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Development of Apps for Mobile Devices Using
Twixl Publisher and Adobe InDesign


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What is Needed to Develop Apps for Mobile Devices Using
Twixl Publisher and Adobe InDesign - Step by Step

Twixl Development Process with Adobe InDesign

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    1. First of all, you need a creation tool being Adobe InDesign CC

    2. Next you need a publishing solution like Twixl Publisher.

    3. Third you need to define for which platform(s) you want to develop your app for.
      Depending on the platform you will need to register as a developer.
      • For distribution through Apple’s App Store,
        the standard iOS Developer Program is what you need;

      • For easy in-house (private, enterprise) distribution,
        you can also apply for the iOS Developer Enterprise Program;

      • For distribution through Google Play,
        you need to register for the Google Play Android Developer Console;
        (a one-off cost of $25).

      • For distribution through Amazon,
        you’ll need the Amazon Mobile App SDK and a developer account;

    4. Twixl Publisher also requires that Xcode,
      Apple’s development environment for iOS and Mac OS X, be installed.
      Xcode is a free download from the Mac App Store.

    5. Once your app is ready you will need to publish it in an app store or
      within an enterprise network and depending on the type of publication
      you will need to host your multi-issue publications;
      either on Twixl storage or on your own storage.

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