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iC3D - Dynamic Backgrounds
real-time merging of 2D photo images with 3D designs.

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    Dynamic Backgrounds in iC3D

    Real-time merging of 2D photo images with 3D designs

    Sample Case:
    Placement of virtual shelf-ready 3D model into virtual store

Create 3D packaging object

iC3D Dynamic Backgrounds - Create 3D Packaging Object - Picture

Place 3D model in shelf-ready 3D secondary packaging

iC3D Dynamic Backgrounds - Placement of Biscuit Model in Shelf-Ready Seconday Packaging Box - Picture

Import 2D-photo of Real Store Shelf to iC3D

iC3D Dynamic Backgrounds - 2D-photo of Real Store Shelf - Picture

Mark cut-out in 2D photo where the 3D object shall be placed

iC3D Dynamic Backgrounds - Mark of Cut-out in 2D Photo of Store Shelf Where the 3D Object Shall Be Placed - Bild

Perspective adaption of 3D modell to
perspective of 2D photo of store shelf

iC3D Dynamic Backgrounds - Perspective Adaption of 3D Modell to Perspective of 2D Photo of Store Shelf - Picture

Place 3D model into store shelf/2D photo and add
environmental shadows/shadow effects on inplaced 3D model

iC3D Dynamic Backgrounds - Shelf-Ready 3D Multi-Pack Biscuit Box Placed into Store Shelf/2D Photo - Picture

Store shelf in virtual store environment

iC3D Dynamic Backgrounds - Store shelf in virtual store environment - Picture

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