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Twixl Publisher & Twixl Distribution Platform
Subscription Plans and Annual Fees,
Licenses, and General Terms & Conditions

Annual Subscription Fees (Euro)

Twixl Publisher - Subscription Plans and Annual Fees (Euro), Licenses - Picture

Twixl Publisher Subscription Plans, Licenses, Terms and Condition - Banner

    Which plan to you need?

    Twixl offer three yearly subscription plans and three extra options.
    The subscription that is right for you will depend on the type and
    the number of app(s) you want to create and publish.

    Please note that you can always upgrade to a subscription with
    more features during the course of your subscription.

    All subscriptions allow you to create "ad hoc" or "test flight" test builds,
    app store builds as well as iOS enterprise builds.

    • Twixl Publisher One/Four/Unlimited Apps
    • With these subscriptions you can publish both single-issue and
      multi-issue apps in the different app stores and manage and store
      the different apps and issues on the Twixl Distribution Platform.

      One, Four and Unlimited refers to the number of multi-issue apps
      you can publish with that subscription.
      You can publish either issue-based or article-based, and use
      InDesign, HTML or PDF-based content.
      You can also combine these different content sources in the same app.

      Issue-based content is published in a traditional ‘kiosk’,
      for article-based content we provide very flexible configuration options
      to fully customize the interface of your app according to your needs.
      All apps on the Twixl Distribution Platform support the use of
      in-app purchases and subscriptions, and allow you to send push notifications.

      Analytics reports are readily available.
      If you need to integrate third party analytics,
      Google Analytics and Localytics are also supported.
      All these subscriptions also let you publish an unlimited number of
      single-issue apps and Web Reader content from InDesign.

    • Entitlement Pack Option
    • This option allows you to use restricted access (entitlement) in your apps,
      both for app store or in-house apps.

      More on Entitlement Pack

    • Integration API Option
    • This option is required when you want to integrate
      with automated production flows.

      More on Integration API

    • Automated Content Sources Option
    • With this option you can subscribe to content from
      RSS feeds, YouTube channels and Vimeo Channels and
      easily integrate that content in your apps.

      More on Automated Content Sources

Twixl Publisher - Overview - Create and Publish

Twixl Publisher - Overview - Create and Publish - Picture

Twixl Publisher - Overview - Tools / Solution Modules

Twixl Publisher - Tools / Solution - Picture

Twixl Publisher - Overview - Features

Twixl Publisher - Overview - Features - Picture

Twixl Publisher - Overview - Preview and Deploy

Twixl Publisher - Preview and Deploy - Picture

Twixl Publisher - Terms & Conditions

    Twixl Publisher General Terms and Conditions (GTC) - Full version

    Comprehensive information on the legal terms and conditions for use of Twixl Publisher:

    Terms & Conditions - Summary

    The standard subscription period for all products (licenses) is 1 year,
    starting on the date the license code was delivered to the customer.

    Subscriptions to be payed in advance of the start of the subscription period.

    The One, Four and Unlimited subscriptions include Twixl Publisher and
    an account on the Twixl Distribution Platform.

    Subscriptions for 2 or 3 years can be offered with a discount of respectively
    10% and 15%, but with up front payment only.
    In that case, the order needs specifically state the duration.

    The subscription price can be secured for 2 to maximum 3 years
    if the customer is engaging upfront for 2 or 3 years.
    The customer will be invoiced every year at the price that is agreed on upfront.
    We do not apply a discount on those prices.

    The One subscription allows only one multi-issue app in the Twixl Distribution Platform.
    If you want to build a second multi-issue app, you will need to buy a
    second subscription or to upgrade to a Four or Unlimited subscription.

    Upgrades - Summary

    Upgrade from One to Four or Unlimited is possible,
    and also from Four to Unlimited:

    • Prices and bandwidth will be re-calculated pro rata based on
      the number of months remaining in the current subscription period.

    • If an upgrade comes close to the expiration date (within the last quarter)
      we might suggest to handle the renewal at the same time.

    • It is also possible to start a new one year subscription at the time of the upgrade.
      In this case the price of the new subscription will be diminished with
      the amount of the previous subscription that was not yet consumed.

Twixl Publisher - Maintenance, Support & Upgrade Contract

    Maintenance, Support and Upgrades are included in the yearly subscription.


    • bug fixes

    • software compatibility updates (platform & Adobe InDesign)


    • during working hours (from 9am to 5pm CET)

    • online-documentation is available at Twixl Online Help

    • for questions and issues:

      • first line support (provided in Swedish and English):
        please contact NewFormat AB

      • second line support (provided in English):
        please file your support case at Twixl Support Platform
        where follow-up to reported issues will be handled online
      • Twixl will usually respond to support tickets within one working day:
        either a solution will be provided,
        or an estimated time frame for a possible fix.
        Feature requests are always appreciated.

    • on-site user training is recommended for a smooth learning process,
      please contact NewFormat AB


    Both minor and major releases of the product.

Twixl Publisher - Compatibility / Extra Users

    Compatibility / Extra Users

    The number of users per license is unlimited.

    Every license is limited to a single legal entity.

Twixl Publisher - Enterprise Licences

    Enterprise Licences

    Are specific for those customers that are asking
    for special licenses or for specific deals:

    • Multi seats, multi companies

    • Specific SLA

    • Specific Terms & Conditions (STC) vs General Terms & Conditions (GTC)

    We will analyse those requests and if possible offer a specific price for those licenses.

Twixl media - Twixl Distribution Platform - Banner

Twixl Twixl Distribution Platform Licenses, Terms & Conditions
for Multi-Issue App Publishing

Content delivery services are provided by the Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Twixl Distribution Platform - Overview - Store and Management

Twixl Distribution Platform - Store and Management - Picture

Twixl Distribution Platform - Overview - Storage and Downloads

Twixl Publisher - Twixl Distribution Platform - Overview - Storage and Downloads - Picture

Twixl Distribution Platform - Overview - Entitlement and Security

Twixl Publisher - Twixl Distribution Platform - Overview - Entitlement and Security - Picture

Twixl Distribution Platform - Overview - Communication

Twixl Publisher - Twixl Distribution Platform - Overview - Communication - Picture

Twixl Distribution Platform - Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions


    The Twixl Distribution Platform infrastructure uses the Microsoft Azure platform,
    and has five different storage locations around the world.
    In addition, it also relies on the Akamai CDN (Content Delivery Network)
    to ensure optimal download speeds from any location worldwide.

    Articles, collections and app setups are stored on Twixl media servers.
    Every type of subscription comes with a yearly volume of bandwidth.

    • One App: 2 TB bandwidth/year & unlimited push notifications included

    • Four Apps: 8 TB bandwidth/year & unlimited push notifications included

    • Unlimited Apps: 20 TB bandwidth/year & unlimited push notifications included

    Purchased bandwidth can be used per account and not per app.

    Bandwidth included in the yearly subscription is valid for 1 year,
    starting from the purchase date.
    The remaining standard volume of bandwidth available in a subscription at
    the expiration date will expire, but a new volume will be made available
    in the new subscription.

    Extra bandwidth

    Extra Bandwidth available in quantities of 5 TB:

    • 5 TB

    • 10 TB

    • 20 TB

    Upfront payment of extra bandwidth is required.

    Extra purchased bandwidth remains valid as long as
    the customer has an ongoing subscription at Twixl media.

    Extra purchased bandwidth will only be used if the standard bandwidth
    that is included in the subscription has been fully consumed.

    DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Storage

    Only available on Unlimited subscriptions.

    Requires your own Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure storage account.
    Other storage accounts are optional, but require custom integration
    at an extra cost.

    Only one type of storage is possible per account, Twixl storage or DYI storage.

    Disruption Policy

    We expect to know, before the expiration date, from the customer,
    or from the customer’s partner, if customer wants to renew his subscription.

    From there the customer will be invoiced immediately and we expect
    payment by the expiration date of the actual subscription.
    We can agree on a grace period of two weeks upon request.
    After this term the service will be temporarily suspended until we get the payment.

    If we do not get a renewal order, or if we do not get the payment in time,
    all services will be discontinued by the expiration date and
    all apps on the account will stop working.
    If the apps were deployed in the app stores users will still be able to
    download them but the apps will not work.

    Platform settings and files will be deleted 30 days after
    the expiration date of the subscription.
    During those 30 days the service can still be reactivated,
    but the start date of the renewal will remain the end date
    of the previous term.

    Twixl do not terminate contracts before the contract period ends.

    Bandwidth Policy

    Customers will get a daily warning of the risk of bandwidth shortage from
    the moment their account reaches 75% usage of the available bandwidth volume.

    If a customer still runs out of bandwidth Twixl media will suspend all download services.
    Apps will remain available in the app stores, the customer will still be able to create
    apps and content and to publish this content but users of the apps will not be able
    to download the content.

    If agreed between the customer and Twixl media or the reseller and Twixl media,
    Twixl media can pre-finance extra purchased bandwidth that was not yet paid for.
    A maximum payment delay of 7 days will be allowed.

Twixl Distribution Platform - Nice to Know

    Nice to Know

    Account vs Client

    Every subscription on the Distribution Platform is linked to one account.
    Subscribers of Twixl Publisher Unlimited are free to handle
    as many apps and issues as they want per account.

    Different types of users can be created on the Twixl Distribution Platform:

    • Administrator
    • Has full access to everything and all apps under that account,
      both in the back end and in the App Reviewer.
      You can create different Administrators but they will all have access to everything.

    • App Administrator
    • Has access to selected apps only,
      both on the Twixl Distribution Platform and in the Twixl App Reviewer.
      You can create different app Administrators per app,
      each of them will have full access to the app they are entitled to.

    • App Reviewer
    • Can access selected apps in the Twixl App Reviewer app only
      (i.e. has no access to the back end)

    • App Report Viewer
    • Can access the Reports (analytics) of selected apps on the Twixl Distribution Platform.
      Has no access to the Twixl App Reviewer app and can't see any
      settings for the selected apps.
      This profile can be used for a customer to provide access to his analytics.
      App Reviewer access is available for article-based apps only.

    Purchase vs Download number

    Please note that the number of purchases for an issue (an in-app purchase)
    as reported by iTunes Connect may differ from the number of downloads of
    an issue as reported by the Twixl Distribution Platform.
    The reason being that someone who purchases an issue
    can download the same issue multiple times.
    Also, if you are using direct entitlement, their will be downloads
    from entitled customers that did not make an iTunes purchase.

Twixl Distribution Platform Options Banner - Picture

Entitlement Pack Option

    Twixl offer both built-in entitlement options as well as the ability to
    integrate with your own entitlement server.
    This feature provides the option to connect your app content
    to a subscriber or user database.
    It allows you to determine who gets access to which applications in your app
    (restricted access or entitlement).

    A typical use case of Entitlement is to provide subscribers of a print magazine
    with a login option to get free access to in-app purchase content.
    Another use case is where access to the content in an app is based on
    users and groups privileges, typically in an in-house (enterprise) app.
    The Entitlement Pack also provides the option to integrate with an
    external entitlement server.

    Built-in entitlement options are:

    • Print subscribers

    • Users (& Groups) with restricted access

    • Access key

    • Promo code

    • Adobe DPS/AEM Direct Entitlement API

    Entitlement in app store apps

    Frequently publishers may want to provide print subscribers
    with free access to otherwise paid content in an app.
    Publishers can also offer their content to a specific audience and so
    increase the value proposition and advertising value of their publication.
    Obvious segmentation criteria are e.g. regional content, language-specific content, etc.
    Other entitlement options allow the use of e.g. an access key or a promo code
    to claim free access to a particular content.

    Entitlement in in-house apps

    The special "Users & Groups" entitlement option is targeted at enterprises
    that deploy apps in-house either by distributing an app internally using
    Apple's Developer Enterprise Program, or by publishing an app on
    the App Store with "restricted access".

    Some apps are only meant to target a closed group,
    e.g. medical publications, reseller information, etc.
    Using entitlement allows a company to publish to specific target groups
    without making the content available to the public.
    Only entitled users that the company has defined will be allowed access.
    Different groups can be defined so that each group may have
    access to different content.

    Custom entitlement server

    The Twixl Distribution Platform provides built-in support for a number of
    specific use cases for entitlements, but integration with a custom (external)
    entitlement server is also possible.
    In most cases, integrating direct entitlement will require some
    custom development to provide for the connection between
    the Twixl Distribution Platform and the publisher’s database of users/subscribers.

    Within the Entitlement pack Twixl offer the Entitlement API to built a connection
    between Twixl Distribution Platform and an external entitlement server.

Twixl Distribution Platform Options Banner - Picture

Integration API Option

    Twixl Publisher lets you integrate with different solutions for automated production flows
    and so lets you push content to the Twixl Distribution Platform and into your app.

    The Integration API option allows you to integrate with a number of solutions that
    Twixl support out of the box, but using that same API, basically any type of CMS
    could be setup to push content to the Twixl Distribution Platform.
    Some custom development may be required to achieve this.

    The CMS solutions that Twixl support out of the box are:

    The Integration API comes as on option to the One App and Four App subscription,
    it is included in the Unlimited App subscription.

Twixl Distribution Platform Options Banner - Picture

Automated Content Sources Option

    Automated Content Sources let you pull content from
    RSS feeds, YouTube channels and Vimeo Channels in your app.
    This gives you the ability to enhance your app in a very easy yet valuable way.

    • You can define the collection where you want to add the feed,

    • You can define the cell style that will determine how
      the feed will be displayed in the cell,

    • You can make a selection from a number of predefined templates
      for styling the content of an imported RSS entry.

Twixl Distribution Platform Options Banner - Picture

Custom Domain for the Browser Client Option

    Standard browser client edition in HTML will be published on
    Twixl servers within the Twixl media domain;
    because it needs to access the content hosted on the Twixl Distribution Platform.

    The custom domain feature lets you access this browser client
    from a URL of your choice, like,
    or to replace the generic url
    by a url of the company:

    To setup this custom domain on our servers with a
    Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, Twixl requests a one-time fee:

    • for One App

    • for Four Apps on the same domain

    This option is included in the Unlimited Apps subscription.

    As long as you have a subscription running at Twixl media this setup
    will remain up and running and no extra cost will be invoiced.

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