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The all-round tool in the field of preflight and correction for
Prepress, Print Production, Packaging, Publishing, and Document Exchange

callas pdfToolbox in the Classroom for Student Training Purposes

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    callas pfToolbox Edu Classroom Edition - Desktops and Server

    • Purpose:
    • To support a good PDF educational environment for
      graphic arts, print and media students.

      This Edu Classroom Edition is aimed for and offered to
      educational institutions providing basic and advanced training
      in PDF-technologies, graphics arts/technologies, print technologies,
      and media/communications
      (including workflow / hotfolder automation).

    • Software - Installation and Use:
    • Distribute and use of callas pdfToolbox in the classroom:

      • user licenses of callas pdfToolbox Desktop
        for up to 25 student seats.

      • user license for callas pdfToolbox Server, 1pcs

    • Teacher Training
    • Mandatorial product training for teacher(s) at the school campus.
      Instructor-led mandatorial 1 day training for the teacher(s) to get
      the required understanding and knowledge of the software product.

      This will guarantee the most optimal transfer of knowledge to the students.
      Note: The training day is for teacher(s), but students are welcome as well.

      Valid temporary software licenses will be provided to the edu institution
      two weeks in advance of date for training allowing ample time for setup.

    • License period: 1 year.
    • Upon receipt of the payment of the 1 day training fee,
      the software licenses will be getting the 1 year validity period.

      Licenses will be renewed after 1 year, only after another training has
      been given to the teachers and - whenever possible - the students.
      The conditions for this mandatory renewal training is the same as for
      the first year training.

    • Costs:
    • Cost for software user licenses: No fee for eligible institutions.

      The cost for this instructor-led training should be payed in advance.

      Expenses for travel and accommodation for instructor,
      and expenses (if any), to be invoiced at real cost.

    • Communications and References:
    • For marketing purposes, we would like to get
      the school's agreement to use them as an educational
      reference on our websites or in our communication.

    • Note!
    • Above products and services are available only for
      eligible educational institutions; evidence of related
      curriculum/course syllabus must be provided in advance.

      The use of the software is strictly limited to
      non-commercial educational purposes.
      Commercial purpose, such as commissioned training, is not allowed.

      Product support is only available online via callas online support.

    Note! All prices given excl. Swedish VAT / MOMS.
    Delivery charges might be added.
    We reserve the right to change our prices at anytime and without notice.


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