF/UA Syntax Check - Picture
      NOTE! This function works even after the evaluation license for callas pdfaPilot has expired.
      callas pdfaPilot can thus continue to be used, for free, to show document structure,
      reading order and alternative text for images.

    • pdfaPilot provides tools to check both the syntax and the semantic for PDF/UA compliance.
callas software pdfaPilot - Syntactic and semantic verification of compliance with the PFD/UA standard - Picture
      pdfaPilot provides PDF/UA compliance checks for both
      • machine-checking of the syntax, and
      • interactive (human) checking of the semantic
      in a tightly integrated fashion.
      After validation has been successful, a PDF/UA validation report can be generated.

        Validation Reports (Customizable)

        Test of "accessible PDF" - PDF/UA validation by software

        Note! Important to always consider for conformance validation against the ISO Standard PDF/UA:
          PDF/UA conformance requires validation of both syntax and semantic.
          The Matterhorn Protocol specifies a common set of
          31 "Checkpoints" with 136 failure conditions, whereof
          - 89 failure conditions can be checked by software, and
          - 47 failure conditions usually require human judgment.

          Two results - Success or Failure:

          PDF/UA validation successful
          Actino software - Actino DPS Validation Report - Successful - Picture
          The PDF document did pass the software check.
          It remains to also make a human judgement
          before it can be declared as an "accessible PDF"

          PDF/UA validation failure
          Actino software - Actino DPS Validation Report - Unsuccessful/Failure - Picture
          The PDF document did not pass the software check.
          Thus the PDF document is not PDF/UA conformant
          and is not an "accessible PDF"

    • Support of ZUGFeRD invoice with barcode data.

    • ZUGFeRD (German standard) is one of the key initiatives of
      German BMWi to facilitate business for SMEs.
      • Combines PDF/A-3 with XML and GiroCode/QR Code into an electronic invoice
      • Allows for "blind exchange” between computer systems for exchange of invoices
      • XML is based on UN/CEFACT (CII)

      "Tripple invoice" formats:
      • PDF
      • XML
      • GiroCode/QR Code
callas software pdfaPilot - ZUGFeRD Invoice - PDF, XML, QR GiroCode - Picture

    New features in callas pdfaPilot 5:

    • Comfortable and secure e-mail archiving in PDF/A for long-term legibility:

      • callas software pdfaPilot - Flow: Archiving of E-mail in PDF/A - Picture

      • E-mail can be comfortably archived in PDF/A-3 format.

      • The electronic messages and attachments in PDF/A format and
        the original e-mail are linked in a PDF/A-3 document.

      • Each e-mail is converted into a standards compliant PDF/A document
        that is guaranteed to be readable for years to come.

      • All e-mail attachments can be embedded in the created PDF/A document; either
        as PDF/A (where callas pdfaPilot takes care of the conversion on the fly into PDF/A),
        in their original format or as both.

      • callas pdfaPilot is capable of providing these archival conversions in a manual or
        automated way with callas pdfaPilot Desktop or callas pdfaPilot Server.
        The technology is also available for closer integration using
        the fully command-line driven callas pdfaPilot engine.

        When choosing for the automated way, e-mail archiving rules can be saved.
        Rules can define which e-mails should be archived in what part of the standard or
        how attachments should be processed by callas pdfaPilot.
        Users can define whether they should be converted to PDF/A or
        embedded in the original format or both.
        During the conversion, no other software, such as MS Outlook or
        other e-mail clients have to be installed be installed.

        When it comes to e-mail archiving, callas pdfaPilot works completely by itself.
        The software is implemented quickly and ready for use
        (with extremely high performance) with just a few setting preparations.

    • Electronic invoicing with PDF/A.

    • Additional design options of overview pages in a PDF/A-3 file.
      These can be created automatically when generating a PDF/A-3 collection and
      provide information about what documents are embedded in the PDF/A-3 file.
      Users now have more flexibility and can customize these pages to their individual requirements.

    • Optimized transparency flattening for PDF/A and export to
      PDF/UA (PDF for universal accessibility) and EPUB, the standard format for eBooks.

    Key features in callas pdfaPilot:

    • Support for recent ISO standards: PDF/A-3 and PDF/UA and
      conversion of PDF files to EPUB/eBook files:

      • PDF/A-3:
        • Verification of PDF files plus conversion of Office and PDF files into
          fully compliant PDF/A-3 documents while automatically embedding
          the source documents into the generated PDF/A file.

        • PDF/A collections may contain not just only other PDF/A files
          but arbitrary file formats like Word or Excel files or XML structures.
          These are features of the standard part PDF/A-3.

      • PDF/UA: The new standard for universal accessibility.
        • PDF/UA has been gaining momentum as more and more legislation
          requires documents to be universally accessible for everyone,
          including people with physical disabilities.
        • Checking against the PDF/UA standard has gained importance for
          service providers, governments and enterprise customers alike.

      • EPUB: Converts PDF files to EPUB/eBook files.
        • New and unique feature (based on PDF tagging) for conversion of
          PDF files into EPUB/eBook files that can immediately be used on
          mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

    • Easy PDF/A-file creation adds flexibility to workflows using Digital Dossiers and Process Plans:

      • Digital dossiers: Easy and convenient creation of digital dossiers from file and folder structures.

      • Process plans:
        • Highly flexible PDF document processing feature allows building logic into PDF processing.

        • Now easy to create a profile that actually is a combination of various steps into a single profile
          to be executed and then to adapt the order of the steps to the specific needs of the sequence.
          The execution of a processing step can be done in response to the results of previous steps.
          A detailed result view shows how actions or corrections are applied while
          files are being processed and what the results of each step are.

        • And most important:
          • Process plans are not only limited to callas pdfaPilot Desktop but
            can also be used in callas pdfaPilot Server.

    • Distributed processing; allows easy load-balancing between
      multiple callas pdfaPilot Server instances in high-volume workflows.

    • Guaranteed PDF/A conversion;
      this automatically tries different conversion methods to create the best PDF/A file possible.

    • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint.

    • Support for running as a Windows service.

    • Improved conversion of:
      • form fields and annotations
      • object level metadata in PDF/A-2
      and the possibility to remove incompatible signatures when converting to PDF/A-2.

    • Enfocus Switch configurator to fit callas pdfaPilot Server into a Switch workflow.

    Key features in callas pdfaPilot Server:

    • Network-enabled setup and load balancing through dispatcher:

      • callas pdfaPilot Desktop can now be used to setup a
        callas pdfaPilot Server installation anywhere on the network.

      • Workflow manager/staff can:
        • test everything on their own machine;
          and afterwards can easily setup their server,
          again from the comfort of their own machine.

        • monitor running copies of callas pdfaPilot Server from within
          callas pdfaPilot Desktop without having to go to the server.

    callas pdfaPilot Desktop and callas pdfaPilot Server uses the same validation technology as
    the Preflight function licensed by callas software to Adobe® for the Adobe® Acrobat® application.

callas pdfaPilot comes in several flavours
for specific needs and automation requirements

callas software pdfaPilot Desktop - Logo callas software pdfaPilot Server - Logo callas software pdfaPilot CLI - Logo callas software pdfaPilot SDK - Logo
    callas pdfaPilot - PDF/A Technology Solutions for Document Archiving and Preservation

      callas pdfaPilot Desktop
    • Desktop application for interactive conversion to PDF/A,
      standalone or installed as plugin in Adobe® Acrobat®.
    • Offers a neat batch feature to run a quality control profile or a PDF fix-up on a whole folder of files.
    • Aimed at bringing fully compliant/reliable PDF/A-based long-term archiving to a variety of industries.
    • Combines the analysis and validation of existing PDF file according to PDF/A standard,
      corrects non-conform, non-compliant PDF contents and converts to PDF/A.

      callas pdfaPilot Server
    • Used to automate callas pdfaPilot or when integrating callas pdfaPilot into an existing workflow.
    • Professional server solution to automatically create ISO standard compliant PDF/A files.
    • Hot folder based automation of PDF/A processes.
    • Processes high volumes of PDF files;
      • PDF/A verification
      • comprehensive correction of typical errors
      • conversion of PDF files according to PDF/A standard.
    • Provides clear reports with extensive configuration options.
    • Offers closer integration through
      • CLI interface (callas pdfaPilot CLI), and
      • a full SDK (callas pdfaPilot SDK)
      and provides full multi-processor support for checking and fixing PDF/A files.

      callas pdfaPilot CLI
    • Command line based automation of PDF/A processes.
    • High volume PDF/A verification, comprehensive correction of typical errors,
      conversion of PDF files according to PDF/A standard.
    • Clear reports with extensive configuration options.
    • Additional production and/or developer licenses on request.

      callas pdfaPilot SDK
    • Software Library for PDF/A validation and conversion.
    • callas pdfaPilot SDK is the fastest way for developers to
      quickly incorporate into custom solutions and workflows
      for PDF/A file creation, optimization, validation
      and correction for long-term archiving.
    • C/C++ library with wrapper interfaces for .NET and Java.
    • Provides extra high performance
      • for extensive correction of typical errors.
      • conversion of PDF files according to PDF/A standard.
    • Well thought-out calls.
    • Easy installation.
    • Comprehensive documentation including application samples
      with source code for all supported environments.
    • Provides full support of PDF/A.
    • Provides size optimized PDF/A files.
    • Detailed HTML reports or XML reports in 6 different languages.


    • callas pdfaPilot provides several alternatives for automation:
      • callas pdfaPilot Desktop offers a neat batch feature that lets you run a quality control profile
        or a PDF fix-up on a whole folder of files – easy to use and quick as lightning.
      • callas pdfaPilot Server free up operators by hands-off automation to process higher volumes of files.
        The hot folder interface lets you setup different watched folders that automatically
        pick up files and process them.
callas software pdfaPilot Server Automation Progress - Picture

    Process Plans
    • callas pdfaPilot comes with full support for process plans.
    • Process Plans take automation flexibility to the next level;
      • They allow defining a number of steps a PDF file should be processed through.
      • Each step can be a preflight profile, a single preflight check or fix, or an action
        (such as creating images, creating a booklet, exporting as PostScript file…).
      • Process plans allow generating preflight reports based on the result of each step,
        or can jump between different steps based on the processing result of a previous step.

    Easy, Automated Impositioning
    Impositioning is the action of placement of the pages on a press sheet so that the sheet
    after printing and folding carries the pages in the correct sequence in the finished printed product.
    • callas pdfaPilot scales, fits, moves, extends, rotates and flips pages and page content easily.
    • It also imposes booklets, prepares PDF document for double sided printing,
      splits double pages into single pages, duplicates pages, and optimize PDF for use as
      slide presentation and handouts, etc.
callas software pdfaPilot Easy Advanced Automated Impositioning - Picture

    Adobe Compliant Transparency Flattening
    • Handling PDF documents with live transparency when your workflow
      or output devices don’t directly support them can be really hard.
      • callas pdfaPilot effortlessly flattens those transparencies
        while preserving text, images and line-art as much as possible and
        without changing the intent of the document.
      • And you can rely on that result as it uses proven Adobe flattening technology.

    Remote Configuration and Monitoring
    • Every callas pdfaPilot Server comes with a copy callas pdfaPilot Desktop.
      • callas pdfaPilot Desktop allows connecting to your callas pdfaPilot servers;
        all configuration and monitoring of callas pdfaPilot Servers on your network can
        be done over the network from the comfort of your own desktop computer.

    Straightforward integration into any e-archiving or MIS environment
    • Of course callas pdfaPilot Server supports hot folders.
    • It also allows integration using the command-line (CLI) or an extensive SDK ideal for embedding
      the latest PDF technology straight in your e-archiving and/or administration system.

    callas pdfaPilot Multi-Server Productivity via Dispatcher
    • callas pdfaPilot doesn't even limit itself to one system.
      By using automatic load balancing, callas pdfaPilot allows for configuring a dispatcher that
      then distributes work across the network to satellites running on different systems.
    • High performance coupled with easy setup and maintenance.

    callas software callas pdfaPilot Dispatcher - Picture

    • Allows for load balancing as well as for fail over configuration.
    • Processing of files according to "dispatcher-satellite" concept.
    • Dispatcher - a server that doesn’t process files itself, but instead receives
      files in its job folders and sends them to satellites to have them processed.
    • Satellite - a satellite is basically a regular server that will process files.
    • As many "satellites" as required can connect to callas pdfaPilot Dispatcher
    • so that processing does not stop even if one of the satellites is switched off.
    • Fail over - processing does not stop even if one of the satellites is switched off.

    Automation of workflows
    • callas pdfaPilot integrates seamlessly with FileTrain for automation of work flows.

callas pdfaPilot Desktop, Server, CLI and SDK - Details
callas software pdfaPilot Desktop - Logo callas software pdfaPilot Server - Logo callas software pdfaPilot CLI - Logo callas software pdfaPilot SDK - Logo
callas pdfaPilot Desktop, Server, CLI and SDK - Details - Popup-window

callas pdfaPilot Desktop, Server, CLI and SDK - Datasheets

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callas pdfaPilot software can be obtained via license acquisition or renting.
License is per desktop/laptop and unlimited number of documents, or
per server and unlimited number of users and unlimited number of documents.

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