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Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
for Indellient Inc., Ontario, Canada.

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Solutions for inventory and analysis of existing office document assets
to support migration to open document formats

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Indellient Desktop Office Software Migration
Tools and Services

Software tools and services for inventory and analysis to support migration of
MS Office document assets from MS Office to IBM Lotus Symphony
makes document assets permanently accessible and usable for the future.
(also applicable for migration to other alternative office software suites
compatible with the document format OpenDocument Format (ODF))

Indellient tools for inventory, analysis and convertion of office documents includes:

Indellient Asset Conversion Inspector - logo
Indellient Document Conversion Services - logo

Asset Conversion Inspector

Document Conversion Services

Indellient Asset Conversion Inspector
Inventory and analysis of existing office document assets

Indellient Asset Conversion - logo

    Indellient's Asset Conversion Inspector (ACI) is a software solution which assesses the suitability
    of IBM Lotus Symphony as a replacement for MS-Office software package used to
    create, edit and access content in a particular business environment.

    The Asset Conversion Inspector is used to analyze the structure of
    documents created with the Microsoft Office Suite.
    The purpose of this analysis is to understand the features of
    the MS Office Suite used to construct the documents,
    as well as the overall complexity of the documents, including any automation,
    and help to understand the amount of effort involved in replacing
    MS-Office with IBM Lotus Symphony.

    ACI quickly provides a customer with a detailed report and views of
    the application requirements for MS-Word, MS-Excel, and MS-PowerPoint,
    that may be issues if MS Office is replaced with IBM Lotus Symphony.
    Many identified issues can in general easily be solved by user intervention,
    while others will require technical support intervention

    Asset Conversion Inspector™ Datasheet - Quick Overview (Swedish)

    Special Promotion

    Customer Discovery Analysis / Pre-Migration Planning Report
    based on specific structural data in customer's own assets of MS Office documents
    comes bundled with the ACI Product License.

Asset Conversion Inspector™ Online Demonstration

Reserve online-demonstration of Asset Conversion Inspector™

Product Ordering Numbers and Price Information

Asset Conversion Inspector™ software can be acquired via license acquisition.
Price is per computer with installed software and
license is for a pre-selected number of document assets subject for analysis.
Detailed Customer Discovery Report included in Software License.

For Product Descriptions and Product Ordering Numbers - Click here.

Download Free Asset Conversion Inspector™ Trial

(Limited to scanning of maximum 5 documents)

    Key Features

    • Installation:
      • Easy single package installation and simple configuration are designed
        to require minimal effort and time to obtain actionable results.

    • Discovery:
      • ACI completes an exhaustive discovery of MS-Office assets by crawling
        one or more directory trees of local and/or network based directories.

    • Analysis:
      • ACI analyzes MS-Office Documents and Templates (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
        to extract forms, structural and automation details like macros, tables, formulas.

    • Statistics:
      • ACI generates file level statistics (in Comma-Separated Value format)
        of software usage that is relevant to the Symphony adoption strategy.

    • Reporting:
      • ACI provides immediate visual feedback following scan completion
        through easy to access and understand reports.

    • Exporting:

Discovery: ACI completes exhaustive discovery of
MS-Office assets for forms and structural details

Discovered MS Office documents and templates (Word, Excel, och PowerPoint)
analyzed for forms, structural and automation details.

Indellient ACI Full Scan - Picture

    Quick Scan vs Full Scan for Discovery, Analysis, Statistics and Reporting

    • Quick Scan Mode:
      • Quick Scan Mode rapidly obtains an inventory of MS Office assets and
        presents document statistics like number, type, and location of files found.
        Quick Scan Mode also presents metadata for each file such as application name, author,
        create date, last modified date, version, and identity of the user who last modified the file.

    • Full Scan Mode:
      • Full Scan Mode obtains and presents detailed information on
        software usage, forms, structural and automation details.
        The results of a Full Scan Mode are ultimately presented through a variety of reports.
        These reports indicate the user lever implications of the requirements implied by
        those structural elements; i.e. measures needed to apply to the documents in
        migration to alternative office software suites storing office document information
        in OpenDocument Format (ODF).

Analysis Reporting - Notable attributes reported for analyzed document assets

Indicates notable document attributes (marcros, tables, formulas,…)
that require user intervention or technical assistance
when migrating to IBM Lotus Symphony.

Indellient Asset Conversion Inspector File Attributes MS Office 2003 - Picture

Indellient Asset Conversion Inspector File Attributes MS Office 2007 - Picture

Analysis Reporting - Migration Effort for Inspected Assets

Indicates expected migration efforts for inspected document assets.

Indellient Asset Conversion Inspector Migration Effort - Picture

Asset Conversion Inspector Datasheets

ACI Asset Conversion Inspector™ Technical Specification Datasheet

Asset Conversion Inspector™
Quick Overview and Reservation of Online Demonstration and Free Trial (Swedish)

Customer Discovery Report

    Customer Discovery / Pre-Migration Planning Report - Bundled with ACI Product License

    Before starting a migration initiative, a client needs to understand impacts, such as:

    • What functionality will change from a user's perspective by moving to the new platform?

    • What investments in automation (templates and macros) will be lost or require re-creation?

    • What assets will require additional effort to bring forward to the new platform?

    • What types of technical support or additional client effort will be involved with the move?

    • What will be the impact if co-existence with non-converted users is required?

    We deliver a detailed customer specific report as input for a decision on migration.
    The report provides a quality of understanding of the real business impact of the conversion process.
    The report helps to answer common migration questions clients may have, such as:

    • In which document format should we store and archive our assetts?

    • Does it make sense to migrate all of our users or only a subset?

    The report also provides clients with an understanding of the challenges
    they may face during the migration process as a result of either
    Symphony users sharing documents with MS Office users, referred to as "coexistence",
    or a total adoption of Lotus Symphony or other compatible alternatives.

    Detailed information is provided on how to handle these issues from a user's perspective,
    including illustrated explanations of what steps should be taken to restore full functionality.
    The report concludes with recommendations on deployment approaches and feasibility.

    Key Features

    • Bundled with the ACI Product License

    • Based on customer's own and actual data collected with the ACI tool

    • Detailed feature reporting and positioning

    • Mapping of feature combinations to challenge levels of
      deployment strategies for open document formats

    • Interpretation of coexistence, migration and steady state issues (if any)

    • Provision of mitigation approaches for specific client content

    • Summary of deployment recommendations

Indellient Document Conversion Services / Outsourced Conversion Services
Migration as On-Demand Services

Indellient Document Conversion Services - logo

    Indellient's Document Conversion Service (DCS) / Outsourced Conversion Services (OCS)
    is a hybrid web and professional services solution that provides a flexible set of
    conversion services that further simplifies migrations from
    MS Office to IBM Lotus Symphony.

    DCS/OCS provides users with automated conversion and formatting services,
    technical support for conversion problems,
    service options for one-of conversion requirements (e.g. Re-development of a macro/script),
    and manual conversion and QA options for complex or business critical content.

    Customers are able to submit small batches of files (or even individual files)
    for processing on an ad hoc or as needed basis,
    ensuring that the needs of all users are met without the requirement to initiate
    sub-optimal conversion activities for what may be millions of individual files.

    The web-based solution includes pay-per-use electronic services to address
    common challenges which are tedious or burdensome to complete manually,
    while integrated professional service capabilities backing the site
    are always available to assist with more involved integration
    or automation preservation challenges or to provide cleanup and quality assurance
    on high-value, high-complexity business assets.

    3 Easy Steps for Online Conversion Services - No Technical Knowledge Required

    • Register / Login

    • Submit job - Upload document (file) for conversion

    • Pickup job - Download converted document (file)

    Key Features

    • Installation: No user installation is required to access or use Indellient DCS/OCS.
      User’s simply register to use the service and access via the internet.

    • Accessibility: DCS/OCS is available for on demand services
      providing user’s with immediate ad-hoc automated conversion 24 hours / day.

    • Security:Encrypted connectivity for uploading and downloading content
      provides customers with the security they require.

    • Customizable: DCS/OCS is fully customizable to meet each customer's
      specific requirements, allowing users to easily upload their documents and
      choose the service they need.
      Once the job is complete, users receive a completion email with
      a link to their converted document.

    • Speed: Turn around for on demand services is less than 5 minutes,
      providing users with immediate conversion of documents when they need them.

    • Technical Expertise: The DCS/OCS site enables access to highly experienced
      conversion expertise to assist with more involved integration or automation
      preservation challenges or to provide cleanup and quality assurance on high-value,
      high-complexity business assets.
      Indellient’s conversion experts provide rapid turn around on tougher challenges
      (e.g. macro conversion) associated with migration efforts.

Document Conversion Services / Outsourced Conversion Services Datasheet

Document Conversion Services / Outsourced Conversion Services Datasheet

Product Ordering Numbers and Price Information

Price is per conversion job.

For Product Descriptions and Product Ordering Numbers - Click here.

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