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Software tools, solutions and services

Software Tools Supporting
Portable Document Format/PDF and OpenDocument Format/ODF

Software tools for migration/conversion/validation/tagging
and output management of document files to its ISO Standards
PDF, PDF/A (PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3),
PDF to HTML5, HTML5 to PDF/X and PDF/A.
Plus tools to find & count PDF and ODF files on a given website.

Software Tool
Supported Export Formats:
callas software pdfToolbox - Logo
    callas pdfToolbox
    Provides preflight/validation, correction,
    color management and optimization
    of PDF files for graphics industry and
    creatives, prepress, print production,
    packaging and digital publishing.
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callas software pdfaPilot - Logo
    callas pdfaPilot
    Provides preflight/validation, correction,
    and optimization of PDF/A files for
    document archiving/e-archiving and
    long-term preservation.
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callas software pdfChip - Logo
    callas pdfChip
    Command-line conversion tool that takes
    an HTML file, optionally augmented using
    CSS3 and JavaScript, and performs a
    high-quality conversion to PDF that is
    ready for print or archival.
    Provides optimization of PDF files,
    including PDF/X and PDF/A.
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callas software pdfgohtml - Logo
    callas pdfGoHTML
    Application that provides a first
    fast way to test the accessibility of a
    PDF file according to the ISO Standard
    for Universally Accessible PDF, PDF/UA.
    Free plug-in to Adobe® Acrobat®.

LuraTech PDF Compressor - Logo
Luratech PDF Compressor
    LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise
    Provides OCR, advanced compression and
    conversion of document files to PDF/A;
    production software for scan service
    providers and for long-term archiving
    in PDF/A format.
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LuraTech Mobile PDF - Logo
LuraTech Mobile PDF
    LuraTech Mobile PDF
    Professional solution for scanning,
    OCR, compression and conversion
    of documents with smartphones and
    tablets to PDF and PDF/A.
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axaio software MadeToPrint - Logo
    axaio MadeToPrint
    The intelligent print, publishing and
    export solution for publishers, printers,
    creative agencies and package printing,
    for output standardization, preflighting,
    optimization and automation from
    within Adobe® InDesign®, Illustrator®,
    InCopy® and QuarkXPress®.
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axaio software MadeToTag - Logo
    axaio MadeToTag
    Plugin for Adobe InDesign, to properly
    prepare InDesign documents for export
    as accessible PDF documents according
    to the ISO Standard PDF/UA for
    "universally accessible PDF" and
    to PDF/A-2a for long-term archiving.
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axesPDF for Word - Text banner
    axesPDF for Word
    1-Click creation of accessible PDF/UA
    documents out of Word documents.

axesPDF QuickFix - Text banner
    axesPDF Quickfix
    PDF checking and remediation tool to
    make accessible PDF/UA documents.

Actino software - Actino HTML5 Publisher - Icon
    Actino HTML5 Publisher
    Application for online publishing to
    auto-convert PDF-documents into
    pure HTML5 for viewing of documents
    in browsers and on mobile devices.
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Actino software - Actino DPS - Icon
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Actino software - Actino DRM - Icon
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC) - Logo
    PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC)
    Freeware application that provides
    a first fast way to test the accessibility of
    PDF files according to the ISO Standard
    for universally accessible PDF, PDF/UA.
    Provided by
    The Access for All Foundation, Switzerland

    VIP PDF-Reader
    Freeware PDF reader designed for
    computer users who are visually impaired.
    (Not meant for blind persons using
    screen readers like NVDA or JAWS).
    Provided by
    The Swiss National Association of and for the Blind

NV Access - logo
    NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA)
    Freeware "screen reader" application
    which enables blind and vision impaired
    people to use computers.
    Reads the text on the screen in a
    computerised voice.

veraPDF - logo
    veraPDF - PDF/A Conformance Checker
    Freeware (funded up to 2017 by EU PREFORMA
    and supported by the PDF Industry
    - PDF Association, Open Preservation Foundation).
    Full support for all PDF/A versions (1,2,3) and
    conformance levels (a,b,u).
    GUI - Desktop; interactive single file evaluation,
    CLI - Command Line Interface; automation.

veraPDF - logo

veraPDF - logo
Yes Yes

The Digital Government Services of
The Netherlands Ministry of
the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK)

    Logius - PDF/A Validator
    Web domain(s) crawler for all PDF documents
    including validation against PDF/A standards.
    This tool finds and analyses the documents on a
    given website and outputs the number of:
    • documents in PDF/A format by
      accessibility level "a", "u" or "b"
    • documents formatted in other PDF versions
      such as PDF 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 or 1.7
    • documents in Open Document Format (ODF)
    • documents in vendor dependent formats
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Forum for Electronic Invoicing Germany (FeRD) - logo
Forum for Electronic Invoicing Germany (FeRD)

The ZUGFeRD PDF/A-based standard allows for both
human readable and machine readable e-invoices.
The ZUGFeRD data format for e-invoicing
is a combination of
PDF with integrated structured data/XML.

Canvasflow Ltd - Logo
    Canvasflow Cloud
    HTML5 authoring tool
    making digital content production
    made simple.

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Twixl Publisher - TP - Logo
    Twixl Publisher
    Content publishing
    on mobile devices
    for rich user experiences.
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Software tools for securing your information assets
in OpenDocument Format (ODF)

ODF logo

With information stored in OpenDocument Format (ODF) you are free to
choose among many office software suites and enterprise systems.

Alternative ICT solutions running on
Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris or as cloud-based services.

Alternatives that secure access to valuable information assets
- now and in the future.

Oct.5, 2011
ODF Version 1.2 - Approved as OASIS Standard
Boeing, Fedict, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Novell, Oracle, Red Hat,
U.S. Department of Defense, and others advance
OpenDocument Format for Office Applications.

June 17, 2015
ODF Version 1.2 - Published ISO Standard approved by ISO/IEC JTC1.
ISO/IEC 26300-1:2015, ISO/IEC 26300-2:2015, and ISO/IEC 26300-3:2015.

Wikipedia on applications supporting OpenDocument Format (ODF) fully or partially

Apache - logo
Apache OpenOffice

LibreOffice - logo

Calligra Suite - logo
Calligra Suite
KOffice - logo
Google Docs - logo
Google Docs
IBM Docs - logo
IBM Docs
Microsoft Office 2016 - logo
Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 365 - logo
Microsoft Office 365

Above: Samples of office software suites with expressed support for
OpenDocument Format (ODF) and Portable Document Format (PDF):
(For download/access to said software - click on related logotype)

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