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NewFormat AB

PDF standards make the world work

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible software solutions.

NewFormat is Appointed Reseller and Solution Partner in
Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway)
Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
of the Atomyx line of products for automation of
document workflows from Four Pees NV.

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Atomyx Portal
Web to Print Portal - PDF Delivery Made Easy

Atomyx Portal - Logo

Atomyx Portal Streamlines PDF File Submission
with Built-In Automatic Quality Checking and Correction

    Atomyx Portal enables the automation of
    all stages of the modern workflow.

    Atomyx Portal greatly simplifies the job of a
    printer or publisher and their clients.

    Atomyx Portal is an "out-of-the-box" web portal based on Drupal
    (an open-source web content management system)
    and callas pdfToolbox (the best preflight engine on the market today)
    to provide easy submission (delivery) of PDF files with
    built-in automatic quality control and correction.

    Customers select the correct job profile in the portal and
    upload their files using their favorite web browser.
    Atomyx Portal provides immediate feedback to
    clients on the progress of the submitted job.

    While Atomyx Portal is a standalone portal solution,
    it is also a perfect starting point for further automating
    a company’s workflow.

    Atomyx Portal is built on standard Drupal web framework technology.
    This provides a feature rich and extremely stable portal,
    backed up by the extensive Drupal developer community.
    Reliance on Drupal also ensures that branding and
    customization can be done as needed.

    Atomyx Portal is the perfect job delivery mechanism for
    any automated workflow and covers everything from integration
    with asset management and web-to-print systems,
    over quality control and intelligent image optimization to proofing
    and production for the print and publishing market.

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    Atomyx Portal - Brochure (English, pdf)

    "Benefits of Web-based Pre-Flighting"

    David van Driessche, Four Pees NV - (English, pdf)
    Article published in Specialist Printing Worldwide, 2012/3

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    Atomyx Portal software can be obtained via license acquisition or renting.
    License is per server and unlimited number of users and
    unlimited number of documents.

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Atomyx Portal - PDF Delivery Made Easy

Atomyx Portal - Logo

Click Here for Free Trial of the Atomyx Portal Demo Server

    Atomyx Portal

    Having trouble receiving good PDF files from clients?

    Are your customers losing precious time receiving emails,
    looking at attachments, trying to discover what
    the order is about, opening jobs in Acrobat,
    checking quality and sending back emails with remarks
    to clients over and over again?

    For sure there must be a better way to let customers
    supply PDF files and Atomyx Portal provides exactly that:

    • An easy to setup and easy to use job delivery portal
      with built-in quality control allowing clients to check
      they are sending the right thing and providing you
      with the ease-of-mind that you’ll receive files
      good for production.

    Your customers will be happier while at the same time
    Atpmyx Portal streamlines your own production.

    Key Features:

    • Easy-to-use portal for clients.

    • Full web-browser solution, zero-install for clients.

    • Replacing the need to upload to
      FTP or submit through email.

    • Direct feedback on the quality of the uploaded files;
      including feedback on missing input data
      (such as quantities, paper types, remarks…)
      BEFORE the PDF file can be accepted as meeting
      quality requirements and relevant for production.

    • Direct confirmation to client of the job
      being delivered to the printer.

    • Support for products with predefined preflight profiles;
      (rules for quality control and correction of PDF files).

    • Support for custom metadata (job tickets).

    • Optionally automatic creation of
      low-resolution preview files for clients.

    • Industry-standard quality control and corrections
      using callas pdfToolbox technology.

    • Delivery of jobs after successful preflight and
      approval to predefined locations and receiver.

    • For each client job submitted an extensive job metadata
      is provided in XML format ready for pickup using MIS or
      other external workflow systems.
      The XML file includes comprehensive information
      collected and assembled by the portal solution.

    • Easy deployment, configuration and customization
      using the Drupal framework.

    System Requirements:

    • Atomyx Portal is built on
      Drupal and callas pdfToolbox CLI technology and requires:

      • a web server (preferably Apache) and

      • a database (preferably MySQL) running on
        one of these platforms:

        • Linux

        • Mac OS X

        • Windows

Atomyx Portal
Built on a Strong CMS Foundation / Drupal

Atomyx Portal Drupal CMS Foundation - Picture

    Atomyx Portal has been built completely on Drupal as
    the web content management system (CMS) foundation.

    While Atomyx Portal provides the full PDF delivery portal
    experience from the start, the possibilities to extend and
    integrate it are limitless as the full Drupal development
    community, supported by plenty of local experts,
    is available to further extend the solution.

Atomyx Portal
First class quality control with callas pdfToolbox

Atomyx Portal First Class Control - Picture

    Inside Atomyx Portal,
    the renowned callas pdfToolbox engine is used to perform:

    • quality control on uploaded PDF files,

    • generate production-accurate preview images
      to let clients see how their files will be printed,

    • create low-resolution preview PDF files.

    With the same technology as used by Adobe for its Acrobat
    preflight functionality, callas pdfToolbox is fast and creates
    userfriendly preflight reports telling clients what they are
    doing wrong in case of problems and how to solve them.
    The preflight engine easily scales to provide the reliability
    and speed you need on your PDF delivery portal.

Atomyx Portal 1, 2, 3 and Go!

Atomyx Portal 1, 2, 3 and go - Picture

    Atomyx Portal lets you create products with an associated
    preflight (quality control) profile and job ticket.

    When your clients visit the portal, they will select
    such a product and upload their PDF file.
    From that point on Atomyx Portal does
    the heavy lifting for you.

    Aromyx Portal performs quality control and correction on
    the PDF file (as setup by you), explains to clients what problems
    were found (or congratulates them if the files are perfect)
    and guides them to fill out the job ticket you specified.

    Your clients remain in control until they
    approve the PDF file for production.

Atomyx Portal
Ready for customization / Your portal in your look & feel

Atomyx Portal Your portal in your look & feel - Picture

    Atomyx Portal comes with a Drupal theme that looks
    nice and crisp, but of course it can be customized
    to provide exactly the look and feel you need.

    It is fully compliant with the Drupal theme engine that allows
    unbridled creativity; anyone with Drupal theming experience
    is able to customize your portal to your needs.

    Drupal is developed actively to support recent browsers and
    technologies with a plethora of extra modules that provide
    out-of-the-box extensions to its core functionality.

Atomyx portal
Seamless connection to your production environment

Atomyx Portal Seamless connection to your production environment - Picture

    Atomyx Portal focuses fully on the PDF file delivery aspect of
    your workflow and does this with a keen eye on your needs.

    When a client approves a PDF file, the preflighted file and
    an XML file containing all information about the job
    is delivered to a folder on your server.

    Delivery can be split per product and of course any
    job ticket the client was asked to fill out is also
    included in the delivered XML file.

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