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GlobalVision Webinar
Get to know Quality Control Platform! - 2018-06-07 (1:07:13)

Benefits of the Global Vision Quality Control Platform.
We will show you how to work with five different modules
of the Global Vision Quality Control Platform:
- Graphics Inspection,
- Barcode Inspection,
- Braille Inspection,
- Text Inspection and
- Spelling Inspection,
using realistic examples.

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GlobalVision Video
Color Inspection Platform - 2018-06-07 (1:39)

Color Inspection Platform analyzes color changes digitally and
verifies color accuracy before and during printing.

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GlobalVision Customer Story
Labelink’s QC Platform of Choice - 2018-05-29 (2:04)

It didn’t take long for Canadian print supplier Labelink to discover how much of a difference for
the better the GlobalVision automated proofing platform can have on their quality control process.
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GlobalVision Customer Story
CCL Label has never missed an error with GlobalVision - 2017-09-21 (4:30)

Customers since 2001, CCL Label says GlobalVision systems are effective at finding almost every error possible,
and that the verification steps in place help achieve near-perfect quality and delivery dates.
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Proofware 2.0 - Brand Packaging Inspection Toolbox in the Cloud - 2016-02-10 (52:38)

Introduction to Proofware 2.0 - Inspection Applications and Enhanced Features:
Proofware offers a variety of cloud-based Quality Control applications
to inspect digital files throughout the workflow process, and identify
previously undetected errors before going to print.
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DocuProof - Introduction to DocuProof 3.1.0 - 2015-05-14 (51:07)

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Proofware 1.0 - Brand Packaging Inspection Toolbox in the Cloud - 2015-02-26 (37:56)

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Webinar: ScanProof - Introductory - 2014-12-09 (52:12)

ScanProof the world’s fastest print inspection solution for large files.
Designed for printers, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods companies,
ScanProof provides accurate quality control of all printed packaging and scanned components.
ScanProof is ideal for the inspection of packaging proofs, labels, cartons and
nested press sheets in both printed and PDF formats.

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Webinar: Content integrity throughout a workflow using
callas pdfToolbox Desktop/Server and
Global Vision DocuProof & ArtProof - 2014-08-06 (45:01)

In many workflows it is critical that documents do not change or
that requested changes are performed correctly.
This webinar looks at a number of tools that help with comparing
different versions of documents in a workflow, including:
callas pdfToolbox for comparison of PDF documents, and
Global Vision DocuProof and ArtProof for comparison in workflows
where there is a mixture of text files, PDF files and scanned documents
and where content consistency has to be maintained throughout all of these formats.

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PDF Barcode Verification for PDF Files with BarProof - 2014-07-31 (28:25)

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Proofware - Brand Packaging Inspection Toolbox in the Cloud - 2014-01-27 (1:09)

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Proofware - Brand Packaging Inspection Toolbox in the Cloud - 2013-12-02 (2:33)

The first all-in-one, end-to-end packaging inspection suite
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DocuProof - Text Comparator - 2014-07-04 (1:41)

Compares text heavy documents.
Well suited for the inspection of contracts, publications, inserts, manuscripts, SOPs etc.
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SmartFolders - Inspection Hot Folders - 2014-06-02 (0:58)

Automate your Inspections.
Hot folders for text, artwork, barcode and Braille inspection.
SmartFolders are inspection hot folders that enable users to simply
drag and drop files into the appropriate SmartFolders.
These files are then automatically inspected and a detailed inspection report
is generated that can be shared amongst all key stakeholders.
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ArtProof - Artwork Inspection Solution - 2014-06-02 (1:15)

ArtProof is the world's first 64-bit artwork inspection solution
for Mac and Windows environments.
Developed for printer, pre-press and graphics industry users,
ArtProof inspects artwork with pixel precision,
dramatically increasing packaging accuracy while reducing inspection times.
ArtProof quickly detects and identifies missing text, graphics, incorrect fonts and
text sizes, as well as broken type and color deviations.
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ArtProof - How does ArtProof work? - 2014-09-09 (00:43)

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ScanProof (ScanTVS) - Print Inspection Solution - 2014-06-02 (1:12)

ScanTVS print inspection quality control solution.
ScanTVS is an innovative proofreading system that provides accurate
inspection of all printed packaging and scanned components.
ScanTVS is ideal for the inspection of packaging proofs, labels, cartons and
nested press sheets in both printed and electronic formats.
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Scan360 - Cylinder Scanner - How to use - 2014-04-30 (0:25)

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Scan Wet-ink - Wet Ink Roll Scanner - 2014-06-02 (1:13)

Scan Wet-ink wet ink roll scanner is designed to scan wet ink or
scan tacky ink on press sheets or wet ink media.
Scan Wet-ink provides valuable benefits to printing companies by eliminating
the time consuming and costly need to scan by wait for the media to dry.
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ScanBook - Booklet Scanner - 2014-06-02 (0:41)

ScanBook booklet scanner designed to scan booklet for
the medical device and pharmaceutical markets to address
the need for quality control of multiple page documents and user guides.
ScanBook will directly scan and inspect Multi-page documents, user guides,
manuscripts, IFUs, DFUs, bulletins, leaflets using automatic settings and custom profiles.
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Global Vision Inc. - StandardPractise - 2014-07-31 (0:52)

Best Practices For Digital File Creation.
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