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The professional solution for scanning and converting documents
on smartphones and tablets to PDF and PDF/A.

Foxit/LuraTech Mobile PDF
Mobile office 4.0 - Digitize on the move
2016-10-05 (47:11)

Currently, 57% of all businesses are attempting to improve
their customer service using mobile applications.
In addition, 52% of companies say using mobile apps to
win new customers is a central theme for them.
A fast, straightforward means of communication and
data exchange is an ideal solution for our era.
However, such a solution requires fully digital processes
- and inescapable paper documents such as application sheets,
forms, ID photocopies and other documents remain an obstacle.

The modern smartphone can bridge the gap between
the analog world of paper used by customers and employees,
and the digital processes used by businesses.
A smartphone can be used to "scan" paper to introduce it into a
digital business process, provided that high-quality documents are produced:
high-quality enough to be compatible with even such demanding
digital processes as OCR and automatic classification.

Predictions for 2017 show a turnover of 9.4 billion euros on the mobile internet.
Join this webinar to see how you too can be a part of it.
The webinar explains how to cross the divide between
analog paper and digital processes - even on the move.

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Webinar: Foxit/LuraTech Mobile PDF
One year of mobile scanning - An update
2016-06-23 (50:10)

Just over a year ago, Foxit/LuraTech brought the Mobile PDF product family onto the market.
Since then, both the SDK products and the mobile app have continued to grow and develop.
Meanwhile, a number of projects have been realized with our customers,
ranging from SDK delivery and customization SDKs to turnkey app development.

In this webinar, we'll show you both the wide range of possibilities
and the current status of our product family.
The webinar will be rounded out with experiences and
practical examples from Foxit's/LuraTech's own projects
- such as the fact that almost all of the apps that have been created
are integrated into business IT systems or the cloud.

This webinar is for anyone aiming to add or
optimize scanning functionality in their apps,
and is sure to offer something new even for existing users.

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Webinar: Smart Scanning Apps
Business processes begin on the smartphone
2015-08-20 (42:21)

So many business processes begin with a sheet of paper.
Maybe it's an application form in the B2C field, maybe it's a B2B contract.
Maybe it's for internal use, like an expense sheet for an employee's latest off-site trip.
The possibilities go on and on.

In this webinar, you'll learn how you can develop interactive
scanning apps quickly and without any prior understanding of image processing
or how to add functions like document submission to existing apps with
a minimum of time investment.
And all of this with maximum emphasis on the quality of the scan,
and as many processing steps completed automatically as possible
including OCR and other functions.
And in the mobile world, of course, document compression is particularly valuable.

Wouldn't it be interesting, then, if this kind of smart scanning app could be
integrated into a business' own systems using web service architectures
meaning that not only would processes complete automatically,
but the smartphone user would also receive responses to their
submissions, including approval messages and signatures?

Welcome on a tour of the possibilities and technologies
that smart scanning apps present.
You too can soon start offering improved customer services at reduced costs.

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Webinar: Product announcement
Mobile scanning at its best
2015-02-05 (39:30)

In this webinar,
we'll put the Foxit/LuraTech Mobile PDF Scanner app under the microscope
- as well as our mobile SDK products, Mobile Compression SDK and App Framework SDK.

Sending a signed contract to a business,
or filing a damage report with an insurance company - using an app?
What may have seemed like a pipe dream just a few weeks ago is now a reality.
But what can the user do to produce acceptable high-quality scans
that meet all submission requirements?
The solution: Foxit/LuraTech PDF Scanner iOS.

Or how about producing the same high-quality scans in your own mobile application
- with just a few weeks of development time?

Or adding PDF/A and compression to your own mobile scanning application?

The solution: Foxit/LuraTech SDKs for mobile devices.

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Webinar: Scanning goes mobile
Scan to PDF/A on your mobile device
2014-10-16 (41:02)

Sometimes you need to send a signed contract to a company,
or a damage report to an insurance firm.
Wouldn't it be great if you could do it with a mobile device?
But how can a user produce suitable high-quality scans
that meet all requirements?

The webinar will begin with practical case studies and an explanation
of the challenges that mobile scanning tends to encounter.
How, for example, do you solve the problem of poor lighting conditions?
Reflections? Distortion?

Performance will be another subject:
are satisfactory OCR, PDF/A conversion and (meaningful) compression
really possible on mobile devices?

Pick up some practical tips on how to implement mobile scanning in your business.
We will show you what the modern mobile hardware generation
already makes possible on the application side.

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