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Solutions to preflight, correct and repurpose PDF files for
document archiving/e-archiving and long-term preservation

Verify compliance with PDF/UA.
PDF/UA validation always requires
machine check and semantic checks.

Important to always consider for conformance validation
against the ISO Standard PDF/UA:

PDF/UA conformance requires validation of
both syntax and semantic.

The Matterhorn Protocol specifies a common set of
31 "Checkpoints" with 136 failure conditions, whereof
- 89 failure conditions can be checked by software, and
- 47 failure conditions usually require human judgment.

callas pdfaPilot Desktop Switchboard
PDF/UA Validation by software" ("Machine Check")

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    Accessible PDF - PDF/UA Validation Reports - Details

    Validation Reports

    Test of "accessible PDF" - PDF/UA validation by software

    Two results - Success or Failure:

    PDF/UA validation successful
    callas pdfaPilot - PDF/UA Validation Report - Successful - Picture
    The PDF document did pass the software check.
    It remains to also make a human judgement
    before it can be declared as an "accessible PDF".

    PDF/UA validation failure
    callas pdfaPilot - PDF/UA Validation Report - Unsuccessful/Failure - Picture
    The PDF document did not pass the software check.
    Thus the PDF document is not PDF/UA conformant and
    is NOT an "accessible PDF".

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