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Twixl Distribution Platform for Distribution via App Stores - Details

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Twixl media - Twixl Distribution Platform Multi-issue app distribution made easy - Text Banner

Twixl media - Twixl Distribution Platform Multi-issue app distribution made easy - Text Banner

    Twixl Distribution Platform
    - App Store and Inhouse Publishing Deployment Tool

    Distribution Made Easy via App Stores (iOS, Google Play or Amazon) and via inhouse publishing.

    Twixl Distribution Platform is an independent publishing platform to distribute publications (content).
    It also allows enterprises to publish all kind of apps and documents within the company network.

    What it is - The tool to deploy your apps to the App Stores

    Once you have created your app you’ll want to distribute it in the app stores.
    Single-issue apps can be published directly to the app stores,
    but for multi-issue apps you need a distribution and storage platform.
    That’s what the Twixl Distribution Platform is all about.

    To publish multi-issue apps in the app stores you need a content management system (CMS)
    to both manage users, content and store issues of multi-issue apps created with Twixl Publisher.
    The Twixl Distribution Platform is a cloud-based backend CMS to manage and store content
    for multi-issue app store apps created with Twixl Publisher.

    Twixl Distribution Platform is a content management system (CMS) for managing
    users, content and multi-issue apps created with Twixl Publisher.

Twixl Distribution Platform Dashboard - Web-based CMS
Twixl media - Twixl Distribution Platform Web-based CMS - Welcome/Control Panel - Picture

    The CMS allows you to set up multiple apps, and manage the issues in those apps.
    Apps can contain free content, in-app purchase content (per issue),
    and/or subscription content.

    The Twixl Distribution Platform CMS will also manage the storage of the issues and determine
    which issue(s) are going to be available to users that make a particular purchase.

    The Twixl Distribution Platform also interacts with the App Store developer portals,
    iTunes Connect (for iPad apps), Google Play Developer Console (for Android apps),
    or Amazon (for Android apps on Kindle) to get detailed info about the content in the app.
    This makes sure that for every purchase via the app store, the Twixl Distribution Platform
    will let the user download the correct publication(s).

    Platform downloads are automatically optimized for the device,
    so that an iPad retina will only get the retina content,
    and a ‘standard’ iPad only the normal resolution version
    (the same goes for 7” and 10” for Android devices).

    Push notifications are also supported so you can send a notification message
    to all existing users of your app when publishing a new issue.

    Twixl Distribution Platform uses Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    to ensure optimal download speeds from any location around the world.

    How it works

    The Twixl Distribution Platform offers different cloud-based services.
    Basically these services manage the distribution of your publications and
    manage who gets to download which issues. Apart from this, it also enables
    you to communicate with your subscribers by means of push notifications.
Twixl Flow Sketch 7 - Twixl Workflow - Distribution Platform - Picture

    Frequently publishers may want to provide print subscribers of a publication
    with free access to otherwise paid content in an app.
    The Twixl Distribution Platform supports this as an extra option / ‘Entitlement’.

Twixl Distribution Platform Content Delivery

Twixl Distribution Platform - Akamai CDN - Picture

Akamai Content Delivery Network

    Twixl Distribution Platform uses Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    to ensure optimal download speeds from any location around the world.

    Benefits of Akamai CDN:
    • major increase in download speed
    • optimized network of servers and intelligent software
    • content is cached on different servers across the world


    • In-App Purchase.
      In your app, you can provide the option to purchase each issue separately.
      The distribution platform automatically allows the purchased issue to be downloaded.

    • Subscription (auto renewable/free subscription).
      A subscription provides a subscriber access to all new issues of a publication
      for a certain amount of time. The Twixl Distribution Platform will manage
      who gets access to which issues and until when.
      This type of subscription is always auto-renewable.
      A free subscription is also an option.

    • Subscriptions:
Twixl media - Twixl Distribution Platform Web-based CMS - Subscriptions - Picture

    • Newsstand.
      Newsstand is a special category of Apple App Store apps
      that need to offer an auto-renewable or free subscription.
      If you put your app in Newsstand, new issues can be pushed
      to user’s devices automatically, in the background; e.g. when
      the iPad is recharging or connected to your laptop.
      The Twixl Distribution Platform links to iTunes Connect and handles the downloads.

    • Customizable User Interface (UI).
      The user interface of your kiosk is customizable,
      you have different options to control the look and feel.

    • Push notifications.
      You can send a push notification to all subscribers of your app every time
      you publish a new issue. Push notifications are short messages that
      appear on the lock screen of your tablet or within the app itself.

    • Send notifications:
Twixl media - Twixl Distribution Platform Web-based CMS - Send Notification Picture

    • Link to App Stores.
      The Twixl Distribution Platform connects to
      iTunes Connect, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.

    • Automatic publication split per platform.
      This feature allows downloads to be automatically optimized for the device and
      platform, so that an iPad retina will only get the retina content,
      and a ‘standard’ iPad only the normal resolution version.
      (the same goes for Android 7” & 10” devices).

    • Device-specific download:
Twixl media - Twixl Distribution Platform Web-based CMS - Auto Split Per Platform - Picture

    • Two Storage Options.
      • Twixl Storage (subject for download fees):
        We offer this storage as a service on Twixl media servers by default;
        both the management and distribution service as well as the storage service.
        Includes high-performance content delivery via Akamai CDN.

      • Do It Yourself Storage (DIY):
        High-volume publishers may prefer to use their own storage account.
        The Twixl Distribution Platform is then used only for the management and
        distribution services, while own Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure account is
        used for the storage of the issues.

        This way high-volume publishers will benefit from an even lower download cost.
        With the yearly subscription, high-volume publishers get
        1.000.000 free transactions instead of the download credit.
        Each download and each notification are then counted as a transaction.

    • Twixl Distribution Platform Supported Document Types.
Twixl Supported Document Type - .publication - Icon Twixl Supported Document Type - PDF - Icon
      • Twixl Publisher .publication files.
      • PDF files:
        • bookmarking
        • search
        • TOC overview
        • standard portrait view or 2-page landscape view (spreads)
      • mix both Twixl and PDF files in one app

      • movie files (.mov, .mp4 (.m4v) / H.264 encoded)
      • images or collections of images (.jpg, .png, .gif)
      • HTML packages

    • "Featured issue" in kiosk store:
      • Put an issue / published issue / specific issue in the kiosk spotlight.
        The "featured issue" is ideal to introduce readers to a specific issue in an app.
      • Set the issue options on the fly in Twixl Distribution Platform.
Twixl media - Twixl Distribution Platform - Featured Issue - Picture

    • Analytics/Statistics Feature.
    • Twixl Publisher allows you to integrate analytics in your publications.
      It is also possible to integrate third party analytics to interactive elements;
      like Google Analytics both in single- and multi-issue apps,
      and Localytics (in multi-issue apps only).

      Analytics is integrated in Twixl Distribution Platform (for kiosk apps only)
      with a dashboard overview of statistics following the MPA Standards
      (The Association of Magazine Media Standards for Digital Magazine Metrics) like:
      • total consumer paid digital issues
      • edition readers per issue
      • number of sessions per issue
      • average time spent per reader per issue

      Users of the Twixl Distribution Platform will get an automatic overview for
      all multi-issue apps, with zero configuration required, for app-level as well as
      issue-level analytics information. All live data can be accessed on
      the Twixl Distribution Platform at any time to track all apps, to analyse the results
      of different issues, and follow what readers have been looking at in an issue.

Details on built-in reporting and analytics
- App-level reports - Advanced reports - Issue-level reports -
in Twixl Distribution Platform (external URL)

Twixl media - Twixl Distribution Platform Web-based CMS - Download Analytics Statistics - Daily Downloads - Picture

    • Optional - Twixl Distribution Platform Pro Pack.
    • The optional Twixl Distribution Platform Pro Pack integrates
      'Entitlements' and 'Categories' in your apps.

      It provides the option to connect your publications to a subscriber or user database.
      It allows you to determine who gets access to which publications in your app
      (restricted access or entitlement).
      It also provides the option of using categories in your kiosk apps.

      Password management makes it easy to manage the passwords of a large group of users.

Twixl Flow Sketch 8 - Twixl Workflow - Distribution Platform - Entitlements - Picture

      'Entitlement' allow a publisher to ask more information
      of the reader before access is granted.
      The publisher can define what information is required,
      going from regional information to personal preferences:
      • user login & password
      • access code
      • region / language selection

      Typical use cases for Entitlement
      • link print subscribers to tablet editions
      • distribute regional sensitive content
      • distribute language specific content
      • offer privileges to existing clients
        • Build brand loyalty
        • Keep clients informed over new products, collections, projects,…
        • Stimulate offline sales
      • Provide restricted access to sensitive content
        • Dealer information
        • Physicians/medical content
        • Finance / financial info

      This way publishers can provide easier access to tablet editions and they
      can give free access to specific target groups for a limited period of time,
      with a better conversion rate to paid subscribers afterwards.

      • Entitlement in app store apps.
        Entitlement allow publishers to provide e.g. print/web subscribers
        free access to otherwise paid content in an app, to mobile editions,
        or to provide a specific target group with a coupon code allowing
        access to a particular issue of a publication for free; to increase the value
        proposition and advertising value of their publication. Obvious segmentation
        criteria are e.g. regional content, language-specific content, etc.

      • Entitlement in in-house apps.
        The special "Users & Groups" entitlement option manages who gets access
        to which type of publications/documents. It is targeted at companies
        that deploy apps in-house either by distributing an app internally using
        Apple's Developer Enterprise Program, or by publishing an app on
        the App Store with "restricted access".

        Some publications are only meant to target a closed group,
        e.g. medical publications, reseller information, etc.
        Using entitlement allows a company to publish to specific target groups
        without making the content available to the public.
        Only entitled users that the company has defined will be allowed access.

        Different groups can be defined so that each group
        may have access to different publications.

      • Custom Entitlement Server
        The Twixl Distribution Platform provides built-in support for a number of
        specific use cases for entitlements, but integration with an custom (external)
        entitlement server is also possible.
        In most cases, integrating direct entitlement will require some custom
        development to provide for the connection between the Twixl Distribution
        Platform and the publisher’s database of users/subscribers.

        Technical documentation on how to integrate entitlement is available on request.

      Subscribers to Twixl Publisher ONE or FOUR Apps an add
      the "Entitlement Pack" to their yearly plan.

    • 'Categories' let you divide your content into different sections.
    • The categories feature lets publishers divide their content in
      multi-issue (kiosk) apps into different sections.
      Each publication can be assigned to one or more categories.

      This feature is useful for publishers, but also for enterprise solutions.
      Use cases for publishers are:
      • sort by Week edition vs. Weekend edition
      • sort by Year
      • sort by Topic

      Use cases for the enterprise are:
    • sort by product
    • sort by application
    • sort by chapter (for catalogue-type publications)

    • Twixl Distribution Platform APIs.
      • Twixl Distribution Platform API for built-in entitlements.
      • Allows publishers to add/update/delete entitlement information
        on the Twixl Distribution Platform via a web service.

      • Twixl Distribution Platform Admin API.
      • Allows external applications to talk to the Twixl Distribution Platform,
        such as creating issues in an app and uploading them to the platform,
        downloading app analytics, etc.

      • Twixl Distribution Platform Reader API.
      • Allows custom apps (e.g. apps using the Twixl Reader SDK)
        to integrate with the Twixl Distribution Platform.

Twixl Distribution Platform - Specifications / Product Matrix (Click on picture)

Twixl Distribution Product Matrix - For Multi-issue App Store Apps - Features Summary  - Picture

    • Subscriptions.
      Access to the Twixl Distribution Platform is available for a yearly subscription fee.
      (Independent of whether you are using Twixl Storage or Do It Yourself (DIY) Storage)

      Subscription of Twixl Publisher One Multi comes with
      - 5.000 free downloads and 25.000 free push notifications per year.
      Subscription of Twixl Publisher Unlimited Multi comes with
      - 20.000 free downloads and 100.000 free push notifications per year.
      Download and notifications can be used for different applications and issues.
      Includes high-performance content delivery via Akamai CDN.

      Subscribers using own storage / DIY Storage get 1.000.000 transactions.
      There are two types of transactions:
      • every request that the Twixl Distribution Platform receives
        for a download from the subscriber’s storage account
      • every push notification

      A publisher will be notified when 75% and 90% of
      the available download credits have been used.
      New credits can then be purchased before you run out of credits
      to ensure there is no disruption of the service.

    • Extra credits can be purchased at extremely competitive prices:
      • Extra download credits can be purchased in quantities of 1.000
      • Extra transaction credits can be purchased in quantities of 100.000

      Credits are not limited to one app;
      they can be used for different apps of the same customer.
      Upfront online purchase and payment of bundles is required.
      Credits are valid for one year, starting from the purchase date.
      Open credits expire after one year.

    • Average File Size.
      The average file size is up to 250MB maximum.
      This average takes into account all the issues of different apps by one customer.
      The customer will be able to monitor the average file size on the Distribution Platform
      and will be notified if the average exceeds 250MB; in that case,
      Twixl may decide to calculate more than 1 credit per download.

    • Entitlements.
      ‘Entitlement support’ is offered as an extra option for a yearly subscription fee.
      (Independent of whether you are using Twixl Storage or DIY Storage).

    Publish In-House (Private / Enterprise Publishing):

    With Twixl Distribution Platform you can distribute your 'enterprise' content
    that can contain both Twixl Publisher-based publications,
    as well as PDF, HPUB, and HTML documents.
Twixl App Store / Private / In-House / Enterprise Publishing - Picture

    For whom can you publish?
    Enterprise publishing allows companies and organizations to publish
    all kind of apps and documents within their company network.
    The term "company network" is an elastic concept.
    It means your network of employees and members of your organisation.

    In order to publish iOS apps in-house,
    the content publisher needs to apply for the iOS Developer Enterprise Program.

    When you have registered you can distribute in-house iOS apps within the company:
    • to create interactive content you need Twixl Publisher
    • to publish and distribute that content in-house you need Twixl Distribution Platform
    • distribution is limited to all members of an organization

Enterprise Publishing - Publish in-house (private)
Twixl Flow Sketch 5 - Twixl Workflow - Enterprise Publishing - In-House Deployment Model - Picture

    The important thing is that you are not allowed to publish publicly, e.g. on your web site.
    If you are publishing to the public outside of the Apple App Store, you are violating
    the rules that Apple defined for the Apple iOS Developer Enterprise Program.
    • Note! If you want to work with an external agency you will have to register
      their developers within your iOS Developer Program portal.

Enterprise Publishing - Agency Model
Twixl Flow Sketch 6 - Twixl Workflow - Enterprise Publishing - Agency Deployment Model - Picture

    Attractive workmodel for creative agencies and designers that want happier
    enterprise clients while driving more profitable publishing projects.

    There are different collaboration models between a company outsourcing
    publishing projects to an agency.
    Who creates the applications? Who publishes? Who will manage the content?

    We understand creative agencies and independent designers need to
    simultaneously be allowed to work with an unlimited number of
    agency clients and projects under a single developer license.

    Twixl's subscription model is a very agency-friendly licensing model.
    It allows agencies to create an unlimited number of apps for
    different clients as part of only one subscription

    Depending on the type of subscription the agency can create and manage
    an unlimited number of single-issue or even multi-issue apps

    At no point will the agency's clients be required to buy their own
    subscription unless these clients want to manage their mobile
    publication content themselves

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