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Reasons to switch from Single-issue apps to Multi-issue apps


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Reasons to switch from Single-issue apps to a Multi-issue apps

Single-issue apps and issue-based apps
are not supported after 2019!

    Single-issue apps

    A single-issue app, or single-edition app, also called “standalone”, is a type of
    app where an update will always replace the original content completely.
    Typically this type of app is used for branding purposes, and created by agencies.
    In many cases, this type of content is offered for free.

    • Distribution of single-issue apps:
      A single-issue application will be uploaded as a whole to
      the app stores servers, and once the app has been approved,
      it will become available in the stores. From then on,
      the stores takes care of the hosting/bandwidth fees,
      independent of whether the app is downloaded
      10 times, or 1,000 or even 1,000,000 times.

    Multi-issue apps

    A multi-issue application, or multi-edition, also called “kiosk” or
    “storefront”, allows the publisher of the app to add new content later.
    Typically this is used by print publishers that are bringing their print
    publications (magazines, newspapers, etc.) to the mobile devices.

    Within a multi-issue app, every issue can be made available for purchase
    separately or per subscription, which automatically grants access to
    all issues that become available within the subscription period.
    Certain content within a multi-issue application can also be offered for
    free to all, or to a select group of, users.

    • Distribution of multi-issue apps:
      With multi-issue apps, only the initial app with the base content
      (sample magazine content or maybe a free first issue) will be
      downloaded through the app stores servers, all new issues that
      will be added afterwards will have to be hosted somewhere,
      outside of the app stores.

      For multi-issue applications Twixl Publisher provides its own
      Twixl Distribution Platform for managing and hosting the content.

      You’ll need to register for an account at this portal, then manage
      your content in the App Store portal, and link the different issues
      to the app stores in-app purchase.

      Access to the Twixl Distribution Platform requires a yearly subscription.


    For all types of paid applications, and for all in-app purchases
    and subscriptions, public stores such as Apple App Store,
    Google Play and Amazon Appstore all ask for a contribution of
    30% of the sales generated.

    They provide a shop window and process the payment from users.
    Amazon may also ask for more, depending on how you price your app,
    and it also reserves the right to make its own adjustments to
    the price of your app at its own discretion.

    Reasons to switch from a Single-issue to a Multi-issue app?

    Perhaps you are using Twixl Publisher today to create single-issue apps.
    We think you could do an even better job when switching your
    app(s) to multi-issue.


    • The contents of single-issues apps are fully hosted on the app stores.
      The advantage of this is that you don’t have any download cost,
      but the disadvantage is that the app content file needs to contain
      all the renditions you want to support, especially when you have
      an app with support for both tablets and phones.

      This cause your content files to become rather large and
      makes your readers download files they don’t need.

      When working with a multi-issue app, your app content could be
      up to 4 times smaller in file size than with a single-issue app
      because using the Twixl Distribution Platform make sure
      your readers will download only the files they need.

    • Video in your app can also be turned into streaming video on
      the Twixl Distribution Platform at no extra cost,
      just by checking a single checkbox.

      This makes your content file even smaller and
      the time needed for downloading even shorter.

    • Readers working with a multi-issue application are more
      engaged and you can send them push notifications.

    • It is also easier to update your content.
      You can publish new content in your app on the fly and don't
      need to wait for the app review team to approve it.
      You can also keep older content and you can organise it better.

    We understand the download cost and the license cost are
    two very valid arguments to publish single-issue apps.
    However, do look at the download bandwidth required by your app today
    and compare it with the fee for any Twixl Publisher annual subscriptions.

    Why not try and switch your projects to a multi-issue app?

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