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NewFormat AB - About Us

Standards make the world work

    NewFormat AB was founded by Kent Åberg to offer solutions
    based on open standards for business benefits.

    NewFormat makes information permanently accessible,
    searchable, readable and reusable for the future and
    for as many people as possible.

    We leave no file behind.

    In 1969 Kent started his career as a lighthouse keeper(!)
    on the island of Gotska Sandön in the Baltic Sea,

Kent Åberg - Gotska Sandön, main lighthouse, 1999-07-20 - Picture

    followed by formal education and professional training:

    • Master of Science Degree in Engineering,
      Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering,
      with a special profile in
      Biomedical Engineering and Information Technology, 1976
      from Linköping University

    • Programator (later acquired by Capgemini), 1977--1984,
      Consultant/Technical Programming

    • Ericsson Information Systems,
      Workstation Division, 1984--1986
      (Nordic Distributor for Sun Microsystems)

    • Sun Microsystems, 1987--2009,
      Business Development, Education & Research

    • NewFormat AB, 2008--....

    Kent now brings many years of experience of the ICT industry.
    In 1984 he was part of the core team establishing Sun Microsystems'
    business presence in Nordic where he held, up to year 2009, positions
    in Central and Northern Europe with focus on serving customers within
    the Education & Research community.

    He has been instrumental in bringing new innovative and exciting
    technologies (such as SunOS/Solaris, Java,
    SPARC CPU and Systems Architecture, and
    OpenDocument Format (ODF),...)
    to many new generations of students, teachers/faculty members,
    academicians and researchers to support them in exploring the future.

    Kent is a strong advocate of the use of open and implementable
    standards and has for many years pursued the struggle for
    "open IT solutions" and thereby made it possible for enterprises,
    the public sector and organizations in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe
    to save many millions by deliberately choose vendor-independent ICT.

    The result of this work is now manifested through the broad acceptance
    and use of open document formats for office documents,
    the Open Document Format (ODF) and the Portable Document Format (PDF),
    and in the deployment of alternative software solutions in use by
    the public sector, thousands of schools, organizations and
    enterprises around the world.

    Kent Åberg is since 2014 Liaison for
    PDF Association Scandinavia Chapter.

Kent Åberg bild, low res

    For information on alternative open solutions and services,
    please send e-mail to:
    or call +46 (0)70 631 53 01.

    NewFormat Core Values

    The only standard worth supporting is an Open Standard.

    Open Standards provide the following benefits:

    • They enable integration across
      disparate contexts and systems.

    • They can be implemented and
      deployed on a variety of environments.

    • They improve the market ecosystem by
      driving both commoditization and
      innovation and mitigating adoption risks.

    • They enable and enhance interoperability.

    • They drive prices down by allowing
      competing implementations.

    • They enable greater substitutability among
      the products that adhere to them.

    • They provide a level of protection against
      economic and legal uncertainty,
      as the process by which they are developed
      is clear about intellectual property rights.

    What it means for our customers:

    Consumers and customers who selects a solution
    based on Open Standards chooses to stay away from
    vendor proprietary environments.

    Successful Open Standards define a common
    technology baseline that encourages vendors to
    compete with the very best implementation.

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Private engagements:

DIF Handikappfotbollsförening - Logo

Djurgårdens IF Football Club
for Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (DIF Hff)

Engagements by Kent Åberg:
Club Member: 1999-2016
Member of the Board of Directors: 2000-2014
Elected Chairman of the Board: 2005-2014
Honorary Member: 2016-->
Awards: "Årets Djurgårdare 2010"
"Most Honorable Member of Djurgårdens IF of the Year 2010"

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Djurgårdens Supporters Club

NewFormat AB
Smörblommegränd 14, SE-165 72 Hässelby (Stockholm), Sweden
tel:+46 (0)70 631 53 01

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