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This document is valid for web sites of NewFormat AB.

Personal Information

As visitor to our web sites you can visit them without informing NewFormat
about who you are or without leaving any personal information.
At some rare occasions NewFormat asks for your personal information.
For example: when you do ask for more information, do place orders, do participate in correspondence,
do order product documents, do subscribe to our newsletter, and for similar activities.
NewFormat may have to add additional information to complete your record to be able to
carry through a transaction with you, or to provide a better service.
By registering for one of the offers from NewFormat you agree that NewFormat
may use your personal information as indicated in the "Use of Information" paragraph below.

Use of information

NewFormat, or by NewFormat engaged partner, At development of business relations with NewFormat if you represent a business partner or supplier.

You can choose

Web Pages

NewFormat uses Google Analytics on web site to follow traffic patterns.


NewFormat do not use Coockies on web site

Contact NewFormat AB

In case of questions about this document or on how NewFormat handles your personal information,
please send e-mail to: