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NewFormat AB

PDF standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of leading technology for accessible PDF from axes4.

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axes4 / Document Tagging Services
for Creation of Accessible PDF (PDF/UA)

We make PDF documents accessible to everyone
for a more accessible world

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Accessible PDF

A fully PDF/UA compliant PDF can be just as
accessible as a WCAG compliant website.

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Document Tagging as a Service
Making Accessible PDF (PDF/UA)

Hire us to tag and remediate your
PDF Documents for Accessible PDF (PDF/UA)

    Document Tagging for Accessible PDF (PDF/UA)

    PDF accessibility can be a complicated and time-consuming process,
    if you don't have the right skills and tools to create,
    correct and check PDF documents.

    We accept the challenge of making any PDF document
    accessible regardless of the origin of the source document,
    and we deliver an accessible PDF back to you
    - complying with all legal and standards requirements.

    Just send us your PDF file for a first evaluation.
    Based on that you receive an offer from us.

    Key benefits

    • Fast and reliable
    • Your deadlines are our deadlines and details matter.
      We make sure that reading order, semantics,
      alternative presentation and navigation aid remains accurate
      - at all times.

    Compliance with Accessibility Standards

    • We ensure that your PDF documents will comply
      with global standards for accessibility like
      PDF/UA, WCAG2, and if required PDF/A-2a,
      as well as any national accessibility regulations.


Tagged Documents for Accessible PDF (PDF/UA) as a Service

    PDF/UA Document Tagging Includes:

    What we do and deliver to you

    Accessible PDF is not about visual or editorial design,
    but about applying digital accessibility standards to define an
    internal technical description of the contents of the PDF document
    so that accessibility devices can accurately reproduce the content.

    In return you get an accessible PDF from us
    that has retained its original look.

    However, we have added an invisible layer with instructions
    to serve people using assistive technologies in reading,
    understanding and navigating the PDF content on an equal footing
    - the document is accessible for everyone.

axes4 Services - Document Tagging Structure - Picture

    • Comprehensive and rich semantics
    • Appropriate tags are added to the content of the PDF and may include:

      • Headings

      • Paragraphs

      • Lists

      • Tables

      • Links

      • Figures / Images / Graphics

      • Captions

      • Notes

      • Form fields

      • Formulas

      • Quotations

      • Table of Contents

    • Correct reading order
    • The order of the tags,
      also known as the logical order,
      follows the natural reading order.

      You can see the logical order for example in
      the Screenreader Preview of the free
      PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC).

axes4 Services - Correct Reading Order - Picture

    • Identification of artifacts
    • Decorative elements, repeated content in
      page headers and footers and other elements
      that are not relevant for understanding
      the document are marked as artifacts.

axes4 Services - Identification of Artifacts - Picture

    • Navigation aid

      • Table of Content
      • Accessible links from the table of contents.

      • Notes
      • Accessible links between footnote and references.

      • Bookmarks
      • Nested bookmarks based on
        the heading structure in the document.

    • Descriptive text for figures, formulas and forms
    • Alternative text for elements that are not represented by text.
      In general our clients provide these descriptions.

axes4 Services - Alternate Text - Picture

    Quality Assurance (QA)

    We make a thorough test of all PDF documents based on
    accessibility requirements from PDF/UA and WCAG
    to make sure that you get compliant PDF documents.

    We combine automatic test tools and manual procedures
    to achieve the best result.

    If PDF/A-2a is required, we do this conversion as a final step
    before delivering the PDF document to you.

    • Quality in 3 Steps:

      1. Machine/Automatic check
      2. We check the technical accessibility with
        axesCheck, axesPDF and PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC).

        This includes general PDF issues, font problems,
        the logical structure and document settings.

axes4 Services - Quality Assurance - Machine/Automatic Check - PAC Check - Picture

      1. Visual check
      2. We have a close look at the logical structure
        to evaluate whether every piece of content is
        provided with the correct tag and the logical
        order reflects the natural reading order.

axes4 Services - Quality Assurance - Visual Check - Correct Reading Order - Picture

      1. Assistive technology check
      2. Finally we check the real life accessibility for
        users of assistive technologies.

        We use the screenreaders JAWS and NVDA
        as well as the low vision tool VIP PDF-Reader.

axes4 Services - Quality Assurance - Assistive Technology Check - VIP PDF-Reader - Picture

For more information contact NewFormat

NewFormat AB
Smörblommegränd 14, SE-165 72 Hässelby (Stockholm), Sweden
tel:+46 (0)70 631 53 01

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