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Welcome to
Developer Recruiting Day @ Oracle

Oracle is hiring Software Engineers to
Oracle Global Java Engineeering Center in Stockholm

Full-time jobs, master thesis jobs, or summer internships

Wednesday March 6, 2013, at 08:30am
Presentations of what we are doing, open job positions and opportunities

Free breakfast and lunch on behalf of Oracle

Söder Mälarstrand 57B, 6 tr, Stockholm

Pre-registration is mandatorial via e-mail to or by phone to 070/631 53 01
Enter your personal contact information (you name, address, e-mail address, phone #, school name, program, year -1/2/3/4/5)

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Dahlén Hall
08:30 Arrival: Coffee/Tea and sandwich is waiting outside the Dahlén Hall All
09:00 Welcome to Oracle - Agenda Kent Åberg, Alumn KTH & Lith
09:15 Oracle - Company Overview
- Oracle Corporation,
- Oracle Sverige AB, and
- Oracle Development (Münchenbryggeriet)

Oracle - Product and Technology Overview
- Oracle Red Stack - Hardware & Software - Engineered to Work Together; Java, MySQL,…
Daniel Källander
09:45 MySQL
- Background/How it started,…
- MySQL today,
- Where and how is MySQL developed
Tomas Ulin
VP of MySQL Engineering
10:15 OpenJDK - Open-Source Java SE Implementation
- How is open source developed,
- How do you engage and participate
Cecilia Borg, Alumn KTH
10:45 Break --
10:50 Java development: Working as a software developer in a global company
- Typical job roles for new software developers
Jesper Wilhelmsson, Alumni UU
Team Leader Garbadge Collection, Java Platform Group
11:30 Sustaining Engineering - We serve global customers
- How we work,
- A day on the job
Mattis Castegren, Alumn KTH
12:00 Hardware Development: Working as a hardware architect in a global company
- Development of hardware at Oracle - from SPARC CPU to systems,
- Hardware support for platform SW reliability and acceleration
    (Hypervisor, Solaris, Database, Java),
- Typical job roles for new hardware developers
Zoran Radovic, Alumn UU
Principal Engineer, SPARC Architect
12:30 Lunch break with guided tour --
13:15 Master Thesis Work at Oracle - Testimonial
- Typical work tasks.
- Master Thesis work at Oracle - in reality
Erik Helin, Alumn KTH and former Master Thesis Student at Oracle
13:30 Job Positions at Oracle
- Open Job Positions, Master Thesis Works, Internships,…
- Career Development at Oracle
- How to apply for a job at Oracle,
- What should be in a CV
Veronica Bark,
Recruitement Manager,
Oracle Human Resources
14:00 Wrap Up/End of Day All

At arrival: Welcome to the Dahlén Hall
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Invitation (poster)

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