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Aleyant - Web-to-Print Solutions

Aleyant provides web-to-print, estimating and production, and
prepress automation workflow software for graphic arts professionals
- expanding customers’ ability to be more available, efficient and profitable.

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of leading tools for the graphic communications industry
from Aleyant, USA.

Aleyant - Integrated Printing Workflow
Web-to-print, estimating & production, and
prepress automation workflow software (3:11)

Aleyant’s software solutions can work together,
creating an efficient, automated printing workflow....

Aleyant - Workflow - Tools Pipeline - Picture

    Aleyant's automated print software solutions create a solid foundation for growing
    your print business (and customer count) by automating daily print processes
    such as ordering, pricing, file correction, production, customer service and more.

    The automation print software reduces manual touches,
    errors and production time for your print shop.

    With it, you can connect online design to B2C and B2B online print stores.

    Connect your print store to estimating, production management and to
    customer service and prepress automation.

    Aleyant software products can be used separately, together or with third-party apps.

    Start Automating Today with Aleyant!

....or use them separately, together, or with 3rd party systems

Aleyant eDocBuilder - Icon

Web to Print Online Design & VDP

    Aleyant eDocBuilder™ is a web-to-print variable data publishing (VDP)
    personalization and online design system. Included with Pressero or
    available to easily integrate into another storefront or software solution.

    Aleyant eDocBuilder can be integrated in other ecommerce web-to-print
    storefronts and portals.
    eDocBuilder is now integrated into multiple MIS and web-to-print solutions
    and even powers the document customization capabilities of industry leaders.

Connect your online design solution / eDocBuilder
to your online print store solution / Pressero:

Aleyant Pressero - Icon

Web-to-Print Storefronts & eCommerce

    Aleyant Pressero™ is a complete, web to print solution for
    your company offered on a SaaS (hosted) model.
    Every Web-to-Print Capability You Need in One Affordable Package!

    Aleyant Pressero Web-to-Print software is one of the most complete
    web-to-print solutions within its price class, providing many features
    our competitors do not offer.

    The focus on providing MIS and ERP integration capabilities has opened up
    new opportunities for our clients.

    Pressero's highly customizable retail store interface has launched
    many of our clients into the exciting world of Internet based print sales.

Connect your online print store solution / Pressero
to estimating and prepress automation solution / PrintJob Manager:

Aleyant PrintJobManager - Icon

MIS/ERP Simplified

    Aleyant PrintJobManager™ is MIS/ERP simplified.
    It uses a new mobile, cloud-based approach to MIS that includes
    a fast means of generating market-driven pricing, job management,
    inventory tracking, real-time job tracking and estimating.

Connect your estimating and prepress automation solution / PrintJob Manager
to your prepress workflow solution / tFLOW

Aleyant tFlow - Icon

Prepress Automation Workflow

    Aleyant tFLOW™ is a powerful digital and large format prepress workflow automation
    and customer service solution for commercial, large format, label, and specialty graphics.
    tFLOW simplifies difficult file management tasks and processes
    to optimize efficiency and production throughput.

    tFLOW eliminates redundant manual touch points and provides
    team communication tools for today’s workplace.

    Customers, sales representatives, prepress operators and production teams
    collaborate in real-time 24/7 with total visibility, eliminating lengthy email chains,
    text messages and phone calls that cause missed deadlines and costly mistakes and delays.

webinars / video recordings, tutorials, demonstrations, trainings

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Video Demonstrations of Aleyant Solutions

Reserve online-demonstration of Aleyant Solutions

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