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Twixl Publisher Unlimited Multi-issue Apps
All-in-One Solution for Publishers, Creative Agencies and App Developers

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    Twixl Publisher Unlimited Multi-issue Apps - details:
    - "All-in-One" solution for publishers and creative/production agencies
    while driving more profitable publishing projects

    The All-in-One tablet publishing solution for all type of
    publishers, agencies and app developers.

    Reliable and affordable publishing solution for enriched and optimized publications
    on iOS and Android tablets, smartphones and modern web browsers.

    Preferred choice by creative/production agencies as replacement for Adobe DPS Pro.
    (According to Adobe’s announcement, Adobe DPS Pro is now limited to
    single client subscription for which agencies either need to purchase a
    single license per client or move to the expensive Adobe DPS Enterprise Editions).

    We offer an attractive workmodel for creative agencies and designers that want
    happier enterprise clients while driving more profitable publishing projects.

    We understand creative agencies and independent designers need to
    simultaneously work with an unlimited number of own agency clients and
    projects under a single developer license.

    There are different collaboration models between a company outsourcing
    publishing projects to an agency.
    Who creates the applications? Who publishes? Who will manage the content?

    Therefore, we offer a special agency-friendly packaging based on
    the Twixl Publisher Unlimited Multi-issue Apps subscription.

    Twixl's subscription model is a very agency-friendly licensing model.
    It allows agencies to create an unlimited number of apps for
    different clients as part of only one subscription

    Depending on the type of subscription the agency can create and manage
    an unlimited number of single-issue or even multi-issue apps

    At no point will the agency's clients be required to buy their own
    subscription unless these clients want to manage their mobile
    publication content themselves

    All-in-One Twixl Publisher Unlimited Multi-issue Apps,
    a single subscription to create and publish:

    • unlimited number of multi-issue apps, and
    • unlimited number of single-issue apps
    for an unlimited number of agency clients.

    Twixl Distribution Platform included.
    Entitlement Pack included.
    20TB Bandwidth included.
    Subscription: 1 year.

    • Integration API
    • Automated Content Sources

    Twixl tools are easy to use and offer as much independence as possible and
    the solution scales easily. Many agencies prefer Twixl Publisher’s easy workflow,
    both for the creation process and for test/proofing and deployment.

    Twixl Importer makes it easier for users who have been using Adobe DPS to
    switch to using the Twixl solution. It imports existing Adobe DPS Folio Overlay
    properties to Twixl Publisher counterparts.

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