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Canvasflow Cloud
Digital content production made simple.
Creation of enriched and responsive HTML5-based article content in minutes
for tablet and mobile publishing with Twixl Publisher 5,
or any other publishing platform of your choice.

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible hardware and software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland) and Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of Canvasflow Cloud from Canvasflow Ltd, UK.

Canvasflow Cloud

Canvasflow is a cloud-based, HTML5 authoring tool enabling
publishers, brands and marketing departments to quickly create rich,
responsive content for publishing across multiple digital channels.

HTML5-based articles, separate or complete documents, created with
Canvasflow Cloud can easily be published with 1-click on Twixl Distribution Platform.

    Canvasflow Cloud is developed specifically for content creators.
    Featuring an intuitive drag and drop interface, rich media support,
    an inbuilt style builder and single click publishing, Canvasflow simplifies
    and streamlines your publishing workflow by creating immersive
    digital content in minutes and without the need for developers.

    Because Canvasflow is a fully cloud-based solution,
    there are no hardware requirements or software to install
    meaning you get started right away.

Canvasflow and Twixl Publisher

Twixl media and Canvasflow - Twin Logos

    Canvasflow provides a deep integration with Twixl Publisher, letting you take
    advantage of many of its new features right from within the Canvasflow platform.
    With simple setup, multi-application support, article metadata and instant publishing,
    it’s the perfect platform to begin authoring your digital story.

Canvasflow - Add content into Twixl Distribution Platform - Picture

    Article-based publishing in Twixl Publisher:
    • No big bulk downloads
    • Download on demand
    • Cached for offline use
    • Easy update by article
    • Bandwidth friendly
    • For continuous as well as issue-based publishing

    HTML advantages:
    • Responsive content
    • Smaller, thus quicker downloads
    • Easier to update
    • Easier to automate
    • --> Cost effective

    Automated content publishing in Twixl Publisher:
    • HTML5 authoring with Canvasflow
    • Canvasflow generates output as optimized, responsive HTML5 code
    • Push content from Canvasflow via API into Twixl Distribution Platform
    • 1-Click publishing to go live

Canvasflow Webinars/Video Recordings and Demonstrations

Webinarier / Videoinspelningar - Ikon

Video Demonstrations of Canvasflow - Popup-window

Reserve online-demonstration of Canvasflow


Canvasflow Ltd - Logo
Canvasflow Cloud

Click Here for Free Trial of Canvasflow Cloud
(You will be asked to fill in a trial request form.
To help us identify your interest for the Canvasflow cloud-based service
and support you, please enter the code
"Preferred Reseller NewFormat, Sweden"
in the Contact Number / Telephone form field,
besides entering your phone number).

The Canvasflow Platform

Canvasflow - The Platform Overview - Icon
    Simplify your content creation
    Canvasflow's HTML5 authoring system simplifies your content creation process
    by giving you the power to create responsive content quickly and easily.
    With an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly create optimised
    articles compatible with multiple digital channels and screen sizes.

    No training required
    Canvasflow gives you full control of both the structure and design of your
    content so your team can build articles in minutes and publish in seconds.
    There is no software to install, no developers required and
    no Adobe InDesign or coding knowledge needed.

    CMS Integration
    Publish content directly from your CMS into custom built templates.
    Our dynamic templating takes care of the rest, transforming your
    content to optimised Canvasflow-/HTML5-compatible content.
    The result: a better UX informed by apps for mobile devices and
    better performance than that offered by traditional web pages.

    Canvasflow Benefits
    • Simple to use
      • A simple drag and drop interface with customisable
        templates enable rapid article creation.

    • Creative Design
      • The built in style editor ensures a consistent look & feel of your content.
      • No developers required.

    • Mobile First
      • A responsive workspace enables you to create content
        in exactly the environment you are publishing to.

    • Instant Publish
      • Connect to the publishing platform of your choice
        and share your content with the world.

Canvasflow Key Features

Canvasflow - Features - Icon
  • 100% HTML5 responsive output via an intuitive drag and drop UI.
  • Multiple publication support for article- and issue-based publications and workflows.
  • Multiple publishing platform capability.
  • Design article styles without the need for developers.
  • Customisable templates and advanced layouts to streamline article creation.
  • Fully responsive workspace.
  • Custom font support.
  • Instant article preview for multiple device types and orientations.
  • Optimised output for fast publication downloads.
  • Channel specific metadata support.
  • Multi user support for both internal and external collaborators.
  • Full Twixl Publisher integration.
  • Premium support.

Canvasflow is Feature Rich

Canvasflow - Dashboard - Managing Articles and Collections - Picture

    Recently Added Features

    Deeper integration between Canvasflow and Twixl Publisher
Twixl Publisher - Logo
    • Twixl Hamburger Menu
      • Twixl Publisher clients can now manipulate their
        Twixl Hamburger Menu from Canvasflow.
      • Add Collection links, placeholder images,
        or web links for simpler user navigation
    • Channel specific view
    • Create, delete and navigate collections
    • Create unlimited nested collections
    • Reorder articles within a collection
    • Move articles between collections
    • See current publish status of an article
    • Set the default publish action for a publication
    • Thumbnail support and cell style controls across all content items
    • Un-publish articles without having to delete them
    • Moving from development app to production app
      is a completely seamless experience
    • Push Notifications
      • If you have push notifications enabled on your Twixl account,
        you can now compose and send notifications directly to your app.
    • Content Items:
      • Native support for Twixl Publisher content items.
        This enables you to create and manage not only HTML articles, but
        also InDesign files, PDF’s, videos, Twixl collections and much more.

        Content items can be styled, metadata added and
        social share information managed,
        all right from within your Canvasflow account.
        View, reorder, rename, move and delete Twixl content items.

    Recently Added Generic Features

    Adverts, Adverts, Adverts
    • Full-Page Advert component,
      making it simple to insert full page ads into your apps

    Batch PDF to Article Creation
    • Upload PDF and convert to Canvasflow articles effortlessly.
      Each PDF page will be created as a separate article
      for easy content management

    Templates from Articles
    • Create a template from an existing article to re-use
      the format of a great looking article for future content

    Full-width Images
    • New property to the Image component, ‘Force Full Width’
      Forces an image to resize to fit the width of the canvas,
      regardless of it’s raw dimensions

    Enhanced Article Management
    • Download of articles (without switching channels)
    • Duplicate content
    • Move articles seamlessly between collections
    • Un-publish live content with a single click
Canvasflow - Dashboard - Article Management - Picture

    Un-interrupted Workflow
    • New queuing system:
      No waiting for content to finish publishing.
      Simply hit publish and continue to work while
      Canvasflow processes in the background
      (while providing real-time status updates,
      which is particularly useful when working with large articles).

    Offline Video
    • Upload MP4 video files, set a poster image and
      have them available within your app at anytime.

    Enhanced Gallery
    • The gallery component has been redesigned to provide
      improved touch support, automatic aspect ratio notifications,
      built in image cropping and slide by slide caption support.

    Custom Code Zip
    • Got complicated code with external assets
      that you need included in an article?
      The custom code component lets you upload a zip file,
      including all assets, with just a few clicks.

    Linked Anchors
    • With the new anchor component you can direct
      readers to exactly the content that matters.

    HTML5 Tables
    • Working with tabular data just became easier with
      native support for CSV powered HTML tables.
      Fully responsive, searchable and managed with a single click.

    Hi-Res Image Support
    • All image components now offer optional RAW image support,
      for whenever you need that extra resolution.

    Features Supported Since Before

    HTML5 Output
    • Support for article and issue based publications.

    Fully Responsive
    • All content is automatically responsive accross all devices.

    Powerful Editor
    • Build content in seconds with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

    Built in styling
    • Customise your brand style from within the application.

    Media Widgets
    • Bring your articles to life with video, audio, maps and more.

    Multiple Publications
    • Manage multiple publications, issues & articles.

    Metadata support
    • Full article metadata support on a per channel basis.

    Mobile Preview
    • Design and preview on multiple devices before publishing.

    Flexible Publishing
    • Publish an individual article or a entire issue with a single click.

    Custom Integrations
    • Integration into your existing publishing workflow.

    Unlimited Users
    • Add unlimited users to expedite article production.

    Premium Support
    • Premium support whenever you need it.

    Other Great Features
    • Right to Left (RTL) text support
    • Inline custom code support
    • ‘Mailto’ support added for image component
    • Media captions now support HTML5 phrase tags
    • Optimised meta-data management
    • Improved system notifications

Create Stunning Content

Canvasflow - Stunning Content - The Web Gazette - Picture 1 Canvasflow - Stunning Content - The Web Gazette - Picture 2 Canvasflow - Stunning Content - The Web Gazette - Picture 3

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