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Online Backup and Recovery Services

Our solutions are based on
tested, reliable, and highly accessible hardware och software solutions.

NewFormat is Reseller for Online Backup and Recovery Services from
The Online Backup Company (OBC)

OBC Online Backup Banner - Logo
Online Backup and Disaster Recovery Services with High Availability
for Small to Large Enterprises

Completely automatic, it's that simple…

    Automatic, secure and reliable backup service:
  • Flexible backup solution tailored to the size and needs
    - without new investment in their own back-up facilities.
  • The service replaces manual backup methods such as tape backup, external hard drives and USB memory sticks.
  • Activity data is backed up regularly to a safe place at other external locations.
  • Versioning and history of all files and databases.
  • At fixed time each day new and changed files are encrypted and transmitted to a secure storage.
  • Notification is given through e-mail as acknowledgment that the backup was completed properly.
  • The installation of OBC Online Backup is simple and quick.
    The backup client is installed in about fifteen minutes, and that same night
    starts a backup transfer of all the selected data to the OBC's data centers.
    No unforeseen costs:
  • Secure backup for a fixed monthly cost, no unexpected charges.
  • All support, data recovery via the internet or on disk,
    setup of new machines and configuration assistance are included.
  • Support Service via: Phone, e-mail, remote help and live chat via the web.
    • Support: 8:00am -- 5:00pm.
    • Emergency phone: 5:00pm -- 8:00am.
  • For Swedish customers backup is made to OBC’s primary datacenter Thule in Stockholm
    and two additional datacenters in Sweden.
  • All data is replicated continuously between these data centers for maximum security.
  • The data is encrypted using AES 256 and compressed before it is sent over to OBC Data Centers
    and can only be decrypted with the customer's own encryption key.
    (Note!: The encryption key is stored by the client).
  • OBC helps with the recovery plan.
  • Recovery can be done around the clock via backup agent or a web interface.
  • Recovery test is free and is recommended to be performed regularly.
  • Over 5,000 customers use OBC Online Backup.

OBC Online Backup

OBC Online Backup - Solution sketch

    OBC Online Backup (OB)
    Online Backup for businesses with a back-up needs of up to 299GB.
    OB includes safe storage at OBC's external data center (click on the sketch above).

    Key Features
  • Complete backup solution of files, databases, e-mail, servers, and client computers
  • Deduplication and compression for rapid transfer via Internet
  • Agent-less backup of all systems; benefit: less administration and higher stability
  • Recovering from OBC's Data Center should a total computer crash happen
  • Secure storage at OBC's two data centers in Sweden
  • Support during the entire term of the agreement
  • Secure and encrypted traffic

OBC Online Backup Box

OBC Online Backup Box - Lösningsskiss

    OBC Online Backup Box (OBB)
    Online Backup for businesses with a back-up needs of between 300GB and 4TB.
    OBB includes safe storage at OBC's external data center and a locally placed backup-drive
    (click on the sketch above) which acts as a local restore point (to minimize time for Restore).

    Key Features
  • Advanced OBB backup server
  • Deduplication and compression
  • Secure storage at OBC's two data centers in Sweden
  • Quick and easy restoration from local OBB device
  • Recovering from OBC's Data Center should a total computer crash happen
  • OBC monitors the OBB device
  • Support during the entire term of the agreement
  • Flexible management of retention policies and management of backup instances
  • Secure and encrypted traffic
  • Includes mobile users and branch offices

OBC Image Backup (OIB) / Disaster Recovery

OBC Image Backup - Solution Sketch

    OBC Image Backup (IB) - Disaster Recovery for OBC Online Backup
    OBC Image Backup is tailored to the needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
    OBC Image Backup for Windows and Linux provides backup and disaster recovery of individual servers.
    OBC Image Backup makes it possible to restore the server / servers to the exact configuration
    as before the crash or re-installation (click on the sketch above).

    Key Features
  • Safe and proven solution for Disaster Recovery for SME
  • Creates an exact copy of the server (image) that is transferred and stored at the OBC Datacenter
  • Quick and easy disaster recovery from OBC's Datacenter
  • Solution that works for both Hyper-V, XenServer and VMware
  • Solution that can restore image to existing hardware or migrated to other hardware
  • Support during the entire term of the agreement
  • Increased reliability and security with OBC Online Backup

OBC offers complete data protection for
servers, desktops, mobile clients and applications
    Agent-less backup and recovery architecture for entire IT environments based on:
  • Data Deduplication and Compression
  • Continious Data Protection (CDP)
  • Automatic Online Backup
  • Advanced Retention Policy

Systems Supported
Virtuel Environment Operating System Application/Database
OBC OK - MarkVMware OBC OK - MarkWindows OBC OK - MarkOracle
OBC OK - MarkXenServer OBC OK - MarkLinux OBC OK - MarkIBM DB2
OBC OK - MarkHyper-V OBC OK - MarkUNIX OBC OK - MarkPostgreSQL
OBC OK - MarkIBM AIX OBC OK - MarkSybase
OBC OK - MarkNovell OBC OK - MarkMS SQL Server
OBC OK - MarkMac OS X OBC OK - MarkSAP
OBC OK - MarkIBM System i/Power 6 OBC OK - MarkMySQL
OBC OK - MarkAndroid tablets OBC OK - MarkMS SharePoint
OBC OK - MarkSmartphones OBC OK - MarkMS Exchange
OBC OK - MarkApple iOS 4/5 OBC OK - MarkMS Outlook
OBC OK - MarkLotus Notes och Domino
OBC OK - MarkNovell GroupWise

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