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Solutions to preflight, correct and repurpose PDF files for
for document archiving/e-archiving and long-term preservation

callas pdfaPilot Key Features - Details

    New features in callas pdfaPilot 12.2:

    The pdfaPilot 12.2 update of callas pdfaPilot mostly corrects
    identified problems with the pdfaPilot 12.1 release,
    but also adds a few additional features.

    Free of charge update of:

    • pdfaPilot 12 Desktop for owners of a pdfaPilot 12 Desktop license

    • pdfaPilotServer, pdfaPilot CLI or pdfaPilot SDK
      for owners of a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)


    • Desktop:
      • User interface for Process plans, Actions etc.:
        Improvements regarding display of content and usability

      • Arbitrary JavaScript controlled Check/Fixup:
        Separate tabs for script and resources

      • Imposition:
        New import function for config files and
        PDF sheetconfig templates

      • Process plan:
        Improved automatic scrolling when
        (multiple) objects are selected and moved

      • Process plan:
        Auto-complete of the "app" object is also available
        when editing JavaScript in VS Code as external editor

    • Enhanced predefined Profiles:
      • PDF/A-4... validation:
        Adjustments made to match veraPDF requirements:

        • Binary comment in the file header is missing or
          does not comply PDF/A requirements

        • ToUnicode CMaps using incorrect values

        • Additional action (AA) entries

        • Detection of certain encryption settings in a PDF

    • Enhanced Properties:
      • Font not valid:
        "Embedded CID-Font not embedded as CID" added

      • Sifter-based properties:
        Enhanced recognition for object detection

    • Actions:
      • SaveAsImage:
        Support for pagebox / custom rectangle for image format PDF

    • CLI:
      • Support for Amazon Linux 2023 LTS

    • Reports:
      • Custom PDF Report:
        New parameter "listpages" in manifest.xml to
        suppress ink coverage information on page level

      • Quick Check:
        Extended information for images properties on page- and document-level

    • General:
      • Page selectors now support an end page in multipage expressions

    • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v18.0.4PlusP1u)
    • Internal HTML converter updated to callas pdfChip (v2.5.083)


    New features in callas pdfaPilot 12:

    callas pdfaPilot v12 has improvements across the board,
    both in terms of functionality and processing speed.

    • Text search and replace

    • callas pdfaPilot now has the ability not only to search for
      specific text throughout a PDF document,
      but now also to do full search and replace.

    • New or enhanced predefined Profiles

    • PDF/UA-1 validation: Improved reporting for untagged PDFs.

    • Support for the Factur-X / ZUGFeRD 2.2 / XRECHNUNG standard

    • As following standards is paramount in the archival and accessibility space.
      callas pdfaPilot v12 therefore naturally offers support for:

    • Improved JPEG2000 encoder reduces file size up to 50%

    • An improved JPEG2000 encoder embedded in the product makes it
      possible to significantly reduce the size of images in documents;
      specifically for scanned documents, this can have file size reductions
      of up to 50% which is very important when archiving
      large volumes of documents.

    • Using pdfaPilot in cloud and auto-scaling environments,
      easier use of callas License Server

    • callas pdfaPilot v12 now works together with
      the SaaS version of the callas License Server solution.

      License Server is an alternative licensing way for pdfaPilot
      where the software is not activated on a specific machine
      but gets its permission to run from a central License Server.

      Where before this License Server had to be installed locally
      (which requires some technical know-how, especially when
      running a cluster of License Servers for redundancy),
      callas now offers the callas License Server in the Cloud service.

      This is a fully redundant cluster of License Servers maintained by callas,
      that can immediately be used
      (after purchase of the necessary process or credit cartridges).


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    New features in callas pdfaPilot 11.1:

    callas pdfaPilot 11.1 introduces support for additional PDF standards,
    and a number of smaller adjustments and improvements.

    callas pdfaPilot 11.1 now supports the latest version of electronic
    invoice standards such as Factur-X 1.0.06 (ZUGFeRD 2.2, XRechnung)
    to support modern invoicing and archival workflows.

    Next to that, pdfaPilot 11.1 also supports the latest GWG specifications,
    which is important for mixed workflows where printing PDF documents
    is important next to archiving them.

    Compliance to standards has always been a cornerstone of callas software strategy.
    callas software endeavors to implement all relevant standards,
    whether they come from ISO (the International Standards Organization),
    the Ghent Workgroup (an international graphic-arts oriented standards organization),
    or if they are invoicing standards.


    New features in callas pdfaPilot 11:

    callas software brings the best out of callas pdfaPilot

    callas pdfaPilot product line implements important features
    on request from customers and channel partners to
    help them get the best out of pdfaPilot.

    callas pdfaPilot 11 also builds on various new improvements
    that callas software has implemented into callas pdfToolbox 13.

    This major update has added new features and improved existing
    features so users can take full advantage of PDF/A conversion.

    callas pdfaPilot 11 now offers a unified concept for defining page areas
    to harmonize configuration possibilities in Checks and Fixups,
    especially regarding barcodes, creating and applying shapes,
    link creation for texts, or setting page geometry boxes.

    In the same way, the Switchboard has received various new actions,
    such as the ability to unembed all fonts and resample documents to JPEG2000,
    a new editor for font substitution policies has been added,
    and reports in JSON are now possible.

    Additional features

    callas pdfaPilot 11 also contains a wide range of other features and fixups.

    These include:

    • Editor for font substitution policies

    • Place individual text per page

    • Place text with font

    • Reorder pages

    • Resample to JPEG2000

    • Various (silent) repairs


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    New features in callas pdfaPilot 10.2:

    Generate both print-ready and archive-ready files in one step

    More and more of pdfaPilot customers are looking to
    include multiple standards in a single PDF.

    With the latest amendment to the PDF/X-6 and PDF/A-4 standards,
    they are now largely identical.

    callas pdfaPilot now simultaneously converts files to
    PDF/X-6 for the printing industry and PDF/A-4 for long-term archiving,
    and take advantage of improvements to PDF/A conversion for fillable forms.

    However, any organizations that have not yet adopted the latest version
    of these standards can continue to use PDF/X-4 and PDF/A-2.

callas pdfaPilot Desktop Switchboard

callas software pdfaPilot Switchboard - Converts simultaneously to both PDF/A-4 and PDF/X-6 - Picture

Converts simultaneously to both PDF/A and PDF/X
taking the provisions of both standards into account

    Incorporate metadata into process automation

    The graphical workflow editor was introduced in pdfaPilot 9
    allowing users to automate PDF-based processes and create
    even complex workflows with ease.

    In pdfaPilot 10.2, callas software has now focused on
    incorporating inspection of PDF metadata within a process plan.

    Depending on the value of a given metadata field or fields,
    specific actions can be triggered, whether by the metadata of
    the document as a whole, or of a single object within it.

    Improved conversion of form fields for PDF/A

    Creating PDF forms has become much easier in recent years,
    which has resulted in them seeing much broader use.

    To handle these forms, organizations may use standard editors or bespoke
    solutions that take into account various industry-specific requirements.

    There is a demand for this kind of functionality and that automatic conversion
    requires special procedures in order to avoid certain issues
    that would otherwise come up regularly.
    In pdfaPilot 10.2 several new features are integrated to make this
    process easier and to offer a more complete functionality.


    New features in callas pdfaPilot 10:

    Support of PDF/A-4, PDF/X-6 and PDF/VT-3

    Support of PDF/A-4, PDF/X-6 and PDF/VT-3 recently published by the ISO.

    Integrated OCR

    Integrated OCR from Tesseract

    Further streamlined automated PDF processing

    Numerous features that further streamline automated PDF processing,
    whether interactively with the user or following pre-specified process rules.

callas pdfaPilot Desktop Switchboard

callas software pdfaPilot Switchboard - Picture

    Full text recognition included

    pdfaPilot version 10 includes an OCR engine from Tesseract
    which can recognize over 100 languages.
    With this, users can create fully Unicode-compliant (i.e. searchable) PDF files.
    The standard edition of pdfaPilot’s integrated OCR engine
    supports German and English.
    Users can download and integrate any additional languages
    they need with ease.

    Improved PDF/A-2u conversion

    Another new feature is the tool’s rule-based,
    pre-defined process for converting files to PDF/A-2u (Unicode),
    which now runs better than ever.

    The background here is that PDFs often contain a few
    non-Unicode-compliant characters such as bullet points.
    If a file contains even one such character, it cannot be converted to PDF/A-2u.

    Provided that the number of these characters does not exceed
    a certain percentage specified by the user, pdfaPilot 10 will convert
    them into vector objects that are no longer relevant to the text content,
    but remain visible and readable.

    pdfaPilot as a robotic process automation (RPA) application

    Since the start of 2020, pdfaPilot has included a graphical editor
    for creating and modifying process plans.
    It allows users to easily design even complex workflows and
    further automate PDF-based processes.

    As a result, pdfaPilot can be used as an RPA application,
    and its potential in this field has only grown with Version 10.
    A new engine will find all bar, matrix and QR codes on a given page
    and extract whatever content they contain.
    These values can then be used to control other processes.

    Users can insert DPart structures automatically according to prespecified rules,
    which is helpful for RPA applications in output management.
    Depending on the output system, this can result in very significant
    performance improvements as page object caching is optimized.

    The new QuickFix Engine integrated into pdfaPilot also enables
    very fast PDF processing, as well as scaling, sorting and deleting pages.
    The QuickFix Engine runs at almost the same speed regardless of
    the size of the PDF - whether one page or half a million pages.

    All fixes can now be created or configured entirely through a JavaScript interface.
    This feature is particularly interesting for highly automated workflows
    where pdfaPilot needs to react dynamically to incoming PDFs and
    customize how they are processed based on prespecified rules.

    Free powerful PDF tools included into callas pdfaPilot Desktop 10

    No license activation or other obligations.

callas software pdfaPilot Switchboard - Free Tools - Picture

    These powerful tools provide professional users and developers
    with detailed insights into PDF files, including their internal structure,
    the fonts and metadata used, and any DPart structures or
    tagging structures in place.

    Users can even extract barcodes and QR codes,
    and the “test mode” makes it possible to validate pdfaPilot profiles.

    PDF tools included for free:

    • Explore PDF
    • This function provides an insight into the internal structure of a file,
      offering a variety of views that reveal features like the content stream or
      resources like fonts, ICC profiles and more.
      Among other applications, the tool is useful for hunting down invalid PDF files.

    • Explore Fonts
    • This tool lets users analyze embedded fonts,
      including their internal encoding or glyphs.

    • Explore Metadata
    • This tool can be used to output or export both
      the metadata within a PDF document and
      the metadata related to any images the document contains.

    • Explore Layers
    • The layer explorer shows a list of all layers within the document,
      as well as their visibility setting.
      It also supports metadata in line with the ISO standard on processing steps.

    • Explore Tagging
    • This tool visualizes a file’s internal tagging structure and
      elements like headings, paragraphs or image captions.

    • Display DPart metadata
    • This viewer identifies all DPart information
      that applies to pages or page regions,
      making it easier to set up automatic DPart-based processes.

      See also callas pdfDPartner.

    • Extract Barcode and QR Codes
    • By analyzing barcodes and QR codes,
      this tool delivers both the encoded data and
      any parameters that are relevant for printing,
      such as bar width reduction and module width.

    • Test Mode
    • This tool lets users test, improve and export
      any pdfaPilot profile using any test file.
      However, if the user does not have a license,
      the output PDF file will no longer be available
      once Test Mode is closed.

    Download the trial version of callas pdfaPilot
    and use these powerful PDF tools for free
    without having to activate your license.

    Tutorial: Learn how to use these powerful PDF tools

    Additional features

    pdfaPilot 10 also contains a wide range of other features.

    These include:

    • Inserting PDFs and other files (e.g. Office)
      as embedded files or additional pages

    • Reordering pages based on pre-specified rules

    • Automatically detecting and inserting web links using text search

    • Easily inking any object

    • Comparing PDF files


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    New features in callas pdfaPilot 9.1:

    The standout feature for callas pdfaPilot v9.1 is its support for
    version 2.1 of the ZUGFeRD data model for e-invoices:

      The Forum for Electronic Invoicing Germany (FeRD) and
      the French National Forum for Electronic Invoicing and
      Public Digital Procurement (FNFE-MPE) recently published a joint
      e-invoicing standard in the form of ZUGFeRD 2.1 and Factur-X 1.0.

      With pdfaPilot 9.1, users can create, validate and process
      ZUGFeRD-compliant files that now also conform to
      version 2.1 of the e-invoicing data format.
      Since ZUGFeRD 2.1 is fully compatible with the French invoicing
      standard Factur-X 1.0, it will now be significantly easier for
      French and German providers to exchange e-invoices with one another.


    New features in callas pdfaPilot 9:

    callas pdfaPilot 9 leads the way to workflow automation.

    New graphical editor and additional features make it easier
    to create and manage complex processes:

      Fully reworked editor used to create and modify process plans,
      which now has a graphical interface.
      With this tool, users can create even complex workflows more
      easily than ever - further automating their PDF-based processes.

      pdfaPilot 9 also contains a number of new features which
      offer users more flexibility in how they process PDF files.

    • Graphical workflow editor

      One key new feature of pdfaPilot 9 is the workflow editor,
      which makes even complex processes easier to implement.

      The graphical interface shows users a range of self-explanatory symbols,
      which they can then drag and drop to visually design process plans.

      Typical use cases for these kinds of processes include automatically editing,
      adding to or validating PDF files.

      They can be designed to incorporate user interaction,
      like entering variables and personalized ask-at-runtime dialogs.

callas software pdfaPilot - Automation - Graphical workflow editor - Edit Process Plan - Picture

    • More flexibility when processing hot folders

    • In general, pdfaPilot Server will automatically process all files saved to
      hot folders in line with the parameters associated with the server job.

      callas software has expanded this functionality for pdfaPilot 9,
      making hot folders more flexible and adding a 'job ticket' mode.

      Job tickets are control files where all parameters for
      processing PDF files can be defined.
      They can also optionally contain a link to the PDF files
      for pdfaPilot to process.

    • Additional new features

    • pdfaPilot 9 also contains a number of new features which are
      particularly well suited to process automation.

      For example, pdfaPilot can read barcodes and QR codes,
      using the extracted values to direct the rest of the workflow.

      pdfaPilot can also optionally use text markings to
      determine where to split PDF files.
      This feature is useful for dividing up print spool files,
      for example when producing invoices.

      Another option in pdfaPilot 9 is to trigger actions whenever
      certain content is found within a PDF file.


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    New features in callas pdfaPilot 8.2:

      The central focus of callas pdfaPilot v8.2 is its support for
      version 2.0 of the ZUGFeRD data model
      (also known as 'Factur-X' internationally).

      callas pdfaPilot 8.2 also resolves issues with OpenType SVG fonts
      and offers optimized PDF comparison functionality.
      pdfaPilot 8.2 can also convert image formats like
      TIFF and PSD to PDF or PDF/A better than ever.

    • Transparent support for ZUGFeRD 2.0

    • callas pdfaPilot 8.2’s conversion tools are based on a file’s XML structure.
      Depending on whether this uses ZUGFeRD 2.0, ZUGFeRD 1.0 or Factur-X,
      the target file will be automatically generated in the appropriate PDF/A variant.
      When validating ZUGFeRD invoices, users can also choose whether to
      use ZUGFeRD 1.0 or 2.0.
      "The software usually takes care of the settings by itself, however,
      the user retains a fully flexible range of options for validating digital invoices".

      For this reason, callas pdfaPilot 8.2 meets the specifications of
      the European Committee for Standardization (CEN)’s TR 16931 standard.
      The software also supports the MINIMUM and BASIC-WL profiles
      that are also covered by the CEN standard.

callas software pdfToolbox - ZugFeRD Data - Picture

      More on the support in callas pdfaPilot v8.2 for e-invoices based on ZUGFeRD v2.0

    • Resolving errors when using OpenType SVG fonts

    • The use of fonts containing 'emoji' is becoming increasingly common,
      and these fonts are often found in PDF files as so-called Type 3 fonts.
      A related issue has now been identified in the PDF specification which
      causes certain programs to improperly display such fonts.

      callas software has responded to this situation:
      pdfaPilot 8.2 can now intelligently reconcile the characters in
      such fonts with the content of a given page.
      This resolves the issue for each individual PDF file.
      Work is already underway to clarify the PDF specification at the ISO level.

    • Other fixes and improvements

    • Among other things, pdfaPilot 8.2 also includes better support for
      16-bit TIFF files, metadata, and alpha and spot color channels.
      pdfaPilot 8.2 therefore converts TIFF and PSD files to PDF(/A)
      more reliably than ever.
      The comparison mode for comparing two PDF files has also
      been improved, allowing users to compare content within specific
      page boxes and define the anchor point for the comparison.
      As a result, PDF files can be compared alongside one another
      even if they are of different sizes.


    New features in callas pdfaPilot 8.1:

      Among other things, this update provides pdfaPilot users with new options for
      ordering pages, adding filters for automatically removing XMP metadata
      and an optimized tagging structure view.

    • New options for ordering pages

    • pdfaPilot has since before included the ability to
      customize the order of pages within PDF files.
      Now, to assist users with repetitive tasks like often deleting or
      swapping specific pages, pdfaPilot makes it possible to add schemata.
      A schema is a set of instructions for dividing up or arranging pages,
      which is called by the user and then automatically executed by pdfaPilot.
      Pages can now also be rotated by any angle, not just i steps of 90°,
      and optionally enlarged at the same time.

    • New metadata processing feature

    • One of pdfaPilot’s strengths is its ability to handle metadata.
      Now, users can also use predefined filters when removing XMP metadata.
      For example, all metadata for objects placed in a PDF publication, such as images,
      can be deleted, except for the data required for billing for photographs.
      Since this kind of metadata is frequently inherited by layouts,
      this ensures that a company’s internal metadata will not be published.
      Aside from this, object metadata can sometimes reach a size of several
      megabytes in extreme cases.

    • New email conversion option

    • pdfaPilot is frequently used to convert emails to PDF/A.
      As part of this process, users can now optionally prevent external references,
      such as images in HTML-format emails, from being reloaded.
      This reduces security risks as well as file sizes.

    • Improved visualization of tagging structure

    • To give pdfaPilot users a better overview of the structure of a PDF file,
      callas software has integrated the visualization functionality for
      its Adobe Acrobat plugin, pdfGoHTML.
      The content structure appears color-coded as a result,
      helping with quality control for tagged PDFs.


    New features in callas pdfaPilot 8:

      callas pdfaPilot v8 converts even more file formats to PDF or PDF/A,
      improves cloud integration and brings greater flexibility in
      automatic processing of PDF files.

    • More format conversion options

    • With the new release of pdfaPilot, users can now also convert all
      RTF-format emails, as well as other office documents formats
      such as WordPerfect, to PDF or PDF/A.
      Reliable conversion of PDF files based on
      the new PDF 2.0 standard to PDF 1.x or PDF/A.

    • Sifter & Processing Steps

    • Another useful feature is the so-called 'Sifter',
      It uses mathematical algorithms to identify hidden objects,
      whether they overlap, intersect, are in close proximity…
      so that they can be removed to reduce file sizes
      which is very useful during PDF/A conversion.

      pdfaPilot 8 also supports the new ISO standard for processing steps.
      It identifies objects within a PDF file which contain additional
      processing information such as punch outlines which are not
      part of the print material itself.

    • New PDF editing features

    • pdfaPilot 8 lets users rearrange or reorganize groups of pages within a PDF file.
      The new release also offers a wider range of ways to view
      the inner technical structure of a PDF file for analytical purposes.
      Parts of these files can then be saved within new PDF files.
      In addition, users can compare individual processing profiles or
      those collected together in libraries, improving their overview over
      different profile variants and making them easier to maintain.

callas software pdfaPilot - Switchboard - Document - Picture

    • Greater Automation.

    • pdfaPilot 8 give users even greater flexibility with automated PDF tasks,
      such as editing or validation. This means that processing sequences in
      process plans can contain a greater range of variables.
      Users can also output multiple files:
      this can be used when there are issues converting to PDF/A,
      for example, to also create a PDF where all pages are rastered as images.
      In this type of situation, pdfaPilot can also automatically check back over
      previous results to use them for further processing,
      allowing PDFs containing images to be generated using the original file.

    • New license server automates processing instances in the cloud.

    • Finally, pdfaPilot can now also be operated using a new callas license server,
      allowing users to automatically start and operate processing instances within
      cloud environments.


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    New features in callas pdfaPilot 7:

    • callas pdfaPilot v7 is now compatible with veraPDF.

    • callas software underscores the importance of standards as
      pdfaPilot v7 is fully compatible with the veraPDF project
      currently being promoted by the European Union.

      veraPDF involves the creation of a new test data set for all standard
      PDF/A components, as well as an open source PDF/A validator,
      covering all areas and compliance levels of PDF/A,
      the ISO format for long-term archiving.

      veraPDF is an initiative led by the PDF Association and
      the Open Preservation Foundation.
      Over the course of around two years, the project first created a
      test corpus which was significantly more extensive than
      the previously used Isartor test suite.

      The project also provides an open-source PDF/A validator with which
      businesses can check whether files comply with the PDF/A standard,
      keeping them reproducible and readable for decades to come.

      callas pdfaPilot v7 being compatible with veraPDF means
      users achieve the same level of quality by using
      the PDF/A validator embedded in callas pdfaPilot.

      Users can thus use a single tool, callas pdfaPilot, for PDF/A validation,
      and also for PDF/A correction and PDF/A conversion!

    • Placement of any type of content.

callas software pdfaPilot - Switchboard - Decorate - Picture

      callas pdfaPilot v7 enables automated, flexible placement of any type of content
      - including barcodes, images, logos and stamps - through the switchboard,
      without requiring any programming knowledge.
      This gives users additional options for automating their PDF-related processes.

      Typical applications include consecutive numbering of multi-page documents
      (Bates numbering), stamping documents on receipt, watermarking test prints,
      adding barcodes for print management and for document classification for
      storage within an enterprise content management system (CMS).
      The solution also allows users to insert new pages thanks to
      support for cover and separator sheets templates.


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    New features in callas pdfaPilot 6:

    • Object Inspector

    • Inspector that allows looking at the properties of
      the different objects used in the PDF document.

callas software pdfaPilot - Object Inspector - Picture

    • Conversion of documents to PDF/A and PDF/X at the same time.
    • Useful for organisations that archive (PDF/A) and also need to print (PDF/X).
callas software pdfaPilot - Conversion to both PDF/A and PDF/X - Picture

    • Preservation of all spreadsheet data (no data-loss)
      during conversion from MS Excel to PDF/A.

    • New pdfaPilot Server / CLI parameters:

      • "Show hidden columns"
      • "Shrink cell content to fit"

Input: MS Excel Spreadsheet

callas software pdfaPilot - Input: MS Excel Spreadsheet - Picture

Output: PDF/A file - No data-loss

callas software pdfaPilot - Output: PDF/A file - Picture

    • callas pdfaPilot warns when
      font substitution is made by MS Word for missing fonts.

      Missing fonts are automatically replaced by MS Word (without warning)
      when converting to PDF/A.
      This often leads to changing layout, different page breaks, etc...
      pdfaPilot will now warn when such font substitutions
      (caused by MS Word) takes place.

callas software pdfaPilot - Warning Message: Missing fonts have been substituted by MS Word - Picture

    • Template-based creation of PDF/A-3 index pages.

callas software pdfaPilot - 1: Template-based Creation of PDF/A-3 Index Page - Picture

callas software pdfaPilot - 2: Template-based Creation of PDF/A-3 Index Page - Picture

    • Support for "Accessible PDF", PDF/UA,
      the ISO Standard (ISO 14289-1) for Universal Accessibility.

    • To allow for people with disabilities to access PDF information
      callas pdfaPilot now integrates callas pdfGoHTML technology.

      pdfaPilot now displays document structure, reading order and
      alternative texts for images in a color-coded way:
      ideal to rapidly diagnose possible problems.

callas pdfaPilot displays the structure of a tagged PDF file

callas software pdfaPilot - PDF/UA Syntax Check - Picture

      This function works even after the evaluation license for
      callas pdfaPilot has expired.

      callas pdfaPilot can thus continue to be used,
      for free, to show document structure,
      reading order and alternative text for images.

    • pdfaPilot provides tools to check both
      the syntax and the semantic compliance with
      the ISO standard PDF/UA.

callas software pdfaPilot - Syntactic and semantic verification of compliance with the PFD/UA standard - Picture

      pdfaPilot provides tightly integrated PDF/UA compliance checks for both

      • machine-checking of the syntax, and

      • interactive (human) checking of the semantic

      After validation has been successful,
      a PDF/UA validation report can be generated.

      Validation Reports (Customizable)

      Test of "accessible PDF" - PDF/UA validation by software

      Important to always consider for conformance validation
      against the ISO Standard PDF/UA:

      PDF/UA conformance requires validation of both syntax and semantic.

      The Matterhorn Protocol specifies a common set of
      31 "Checkpoints" with 136 failure conditions, whereof

      • 89 failure conditions can be checked by software, and

      • 47 failure conditions usually require human judgment.

      Two results - Success or Failure:
        - PDF/UA validation successful:
        Actino software - Actino DPS Validation Report - Successful - Picture

        The PDF document did pass the software check.
        It remains to also make a human judgement
        before it can be declared as an "accessible PDF"

        - PDF/UA validation failure:
        Actino software - Actino DPS Validation Report - Unsuccessful/Failure - Picture

        The PDF document did not pass the software check.
        Thus the PDF document is not PDF/UA conformant
        and is not an "accessible PDF"

    • Support of ZUGFeRD invoice with barcode data.

    • ZUGFeRD (German standard) is one of the key initiatives of
      German BMWi to facilitate business for SMEs.

      • Combines PDF/A-3 with XML and GiroCode/QR Code
        into an electronic invoice

      • Allows for "blind exchange” between computer systems
        for exchange of invoices

      • XML is based on UN/CEFACT (CII)

      "Tripple invoice" formats:

      • PDF

      • XML

      • GiroCode/QR Code
callas software pdfaPilot - ZUGFeRD Invoice - PDF, XML, QR GiroCode - Picture

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    New features in callas pdfaPilot 5:

    • Comfortable and secure email archiving in PDF/A for long-term legibility

      • callas software pdfaPilot - Flow: Archiving of Email in PDF/A - Picture

      • Email can be comfortably archived in PDF/A
        (PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3) format.

      • The electronic messages and attachments in PDF/A format and
        the original email are linked in a PDF/A-3 document.

      • Each email is converted into a standards compliant PDF/A document
        that is guaranteed to be readable for years to come.

      • All email attachments can be embedded in the created PDF/A document;
        either as PDF/A (where callas pdfaPilot takes care of the conversion on
        the fly into PDF/A), in their original format or as both.

      • System-independent archiving with PDF/A:
        Archived content (documents, emails and attachments) in PDF/A
        are independent of the actual archive system in use.
        The complete system independence provided in this way
        prevents vendor lock-in.

      • callas pdfaPilot is capable of providing these archival conversions
        in a manual or automated way with callas pdfaPilot Desktop or
        callas pdfaPilot Server.
      • The technology is also available for closer integration using
        the fully command-line driven callas pdfaPilot engine.

        When choosing for the automated way,
        email archiving rules can be saved.
        Rules can define which emails should be archived in
        what part of the standard or how attachments should be
        processed by callas pdfaPilot.
        Users can define whether they should be converted to PDF/A or
        embedded in the original format or both.
        During the conversion, no other software, such as MS Outlook or
        other email clients have to be installed be installed.

        When it comes to email archiving,
        callas pdfaPilot works completely by itself.
        The software is implemented quickly and ready for use
        (with extremely high performance) with just a few setting preparations.

    • Electronic invoicing with PDF/A.

    • Additional design options of overview pages in a PDF/A-3 file.

    • These can be created automatically when generating a PDF/A-3 collection and
      provide information about what documents are embedded in the PDF/A-3 file.
      Users now have more flexibility and can customize these
      pages to their individual requirements.

    • Optimized transparency flattening for PDF/A.

    • Optimized transparency flattening for PDF/A.

    • Export to PDF/UA and EPUB.

    • Export to PDF/UA (PDF for universal accessibility) and to
      EPUB, the standard format for eBooks.


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    Key features in callas pdfaPilot:

    • Support for recent ISO standards: PDF/A-3 and PDF/UA and
      conversion of PDF files to EPUB/eBook files.

      • PDF/A-3:
        • Verification of PDF files plus conversion of Office and PDF files into
          fully compliant PDF/A-3 documents while automatically embedding
          the source documents into the generated PDF/A file.

        • PDF/A collections may contain not just only other PDF/A files
          but arbitrary file formats like Word or Excel files or XML structures.
          These are features of the standard part PDF/A-3.

      • PDF/UA: The new standard for universal accessibility.

        • PDF/UA has been gaining momentum as more and more legislation
          requires documents to be universally accessible for everyone,
          including people with physical disabilities.

        • Checking against the PDF/UA standard has gained importance for
          service providers, governments and enterprise customers alike.

      • EPUB: Converts PDF files to EPUB/eBook files.
        • New and unique feature (based on PDF tagging) for conversion of
          PDF files into EPUB/eBook files that can immediately be used on
          mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

    • Easy PDF/A-file creation adds flexibility to workflows using
      Digital Dossiers and Process Plans

      • Digital dossiers:
        Easy and convenient creation of digital dossiers
        from file and folder structures.

      • Process plans:
        • Highly flexible PDF document processing feature allows
          building logic into PDF processing.

        • Now easy to create a profile that actually is a combination of
          various steps into a single profile to be executed and then to adapt
          the order of the steps to the specific needs of the sequence.

          The execution of a processing step can be done in response to
          the results of previous steps.
          A detailed result view shows how actions or corrections
          are applied while files are being processed and what
          the results of each step are.

        • And most important:
          • Process plans are not only limited to callas pdfaPilot Desktop
            but can also be used in callas pdfaPilot Server.

    • Distributed processing / load balancing

    • Distributed processing makes it easier to load balance between
      multiple callas pdfaPilot Server instances in high-volume workflows.

    • Guaranteed, correct PDF/A conversion

    • Guaranteed and correct PDF/A conversion;
      pdfaPilot automatically tries different conversion methods
      to create the best PDF/A file possible.

    • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint

    • Support for running as a Windows service

    • Improved conversion of:

      • form fields and annotations

      • object level metadata in PDF/A-2

      and the possibility to remove incompatible signatures
      when converting to PDF/A-2.

    • Enfocus Switch configurator

    • Enfocus Switch configurator to fit
      callas pdfaPilot Server into a Switch workflow.

    Key features in callas pdfaPilot Server:

    • Network-enabled setup and load balancing through dispatcher

      • callas pdfaPilot Desktop can now be used to setup a
        callas pdfaPilot Server installation anywhere on the network.

      • Workflow manager/staff can:

        • test everything on their own machine;
          and afterwards can easily setup their server,
          again from the comfort of their own machine.

        • monitor running copies of callas pdfaPilot Server from within
          callas pdfaPilot Desktop without having to go to the server.

    callas pdfaPilot Desktop and callas pdfaPilot Server uses
    the same validation technology as the Preflight function licensed by
    callas software to Adobe® for use in the Adobe® Acrobat® application.


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