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Twixl Publisher is targeted at
publishers, agencies and the enterprise market
and offers all the flexibility that allows it to be
integrated into existing workflows.

    The publisher is in control!
    Publishers embrace Twixl Publisher as one of the most complete and effective
    solutions in the market, providing them the freedom to define how far they
    want to go on the level of interactivity in their publications.

    Twixl Publisher is the ideal solution for mid-size publishers,
    a professional mobile publishing solution at a competitive price.
    It allows you to develop a complete mobile publishing strategy
    step by step at a manageable cost.

    Twixl Publisher provides a complete mobile publishing package that can be used
    either as an all in one solution or brick by brick.
    Twixl Publisher is a tool for:
    • content creation
    • app creation
    • content distribution
    • user and publication management

    The complementing Twixl Reader SDK provides the capability of displaying
    a Twixl publication in custom made apps. Twixl Publisher provides different
    APIs to connect with the Twixl Distribution Platform and to integrate with
    a custom entitlement server.

    "Do-it-yourself" (DIY) storage is supported so publishers with high volume
    downloads can manage their distribution cost even better.

    Publishers use Twixl Publisher both for their
    regular magazines, and also for special issues:
      A lot of publishers have developed their own custom app with
      specific kiosk features for purchasing and cross-selling,
      but they still want to display interactive content within these apps
      that is being created with a highly automated workflow.
      Twixl Publisher allows them to produce the content easily in Adobe InDesign,
      and the Twixl Reader SDK will display these files in a custom app.

      Special Issues
      Twixl provides an easy workflow and many of Twixl´s clients use
      the Twixl Publisher solution when time to market is important.
      Whereas 'normal' magazine issues can sometimes have limited enriched content,
      special issues can really be a showcase for different types of interactive content.

    Twixl also allows high-volume publishers to take care of their own
    (Amazon S3 or Windows Azure) storage for magazine issues,
    so they have even more control over the cost of digital distribution.
    This makes a huge difference for publishers.

    Twixl Publisher also integrates with certain workflow systems and automation tools
    like WoodWing Enterprise and Enfocus Switch.

    Benefits for Publishers:
    • intuitive creation process
    • easy to use workflow
    • can be integrated in existing workflows
    • short time to market
    • control of digital distribution cost
    • independent publishing

    Communication & PR Agencies, and Independant Designers
    Brands can’t afford not to be mobile anymore, all their different stakeholders
    are in need of specific mobile tools and mobile content.
    Agencies need to be able to respond to this demand without
    the need to change the way they create content completely.

    Twixl Publisher helps bridge the gap towards mobile publishing.

      Mobile publishing is a match for the agency business.
      Traditional agencies and independent designers represent a large group of
      users of Twixl Publisher. Twixl Publisher lets designers create and publish
      enriched apps without any programming knowledge.

      Mobile publishing sits in the middle between print and web.
      Anyone knowing Adobe InDesign can do tablet publishing with Twixl Publisher.
      This is why Twixl Publisher lets you create content in Adobe InDesign,
      and integrate HTML5-based content created with tools like
      Tumult Hype and Edge Animate.

      So parts of your app may be created by designers and other parts by web
      developers who can integrate tailor-made HTML5 animations and content.
      This will lower the overall development cost and shorten the time to market.

      App store and In-house publishing
      Today, agencies using Twixl's solution are creating both App Store and
      in-house ("Enterprise") apps, e.g. newsletters, brochures,
      company magazines, sales and product presentations.

      Twixl Publisher, in combination with Twixl Distribution Platform and Pro Pack
      can also be deployed by an agency as an extra service for own clients.
      The agency will then not only create the interactive content,
      but also manage the private distribution.

      Mobile publishing represents a new market and a new source of
      revenue for creatives. It can compensate for the decrease in revenue
      from the traditional print market.

      Agency-friendly license model
      Twixl's subscription model allows agencies to create an unlimited number
      of apps for different clients as part of only one subscription.

      Depending on the type of subscription you can create and manage
      an unlimited number of single-issue or even multi-issue applications.

      At no point will the agency's clients be required to buy their own
      subscription unless these clients want to manage their mobile
      publication content themselves.

    Benefits for Agencies and Independant Designers:
    • one solution for both App Store and in-house publishing
    • an unlimited number of apps & publications
    • low total cost of ownership
    • added services for your clients
    • easy to use
    • short learning curve
    • short time to market

    Enterprise / In-house Publishing
    Attractive and dynamic presentations for sales reps are already used frequently.
    Today companies are looking at in-house publishing to control content distribution
    in their company. They are also looking at public apps to give access to specific
    target groups as part of customer loyalty and engagement programs.

    Enterprise publishing requires a good content management solution (CMS) where
    every user profile only gets access to the information that matters to him/her.
    It brings sales presentations and customer relations management to the next level
    where the customer experience and delivering on expectations is essential.

      App store or iOS Enterprise publishing?
      There are two ways to publish in-house or to closed target groups.
      The first is specific for iOS, where you can distribute Enterprise apps
      under the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.
      The disadvantage is that you are only allowed to distribute these applications
      internally to the company's employees. Therefore many companies that want
      to publish in-house still use App Store apps, but with restricted access.
      This has the advantage that you can also publish to Android devices if needed.

      All Twixl Publisher subscriptions allow the creation of single- and multi-issue
      iOS Enterprise apps as well as App Store apps.
      The Twixl Distribution Platform will facilitate the distribution of both types of
      multi-issue applications next to a multitude of additional services.
      The optional Pro Pack integrates Entitlements and Categories in your apps.

      Users & Groups Entitlement manages who gets access to which
      type of publications/documents. Password management makes it easy to
      manage the passwords of a large group of users.
      Categories let you divide your content into different sections.

      Twixl Publisher, in combination with the Twixl Distribution Platform and
      the Pro Pack, offers everything needed to publish in-house.

    Benefits for Companies/Enterprises:
    • easy to use
    • one solution for in-house and app store publishing
    • platform to manage documents and access to documents
    • solution for iOS & Android
    • publish both PDF-based as well as enriched content

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